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Okay, gang, new topic here.

I have several data files of the characters i have been making over the yrs. Thought I would wait til after some more of WG info comes out, especially the DFs, before I post them. Making extra changes with updated info would take some time, and I would like input from the group to see what they think, but I want my figures to be as right on as I can. Comments? Also, where is the best place to post them (? for the mods there.) LTR. :mrgreen:

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The best place would be here in fanfiction I think. You can think of your datafiles as your own mini fanfics.

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Ok. Thx, McAvoy. 8)

Sorry for the double post below. :(

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Okay, here's one of two or three data files I will show @ this time. The first ones are normal ACTF soldiers, given type two Warrior Units and my version of an enhanced Aceaer. More to come later on that.



Subject: Humanoid Warrior Guyver Unit, Type 2


Host Name: Cesar Alejandro Delgado

Nationality: American citizen, with Portuguese and Latin

American origins

Sex: Male

Age: 30

Hair: Blue-Black

Eyes: Brown

Height (human): ~ 182.9 cm / ~ 6.0 feet

Height (armored): ~ 228.6 cm / ~ 7.5 feet

Weight (human): ~ 102.1 kg / ~ 225 lbs.

Weight (armored): ~ 408.24 kg / ~ 900 lbs.

Color (armored): Midnight Blue armored carapace,

W/ purple underlying bio-organic coils and shoulder guards

Previous Status: Active ACTF soldier with a rank of Corporal, second in command of Recovery Team Chi 3, commanded by Lieutenant Nicholas Dravenn; team strategist and engineer

Present Status: Newly-reassigned member of new Warrior Guyver-class special operations / strike team, Zeta 3; squad roster includes subject (elevated from Corporal to Lieutenant), Lt. Darren Knight (second type 2 Warrior Guyver Legion), and their new commander, Captain Nicholas Dravenn, known now as the enhanced Warrior Kavzar called Raven's Edge; all three Guyvers are declared enemies of Chronos, and are now fully active front line military personnel of the ACTF ranks

Unit Classification (Creator): UNKNOWN!!!

Description: Subject, an American citizen of Portuguese and Latin American heritage, was deployed with his unit commander, Lt. Dravenn, his partner, Private Knight, and the other six members of their ACTF exploration squad, Recovery Team Chi-3, to retrieve a damaged Creator Relic ship that had crashed on the islands of Hawaii. During the emergent recovery mission, as the subject and his team were attempting to beat the forces of Chronos to the crashed Relic, he and the recovery team acted as a diversion while Lt. Dravenn was inside the damaged Relic, cataloging its interior and any information he came across. Forced to retreat with Private Knight as the only two members of the team able to survive a Zoanoid raiding party, the two took cover, still keeping a close eye on their enemy, only to see the arrival of their commander, now in his new bio-boosted battle form of Raven's Edge. Within a few minutes of the arrival of Raven's Edge, the twelve-member Zoanoid strike team that had killed most of his team except for Corporal Delgado and Private Knight was utterly destroyed by the power of the enhanced Warrior Kavzar. Now, since the subject has been bonded to a Model 2 Warrior Unit-G, along with Private Knight (both units were discovered by their commander during his last few minutes within the dying Relic), the subject and his teammates are now an extremely powerful group of warriors fully prepared to face off against the machinations of Chronos.

Present Estimates of Type Two Warrior Guyver Unit's abilities

Have been compiled and summarized below.

- Physical Strength: Estimated to be four times greater than a standard Guyver's normal level, equaling the total strength of 400 men. This unit also possesses unlimited stamina due to an HSL (Hyper Space Link) power system, which also grants the subject unlimited energy reserves for his weapons. The use of the subject's Cyclone Power Matrix (CPM), has shown the ability to double the subject's strength level, granting the subject the strength level equal to 800 men.

