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Proteus (Version 2)

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I couldn't help it. A day or two after talking about how I'd originally done Proteus (being similar to Aptom, at least in general principle), I went back to the data file I most recently wrote and retooled it to be more in line with the original. For some reason, I like it better than my other data file writeup below, and I've even managed to come up with some prospects for directions for the Proteus fan-fiction (though those, of course, are "no comment" on what I have in mind :twisted:). And for those interested, I'm sitting at 23.5K words right now, and actually added a prologue as well -- still in Part Four, though.

So, on with the data file!

Subject: Experimental Assimilation Prototype Test Unit

Code Name: Proteus

Host Name: Gabriel Clark Henshaw

Original Unit Name: Vro’Lok Type Nemesis Test Unit G-7

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Age: 25 (~21 apparent)

Height (Human): 6’2” (188 cm)

Height (Armored): 7’3” (220 cm)

Weight (Human): 195 lbs. (88 kg)

Weight (Armored): 902 lbs. (409 kg)

Current Status: Declared enemy of Chronos Corporation; currently freelance; sought by ACTF for potential recruitment

Host Description: Subject host originally worked with both Dr. Marcus Edwards and Cori Edwards (later known as Battle Guyver), in the study and analysis of findings pertaining to the Utah Relic. Subject host disappeared the same day the Utah Relic was sent back to the Uranus, due to having gone aboard the Relic in secret. Subject host was taken by designate Seraph upon the Gen’s acquisition of the Utah Relic, and later questioned at length by the Gen in an effort to not only better understand human psychology, but to also ascertain humanity’s potential understanding of the scientific work of the Gen and the Uranus forerunners. Subject host was later kidnapped by the rogue Gen scientist Vro’Lok, the head of the Nemesis Project, and subsequently bonded with an advanced prototype Guyver unit incorporating information gleaned primarily from Solom’s Warrior Project and Krullnar’s Kavzar Project, as well as fragmentary accounts of the defunct Eliminator Project. Subject has recently returned to Earth; while a declared enemy of Chronos Corporation, subject is currently operating in a freelance capacity.

Unit Description: The Proteus Unit is of uncertain origin, but believed to be the pinnacle of the Nemesis Project headed by the Gen scientist Vro’Lok -- a project intended to develop a potential replacement to the lost Supreme Unit. However, the development of the Nemesis Project included a surreptitious attempt to promote sentience in the form of an artificial intelligence while maintaining the strict functional parameters of the control medal, as well as incorporating the ability to assimilate bio-material from Guyver units, Grakken units and Kavzar for purposes of reactive adaptation. With the recent study and observation of the sentient subject known as Zygote Guyver, the Gen Council of Twelve deemed the Nemesis Project heresy. All work and research relating to the Nemesis Project was to be sealed away, but Vro’Lok mysteriously disappeared aboard a Gen science vessel with the subject host. It is theorized that Vro’Lok secretly duplicated his work and built upon it to create the seventh and final incarnation before bonding the Unit to the subject host. It is believed that Vro’Lok may be secretly observing his creation from afar, as; all Kavzar servants have been ordered to observe the subject and discern the truth concerning this new unit.


Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below:

Physical Strength: Subject is three times stronger than a standard Guyver unit, equaling the strength of approximately 300 men. Subject’s unit also incorporates a Hyper Space Link (HSL) system, granting the subject both unlimited stamina and unlimited energy reserves.

Speed: Subject can attain a running speed of 0-375 mph (~0-604 kmh), with a top speed of ~450 mph (~724 kmh). In flight, subject can attain velocities from 0-3000 mph (~0-4,828 kmh), with a top speed of ~3,750 mph (~6,035 kmh). Subject’s reflex speed can range from 25-100 times normal human peak.

Durability: Subject’s baseline durability is equal to twice that of a standard Guyver unit, with the ability to adapt to biological attacks such as Enzyme acid. The integration of the HSL system into the functionality of the subject’s control medal allows for the ability to teleport itself into hyperspace for regeneration of both unit and host. Subject’s regeneration rate is equal to ten times standard Guyver unit regeneration.

Infrared Laser Orb: Subject’s baseline power output is rated at ten times the output of a standard Guyver unit.

Gravity Control Orb: Subject can generate one-handed Pressure Cannon attacks with the same power output as a standard Guyver unit’s double-handed Pressure Cannon attack (approximately three times the standard unit’s rating). Subject can also levitate and fly using the gravity control orb by manipulating gravity relative to itself, with flight velocities as per the Speed entry above.

Mega Smashers: Subject’s Mega Smashers can generate a blast equal to twice the power level of a standard Guyver unit, but can fire in half the time and maintain the energy output for ten seconds.

Weapons Module: Subject manifests a matrix energy emitter on each forearm, similar to the Enforcer Kavzar. This allows the subject to manifest any energy-based weapon desired at will -- from plasma-based energy swords capable of overwhelming even a Warrior Unit’s polymorphic high-frequency vibration swords, to highly-focused energy blasts of varying types and effects. Subject can even create small quantities of matter that can then be fired like a rail gun at velocities nearing the speed of light. Subject host has demonstrated the ability to access the matrix energy emitter while in human form, although in limited fashion.

