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Okay, Here It Comes!

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(deep breath, then exhale) Okay, kids, here I go. The first installment of the stories that I've been writing and the basis for my previously-posted drafts of the Dark Chronicles is here. R & R pls. I hope u all like it. Also, I put in a lot of story-telling; hope it adds to the enjoyment. :)

October 6th - 10th, 2000 (beginning of written set)

Subject: The Guyver, Writer: OnyxPhoenix

E-mail: @ thundergod4791@yahoo.com

I do not take any credit for the creation of any of the people, Guyver Units or Zoa-type beings mentioned in this fan fic that were first introduced in the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction Site. I only take credit for my own creations, which are the ones that I am writing about here and noted at the start of each of the fan fiction chapters - such as the Warrior Ascendant Saber and the Ranger Guyver - and those that I have yet to create. The concept of the Guyver itself was created by Yoshiki Takaya, and he has all rights reserved therein. All of the other characters that are listed and mentioned in these following chapters belong, both originally and primarily, to the Web Page that is dedicated to the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction, and its creator, Brian O'Sullivan. The changes that I make to the characters written about in these chapters are my own ideas and imagination; however, I do give respect and the utmost appreciation to those who have written about them and their possible futures before me. Thanks for giving me a great start.

Note: This fan fic is set around the time that the alien beings responsible for the germination of the human race, the mysterious Creators, returned to the planet Earth after millennia had passed since their departure. At that time, the creation of the Guyver Zoalord threatened the very existence of the Creators and their way of life, up until the timely arrival of their savior, the Warrior Guyver, who miraculously saved them all by amazingly defeating the Guyver Zoalord. The absence of the Creators from their seed planet during this time has allowed their "perfect" warrior race, the abandoned ranks of humankind, to enjoy the fruits of unhindered evolution, and have allowed them to become the most prominent life form on the planet.

Upon their return to their previous "living laboratory," the Creators subsequently dropped off a large number of normal Unit-G’s, as well as new and experimental bio-booster armors (some with innovative new designs derived from the Warrior Unit itself, created ages ago by the Creator Solom, and some completely new armors as well), just to continue their goal in making their obedient warriors unbeatable, as well as how they would measure up to Solom's masterpiece and to see just how much further they could advance their empire for their own personal gain ("All Things Must Change, Part Two").

The internal time frame of this new fan fiction takes place before, during, and after the chapters of "All Things Must Change," written by Brian O'Sullivan of the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction Site. Thus, it is being played out during the time that the Guyvers fighting against the machinations of Chronos in the Anti-Chronos Task Forces (ACTF) of America amazingly discover that there are surviving descendants of the original and very ancient Zoalords from the past, still alive on Earth, living in secret and hiding from both the Creators and the ideals of Chronos. These free Zoalords have sought to live their lives in peace and without incident, despite the efforts of Chronos to weed them out and destroy them all so that the Creators cannot use them against the goals of Chronos: world domination, and vengeance upon their former masters once and for all. This fan fic storyline is a new inception about one particular member of those genetically-engineered beings, a young, pure-blooded, and unaware Zoalord being who abruptly learns of his heritage and birthright, and promptly decides that he and his brethren have been hiding from Chronos and their former "gods" long enough.

Chapter One: Awakenings

. . . . . . Somewhere near Mt. Etna and Mt. Nebrodi, Sicilia, Italy . . . . . .

. . . . . . Date: November 23, 1999 . . . . . .

. . . . . . The end of the week, mid-afternoon . . . . . .

- For over seventy-five years, a well-respected establishment for education and self-discipline in mind and body existed and prospered near the upper regions of the Nebrodi mountain range, on the western coast of the island of Sicilia, Italy, on the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet Earth. Regarded in its infancy as something similar to the ancient shrines of Greece and Rome, but with its particular devotion aimed solely at the vigorous advancement of the populace for miles around, this unique establishment for learning quickly flourished and grew to be a renowned establishment, even for its diminutive size.