- Speed: Running = 0 - 450 MPH, with a maximum ground speed of ~ 600 MPH /// Flying = 0 - 770 MPH, with a maximum speed of ~ 3750 MPH. Each of the previously-mentioned sets of numbers above can be doubled with the use of the Cyclone Power Matrix that is a part of this unit.

- Durability: Twice as strong as a standard Guyver's level, with the ability to adapt to attacks such as Enzyme acid, an extra, secondary shield protecting the subject's Control Medal, and is enhanced by a body-shaped shield aura that allows the subject to survive anything short of Mega-Smash level attacks, and reinforces the host's physical integrity when necessary. Additional shielding is provided by the CPM modules, which can be channeled to create an incredibly powerful directional shield that can withstand anything up to a Grakken's full quadruple Hyper Smasher attack, but leaves the subject's back unprotected in the process. The regeneration rate is twenty times faster than a normal Guyver's healing rate. The subject is also able to use his CPMs to create the powerful Cyclone Blast attack.

- Infrared Laser Orb (s): Possesses five infrared laser orbs, three on the forehead (around the normal area for the head beam orb,) and one on each forearm, each of which exhibit an energy output ten times that of a normal Guyver's head beam.

- Gravity Control Orb: Allows the subject to rapidly fire single handed Pressure Cannon blasts at a rate approaching that of a Zoalord's Gravity Bullet attack, or double handed Pressure Cannon blasts of up to four times the power of a standard Guyver's Pressure Cannon attack. The gravity orb can also be enhanced by the CPM to produce a power beam blast equal to a Gigantic Guyver's Hyper Smasher.

- Mega-Smashers: Subject's high power level grants him the power to generate a Mega-Smasher blast equivalent to a Gigantic Guyver's Hyper Smashers, but can also fire in half the time and maintain the beam for a full ten seconds. The subject can also channel power from the CPM to temporarily double the power of his Mega-Smashers.

- High-Frequency Wave Vibrational Swords: Possesses the same type of retractable polymorphic vibrational elbow-mounted swords as the Warrior Guyver Unit of our universe, as well as a pair of forward-mounted spike-type swords, and they are all able to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at will due to their polymorphic material. The full range of these weapons' abilities have yet to be determined, but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapon.

- Sonic Emitter Weapons: Have shown greater versatility and power than a standard Unit. The attack radius can range from 15 to 160 degrees, and the intensity that the weapons can generate ranges from a low hum to four times that of a normal Guyver's sonic weapons.

- Hyper Sensory Perception: Have been estimated at having a range slightly greater than the Gigantic Guyver types, and have been inferred to give the host a wider range of sensory enhancements. The exact range of these hyper senses has been estimated to be around 500 meters (~ 1640 feet).

- Control Medal: A pyramid-shaped design similar to the Warrior Guyver of our universe, and is composed of four partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful parallel processing Unit. This fact explains how the unit can function at such high power levels without the added C-Unit layers utilized by the Gigantic type.

- It has been shown that this Unit responds very quickly to strong emotional moments and focused feelings of the host, possibly even faster than normal type two Warrior Unit-G's. During a battle with a group of invading Destroyer Grakken, the subject's friend, Warrior Guyver Legion, was badly injured in a firefight with one particular Destroyer Grakken, and upon seeing his friend injured in combat, the subject moved incredibly fast to defend him from further injury. It is believed that the Unit responded to the host's emotions by automatically activating the Unit's CPM, and as the host summoned his enhanced Aceaer Unit to bond with him, his power was amazingly boosted even further. This has been theorized to be an effect of the enhanced Aceaer Unit being able to channel a greater deal of energy and power than the standard Aceaer Unit. This emotional “boost” also allowed the host to activate new weapon systems believed to be unique to his Unit, probably created by the host’s own unique character and life force being connected to the Warrior Unit. (Continued below)