Sonic Busters: Subject’s sonic emitters show greater versatility and power compared to a standard Guyver unit. Attack radius can range from 15-160 degrees forward arc, and can vary in intensity from a low-level hum to four times the power output of a standard Guyver unit.

Hyper Sensors: Subject’s hyper sensor range is rated at 250 meters (~820 feet). Hyper-sensory enhancements include telepathic (as a further means of distinguishing between friend and foe in the event of host incapacitation, although the host can access this as well), electromagnetic (allowing the subject to sense through barriers and eavesdrop on communications, among other as-yet unrealized possibilities), and genetic (able to scan DNA), as well as an increase in host’s perceptions and awareness. Subject’s hyper sensors also incorporate specialized sensory enhancements that allow subject to scan Guyver/Grakken unit control medals and Kavzar control crystals to ascertain their power level, abilities and weaknesses: this is in order to determine suitability for bio-material assimilation (see Mimicry entry below for further details), as well as detailed analysis for potential incorporation of assimilated bio-material; certain units such as the Matrix-enhanced Warrior Guyver and the W’Kar Unit are theorized to be immune to this aspect of the subject’s hyper-sensory capabilities, due to their unique natures. Subject host has also demonstrated the ability to utilize the hyper sensors while in human form.

Control Medal: Subject’s control medal is an octagonal format utilizing eight partial C-medals to work in tandem as a parallel processor to more efficiently regulate the various systems and functions of the unit, as well as boost computational ability of both the host and unit. The DNA sequence and memories of the host are stored within the control medal in the same manner as the Warrior Project, so that the unit can still recognize friend from foe based on the memories of the host in the event of host incapacitation. On top of its normal functioning parameters, the control medal also functions as a neural net processor modeled on the concept of a hypercube (a cube of more than three dimensions) to maximize the subject unit’s computational efficiency. The net result allows the control medal to adapt and learn from previous experiences, effectively granting it the ability to become self-aware, yet still remain under the constraints of the control medal programming. In effect, the sentient nature of the subject unit will act as an artificial intelligence that assists the host in utilizing the unit to greatest effect. Subject’s control medal also stores information in regards to enhanced hyper sensor scans of opponents’ bio-material for purposes of mimicry (detailed further in the Mimicry entry below).

Mimicry: Subject possesses the ability to mimic the skills, power levels and weaknesses of his opponents, taking the adaptation to biological attacks such as Enzyme acid to a new level. Through the use of the hyper sensors, the subject can scan down to the molecular-genetic level of an opponent, as well as gather detailed information pertaining to the function and abilities of opposing Guyver/Grakken units and Kavzar control crystals. In tandem with the hyper sensors, subject can manifest a polymorphic material “stinger” that can penetrate the intended target’s own bio-armor and siphon bio-material samples from other Guyvers, Grakken or Kavzar for further analysis and study by the hyper sensors and control medal -- effectively, subject’s mimicry is the result of adaptation by genetic assimilation, very similar to the primary ability demonstrated by the Lost Number Aptom. Certain units are theorized to be immune to this ability, namely the Matrix-enhanced Warrior Guyver and the W’Kar Unit -- the reasons behind this theoretical immunity to subject’s mimicry have not yet been fully explored at this time. Subject host has also demonstrated the ability to mimic trained skills via analysis from the hyper sensors while in human form, but activation of the unit is a prerequisite to most efficiently utilize all of the various aspects of the subject’s mimicry abilities.

Other Phenomena: Subject host possesses an eidetic memory, courtesy of the control medal’s additional function as a neural net processor in conjunction with the subject’s hyper sensors and mimicry abilities. Subject also possesses an uncanny perception and awareness of his environment, a result of enhancements to the subject’s hyper sensory abilities that allow the subject to utilize the hyper sensors without activating the unit. Subject can turn invisible or blend into his environment like a chameleon. Subject is capable of communicating telepathically with both Guyver and non-Guyver beings, as well as comprehends languages if different than subject’s own knowledge of languages. Subject unit has demonstrated the ability to enter hyperspace without deactivating and taking the host with it, either for purposes of teleportation (range currently unknown, but believed to be on par with that of a Warrior Unit, allowing for near-instantaneous intra-system transport) or to regenerate from a battle, even if the unit appears to have been vaporized.

No other conclusions of this subject’s abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.

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Interesting. Its still not clear though if any abilities are permanent especially with the samples taken from the "stinger". I assume if they are not, then you could say that the samples are not stable enough to remain within the unit for a certain amount of time.

If it is permanent then this being is has unlimited potential to become the most powerful being in existence. I mean all he has to do is collect samples from everything he can get his hands on.

On a side note, I don't think the ability would really work on Warrior Guyvers. If the Grn have trouble with cloning a unit with an arm and Chronos not able to get detailed scans, I think this unit shouldn't either. I mean maybe if the unit came from WG2 universe, it might.

I like the datafile though.

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