- The Unit’s new weapon system created an energized broadsword composed of pure energy, as well as forming energy "wings” on the subject's back, allowing him to safely vent additional energy that both his Aceaer Unit and his CPM modules were supplying him with as he attacked his enemy. The energy blade that the subject created was strong enough to slice right through the Grakken's armor without any difficulty. It has not been determined whether or not the Grakken had any defensive shields up at the time, but even if he did, it has been guessed that those defenses would not have been able to stop the energy blade of the subject from damaging the Grakken as badly as the subject did during the battle at that time. The name of this special maneuver that the subject used during the battle has been given from the subject is "EL ANGEL DEL MUERTE," which when translated into English, means "The Angel of Death." It is assumed that because the subject was raised in a strong family environment of faith and religion, his mental state focused on an image of his faith, and used that image to create what was needed to defeat his enemy and safe his friend from further harm.

- Also, it has been revealed to the subject that when he calls upon the above-mentioned addition to his battle skills, the transformation and added energized broadsword weapon allows him to unleash a powerful energy wave attack skill upon his opponents in battle. Named the HERALD’S WAVE, this energy “slash” and / or power beam is capable of cutting through a Bio-Titan’s body like the veritable knife through butter, and can do the same to a Grakken, with or without its Destroyer Armor to back up its power. It is currently assumed that as the subject’s emotional state becomes stronger, so does the ferocity and power of his ability to channel energies into the HERALD’S WAVE attack.

- Special Note: It has been revealed that the forearm laser orbs are actually part of the Unit's CPM system and can change function and shape as needed. This grants the subject the ability to use the standard laser orb, or to create a secondary shield generator to channel CPM power to reinforce the subject's body shield, or an additional vibrational sword when needed. When used to reinforce the Unit's shields, the subject's body shield is doubled and helps to make up for the Unit's generally weaker defense systems when compared to the original prototype Unit. This system can also link with an Aceaer and allow the subject to generate a more powerful shield than a normal Aceaer / Warrior Unit bonding normally produces, the power of which is comparable to the prototype unit's blast and body shield combination and can easily protect the subject from standard Guyver level Mega-Smasher attacks. The subject has also been permanently given an Aceaer Unit, garnered from ten brand new and enhanced Aceaer-type Units received under the auspices of the fearsome Warrior Ascendant Hell Saber (from Italy). Though the Aceaer Unit is a non-bonding type Creator armor, and normally only adds its power to the users, the normal Aceaer partly bonds itself to the Warrior Unit and takes on a more streamlined design. This analysis is further strengthened by the fact that the subject's powers are increased by 40%, instead of the estimated 25% that using the Aceaer should have caused. Finally, due to the fact that the new Aceaer-type Units given to the ACTF by Hell Saber are enhanced types, the increase in power to the subject's normal power level has been calculated to be 100%!

- Other noted phenomena of this Type 2 Warrior Guyver Unit is the ability to turn invisible or, like a chameleon, can appear to be just about anything the host wants, as well as project holograms. This Unit has also shown the ability to enter hyperspace without deactivating and taking the host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle, even if the Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.

No other conclusions of Type 2 Warrior Guyver Unit abilities can be

Confirmed until further data is gathered.


Okay, one done! Let me know by R&R, k? ;)

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Sounds good to me. I like the emotion boost. However this is obviously not a mere Type 2 Warrior Guyver unit. So where did it come from? You could say the unit is a experimental enhanced control medal design for the Warrior units to respond better to the host's wants and needs.

Also I would like to see how powerful this new Aceaer is on your Warrior Guyver.

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:D;) Thanks, McAvoy.

Okay, I see your point on the difference in how the Unit should respond. I guess my clarification is in the enhanced Aceaers I wrote about, and how they were created. I had written that the Unit itself was indeed a type II Warrior Unit like WG2, and is from his dimension. How the Unit arrived here, and how it's subject got it was mentioned in the DF. I'll post the story, but there is a lot to come before then, and I need to make sure of when it happens. This character and a couple other ones join in and are a part of the action during the Grakken invasion and the battle with the Creators. As for the Aceaers, I guess I can put that one forward.


Subject: Guyver Unison Technology-Enhanced Creator Battle Armor

And Unit-G Upgrade Module


Host Name: Any humanoid or Guyver is capable of using this Unit

Height: Varies with the user, but a human host is usually slightly taller

Than a equivalently hosted Guyver

Weight: The Unit adds 250 kg (~ 551 lbs.) to the host's mass

Appearance: Varies with each host unit

Color (armored): Varies with each host using the Unit

Previous Status: One of three active Aceaer Units being used by the

Forces of the ACTF

Present Status: Ten brand new and enhanced Aceaer-type Units have

been given to the forces of the ACTF by the cadre of warriors under the

Leadership of the feared Warrior Ascendant Hell Saber, situated in Sicily,

Italy; this brings the total number of Aceaer Units in ACTF holding to

thirteen; the three original Aceaer Units have been given to Cori Marcus

(Battle Guyver), Sean Barker (Guyver US) and Stephan Cain (Warrior

Guyver Two), while two of the new Aceaer Units from Hell Saber have

already been given to the newest Type Two Warrior Guyvers of the ACTF,

Warrior Guyvers Legion (Darren Knight) and Cortez (Cesar Delgado),

to augment their powers and strength in the battle against Chronos, the

Creators and the Grakken

Unit Classification (Creator): UNKNOWN!!!

Description: The Aceaer Unit is an advanced modern example of non bio-boosting Creator power armor. This device was developed by the Creators to give them the approximate power of a Guyver, and is an integral part of the Kavzar warrior race that serves them. The Aceaer Units serve as the first step in the Kavzar's development into full Kavzars. First discovered in Area 51 from the salvaged wreckage of a Creator scout craft, and later recovered by the ACTF, the Aceaer Unit has fast become an extremely useful and versatile tool that has been used by the best men and women the ACTF has to offer in the war against Chronos. Nearly equal to the power of a standard Guyver when used by a normal human host, the Aceaer Unit can also be used to add additional power to any known type of Guyver, including the Warrior type, with different and varying results. Up to the addition of this data, only normal humans, standard Guyvers, and the two Warrior Unit types have had their increased abilities documented by the ACTF's research and development teams.

- This data file entry documents the new enhanced Aceaer-type Units that were delivered to the ACTF as a gesture of good will from the Italian Cadre. It was later revealed that these new Aceaer Units were created using a collection of Grakken Destroyer armor upgrades that were secretly pilfered during one of the Italian group’s personal operations against a series of Grakken outposts that they found on their own. The outposts were subsequently destroyed to prevent those Grakken form causing any harm to any other human beings. This new data file details their power increase to all of the previously-mentioned unit types. Any boost or enhancements to other types of units have not been recorded as of this data file addition.

Present Estimates of New Enhanced Aceaer Unit type's abilities

Have been compiled and summarized below.

- Physical Strength (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2)): Estimated to be virtually double the strength of a normal Guyver, which is the strength of 200 hundred men (H); Estimated to boost Unit’s strength levels to that of 400 men (quadruple a normal Guyver's strength) (G); Estimated to boost Unit's strength by 100%, thus equaling the strength of 800 men due to its partial merging when used on a Warrior Unit (WG); Estimated to boost Unit's strength by 100%, equaling the strength level of 800 men, and can be increased by the CPM's of the type two Warrior Unit to a maximum strength level of 1600 men (WG2).

- Stamina Level (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2)): Stamina is virtually unlimited, since the Aceaer Unit possesses a hyper space power link that provides it with limitless energy reserves, and has been enhanced to be more "user-friendly" when utilized by a normal human (H); Stamina is quadrupled when joined with a standard Guyver Unit, believed to be a result of the enhanced Aceaer Unit's more focused design of its hyper space power system and allowing for a greatly diminished strain on the host of a standard Guyver Unit (G); Stamina is again noted to be unlimited due to the HSL power system that both the Warrior Unit and the Aceaer Unit possess (WG), (WG2).

- Physical Speed (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2)): Running = 0 - 500 MPH, with a maximum ground speed of ~ 600 MPH / Flying = 0 - 600 MPH, with a maximum capable speed of ~ 750 MPH (H); Running = 0 - 800 MPH, with a maximum ground speed of ~ 1000 MPH / Flying = 0 - 1000 MPH, with a maximum flight speed of ~ 1200 MPH (G); Running = 0 - 900 MPH, with a maximum ground speed of ~ 1100 MPH / Flying = 0 - 1540 MPH, with a maximum flight speed of 7500 MPH (WG); Running = 0 - 900 MPH, with a maximum ground speed of ~ 1100 MPH / Flying = 0 - 1540 MPH, with a maximum flight speed of 7500 MPH, but usage of the CPM's can temporarily double the host's speed levels to 15,000 MPH (WG2).

- Durability (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2)): Twice as strong as a standard Guyver's level, with the added ability to adapt to biological attacks (such as the acid attacks of the Enzyme-class Hyper Zoanoids); an extra, secondary shield protecting the subject's Control Medal; and a full body protective energy field that dampens the effectiveness of most attacks in all forms (also, this enhanced Aceaer Unit is able to completely restore a normal human host from even instantly fatal injuries, unlike its predecessor) (H); Four times as strong as a normal Guyver's durability level (G); Twice the durability of a normal Warrior Unit, doubling its defensive capacity (WG); Twice the durability of a normal type two Warrior Unit, also doubling its defensive capacity (WG2).

- In the case of both the Warrior Prototype and the type two Warrior Units from WG2's alternate universe, the vast increase in durability results from the Aceaer Unit's shield system becoming improved when linked with the powerful control systems of the Warrior Units, allowing for a vastly upgraded and more powerful shield system. Finally, the host's regeneration rate in each form is as follows: Double the normal Guyver rate (H); Four times the normal Guyver rate (G); Twice the normal regeneration rate for normal Warrior Units, equal to twenty times the normal regeneration rate of a Guyver (WG); Twice the normal regeneration rate for type two Warrior Units, equal to forty times the normal Guyver regeneration rate (WG2).

- Head Infrared Laser Orb (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): The bio-laser emitter orb of this enhanced Aceaer Unit exceeds the energy output of a standard Guyver's head beam laser by 100%, and suffers no weakness in its power when used in either burst or continuous mode (H); When combined with the normal head beam laser orb of a standard Guyver, the bio-laser orb quadruples the energy output of the weapon, making it an extremely lethal attack even for the weakest of the Guyver weapons (G); The addition of the bio-laser orb to the Warrior Unit doubles its firepower, approximately equal to twenty times that of a normal Guyver's head beam laser, proving extremely lethal to even hyper class Zoanoids (WG); The addition of the bio-laser orb to the type two Warrior Unit also doubles its firepower to around twenty times that of a normal Guyver's head beam laser, and none of the additional beam orbs on the type two Unit-G suffer from any discernible power loss (WG2).

- Gravitational Abilities (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): The enhanced Aceaer Unit's gravity control orb has been documented as being twice as powerful as a normal Guyver's gravity orb (H); When integrated with a normal Guyver's gravity orb, the gravitational abilities of the Unit are quadrupled (G); When integrated with a Warrior Class Unit, the enhanced Aceaer Unit doubles the power level and effective range of the gravitational abilities available to the Warrior Unit (WG), (WG2).

- Retractable Arm Mounted Plasma Swords (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): Using a highly efficient kinetic energy transfer plasma field instead of vibrational material, the enhanced Aceaer Unit is able to approximate the strength of a true Guyver's vibrational swords. However, the enhanced Aceaer plasma blades now function at twice the strength and tolerance levels (H); When integrated with a normal Guyver's equipped vibrational swords, the effectiveness of the swords, combined with the kinetic energy transfer plasma technology, is quadrupled (G) When integrated with a Warrior class Unit's wrist, forearm, or elbow mounted polymorphic vibrational swords, the enhanced Aceaer Unit seamlessly merges its own plasma swords with the Warrior Unit's blades and effectively doubles their power (WG), (WG2).

- Sonic Energy Emitters (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): Using the same kinetic plasma technology as the plasma swords, the enhanced Aceaer is easily able to create sonic blasts and defensive shields equal to twice the capacity and range of a normal Guyver, and are even able to function in the vacuum of space at the same power level (H); When integrated with a normal Guyver Unit, the enhanced Aceaer Unit's kinetic plasma technology allows the Unit's sonic weapon emitters to function at a power level four times their normal range and output (G); When integrated with a Warrior class Unit, the enhanced Aceaer Unit's kinetic plasma technology allows the Warrior Unit's sonic weapon emitters to function at double their normal power and range (WG), (WG2).

- Rail Guns (E.M. [Electromagnetic] Pulse Devices) (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): A weapon that fires small metallic projectiles at speeds approaching the speed of light, they are mounted on each forearm and can inflict a considerable amount of damage to any unshielded target. For the enhanced Aceaer Unit, though, the rail guns are capable of hurling those projectiles at nearly twice the speed of light due to their enhanced control and energy transfer design, as well as being able to inflict serious damage to even shielded subjects due to a molecular disruption field that the metallic projectiles pass through when fired, allowing them to disrupt shield integrity on any target up to a Destroyer Grakken warrior class (H); When integrated with a normal Guyver Unit, the power and range of the rail guns is doubled (G); When integrated with a Warrior Unit, the power and range of the rail guns is tripled (WG), (WG2).

- Shoulder Mounted (2) Fusion Cannons (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit-G, Type 2 (WG2): Instead of a normal Guyver's Mega-Smashers, the Aceaer Units possess shoulder mounted fusion cannons of nearly equal destructive power, but these weapons have a shorter range due to the rapidly expanding nature of the blast. Both of the fusion cannons can be fired together at one target, or individually, at multiple targets. Also, being the Aceaer's most powerful weapon, the fusion cannons severely drains the Unit's energy reserves, temporarily weakening the Unit's overall power levels, and thus requires nearly twice the charging time of a standard Guyver's Mega-Smashers. The enhanced Aceaer Unit, however, has overcome these two problems by (1) the usage of the Unit's kinetic plasma transfer energy systems to focus the expanding nature of the blast forward, thus allowing the weapon to have one-and-a-half-times the power and range of a normal Guyver's Mega-Smasher blast, and (2) with the augmented design of the enhanced Aceaer Unit's HSL power system approximately equal to a normal Warrior Guyver, the fusion cannons can now be used repeatedly by the host, with the same charging time of a normal Guyver, and without the severe power drain on the Unit's energy reserves that are known to occur with the original Aceaer Units. These are the most noted features for when the enhanced Aceaer Units have been linked to any of our normal, non enhanced soldiers (H). When integrated with a normal Guyver, the fusion cannons are now much more streamlined in their shoulder-mounted design, and are four times as powerful, while still able to be called upon multiple times without a severe drain on energy reserves, and with the standard charging time of a normal Guyver's Mega-Smasher (G); When integrated with a Warrior class Unit, the enhanced Aceaer Unit's fusion cannons are added to the shoulder guards of the Warrior class, maintaining their greatly-streamlined design, while taking advantage of its link with the Warrior Unit's control elements to quickly improve their performance to a level that allows them to be used in tandem with the Warrior Unit's own Mega-Smashers. Their power is effectively double the level of a normal Aceaer Unit's fusion cannons when merged with a Warrior Unit, and continues to enjoy an even quicker recharge time with the Warrior Units (WG), (WG2).

- Hyper Sensory Abilities & Perception Levels (Human (H); Standard Unit-G (G); Warrior Prototype Unit-G (WG); Warrior Prototype Unit, Type 2 (WG2): Possessing hyper sensors similar to a normal Guyver, but due to the Unit not directly linking itself with the host's mind, the Unit processes the incoming information from its sensors and uses it to produce a H.U.D. (Heads-Up Display) type visual for the host, as well as augmenting the user's natural senses to compensate for a lack of the direct sensory link to the host's mind. For the enhanced Aceaer Unit, though, the effective sensory range is double that of a normal Guyver (H); When integrated with a normal Guyver Unit, the sensory levels have been estimated at having a range that is four times the level of a normal Guyver (G); When integrated with a Warrior class Unit, the enhanced Aceaer Unit adds its own sensory suite to the package contained with the Warrior Unit, easily doubling its normal scanning capacity, and tripling the Unit's processing speed, allowing it to interpret information quicker, and act upon it much faster than a normal Warrior Unit would be able to do. (WG), (WG2).

- Note! It has come to light that these new enhanced Aceaers armors may have hidden and powerful abilities that can be unlocked by a bio-boosted host through the Guyver Unison Technology that has been used to create the new Aceaers recently given to the ACTF. Originally, the enhanced Aceaers were Grakken Destroyer modules taken by the Italian cadre. Upon the revelation that the Unison Tech can make the armors a more integral part of their users and make innate abilities a reality for them, further documentation has been ordered to commence. The most noted abilities seen so far have been Warrior Guyver Cortez’s “angelic” wings and energy broadsword, as well as Warrior Guyver Legion’s melee-orientated “Fusion” attack and powerful Meteor Flare blast. What other abilities may come to light on other individuals is still being researched, and even though comparisons have been made to the Mark II tech from W’kar’s dimension, that technology is more a mutation in its nature. The Guyver Unison Tech from the Italian cadre is much more structured and controlled, and uses the subject’s own innate essence, so to speak, to channel and create its unique powers and abilities. This information has been confirmed by our last communique with the Italian cadre, but no further information on the Tech has been volunteered at this time.

No other conclusions of Enhanced Aceaer Unit abilities can be

Confirmed until further data is gathered.

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Interesting but should break it down abit for easier reading like:

Human Aceaer:

Aceaer Guyver:

Aceaer Warrior Guyver:

Also the CPMs do not double the strength. They add. For example, Warrior Guyver 2 uses his CPMs they add 400 men to his base level. So your Aceaer Warrior Guyver, the CPMs would add 400 men so, he would be 1,200 men. It adds basically the power of a Warrior Guyver onto the base power.

It adds the strength of 400 men. Adds 3,750 MPH to flight speed. Adds 240x to the max. reflex speed. Does nothing to the infrared lasers except adds additional orbs. Does nothing to the sonic emitters. Does nothing to the vibrational swords except maybe add an additional sword in place of the infrared orb. CPMs boost the gravity attacks like a Mega Pressure Cannon attack. Adds 2x to the mega smashers.

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Thanks for the input, McAvoy. If memory serves, in using the Grakken Destroyer modules as the base for the creation of these new Aceaers, I think I wanted to showcase the Unison Tech I put forth as something designed to utilize humankind and their fierceness and free will. Allowing for a more powerful Aceaer Unit, and following the line of the story arc that I have writing for quite some time. I guess I will think about how the Unison Tech could be the reason that those Units are enhanced by emotions and given new powers, even though the Units themselves never actually received that tech. The enhanced Aceaers did. Ah! Maybe like a cookie that a website leaves on your computer to make things easier the next time you come by and check it out! SWEEET! Thanks again, McAvoy. Lots to plan now. Thanks again. 8-):mrgreen:

I've got lots to come, though, gang. I'll see about changing my future DFs to reflecting the organization and direction of them that you mentioned; again, thanks. 8-)

p.s. okay, it's 02/8/11, and I'd like 2 know if ya'll would like to see more DF's from me. Don't want to double post, so a comment in between would be nice and appreciated. :mrgreen:

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