- Now, in the dawn of the new millennium on the planet Earth, the small shrine of the past has grown into the world-renowned Reiganzse Institute of Knowledge. Five of the Institute's learned staff, amongst them prized educators, advisers, and administrators, have been spoken of in coming directly from the Reiganzse family line, who are themselves a proud family of scholars and entrepreneurs.

- The school itself had also been examined by renowned scholars of the world, who came away feeling that the Institute’s regimen was indeed quite superior to other learning establishments of its class. The facts that stood out most about the Institute and its classification as a top-level advanced learning avenue took their shapes in two forms: (1) ninety-five percent of the Institute's student body, which never rose above two hundred people, completed their full range of studies in just four and a half years, whereas other learning establishments took four years, plus additional years of graduate training, and (2) the proof of its impressive teaching credentials, as that 95% of the student body who completed their full range of studies in those four and a half years spent at the Institute, graduated with full honors, and garnered several impressive business and career opportunities to their credit upon departure from the grounds of the Institute.

- Additionally, though, there was a particular aspect of the Institute's broad base of classes and training courses that only very few people truly sought to enter, and that department was the severe aesthetic martial arts training classes given by none other than the Institute's own wise headmaster, Maestro Gemma Reiganzse, and his two top assistants, Sensei Rai Oyabun and Sensei Jin Shin Tan. Those people who did persevere and complete the martial arts training courses would graduate and reveal themselves to be changed individuals, both in mind and body, and had gone onto successful careers in various fields afterwards, even more so than their scholarly counterparts. All of the endeavors of the Institute had been quite fortuitous ever since its inception . . . . Until today.

. . . . . The Main Training Foyer of . . . . . .

. . . . . . The Reiganzse Temple of the Martial Arts . . . . . .

(A calm and resonating voice of wisdom echoes out into the grand foyer)

"Remember, my students, do not seek to control your will with pure force, like a raging animal in the jungle. Focus upon your thoughts; seek your inner element in nature; clear your minds of doubt. Know this fact of nature to be truth throughout your mind, body, and spirit: anything is possible when you truly believe that you can succeed at it, and when you know that it is impossible to fail."

The wise words of Maestro Gemma Reiganzse, head principal and CEO of the Reiganzse Institute of Knowledge, as well as the resident headmaster of the ancient ages-styled mountain temple, rang out to his latest class of adepts and acolytes as they exercised in the temple's spacious open-air foyer that served as their primary training grounds, each one of them slowly attempting to master subtle meditation techniques of the mind, intricate martial arts of the body, and calm, soothing rhythms of the soul. Calmly and deliberately, the students moved their bodies in and out of very complex katas (martial art training patterns,) deftly exercising centuries-old skills they had learned from their various instructors to use and make their own in order to refine themselves to the utmost.

The seasoned Maestro continued to slowly walk among the stone floors between himself and his present class, pausing now and again to acknowledge a student's well-executed technique, or to calmly correct an unforeseen flaw in another student's fighting stance with the Zen-like calm and patience of a true martial arts master and teacher. All the while, the solemn eyes of the Maestro continued to occasionally stray away from his class, calmly focusing on watching two of the most accomplished students at the institute training on a raised and roofed stone dais nearby. They themselves were preparing to ascend to the next attainable level of the fighting arts taught at the temple, and that level meant that one of them was nearly ready to gain the prized rank of master.

- In some unknown way, all around the cultivated grounds and buildings of the great temple and the accompanying learning compound, the winds that were normally quite calming and peaceful within and around the majestic mountain range that surrounded the Institute’s regions seemed to be blowing quite forcefully for a normal day in western Italy. Even at the very secluded martial arts training compound built farther up on the slopes of the majestic mountain ranges near Mt. Etna and Mt. Nebrodi, but not too far away from the main compound of the Institute itself, both students and teachers alike were being treated to a rather abrupt welcome from Mother Nature.

- The way in which the environment was acting around that well-kept ancient temple would have appeared to most everyday folk like just a normal pattern of strong breezes and gusting winds, but for the people dwelling at the martial arts refuge, aptly named the Reiganzse Temple for both the wise headmaster of the Institute and its well-respected disposition of meditation, training, and self-discovery, the very sound of the wind itself meant that today's lessons were to be quite different from most other days.

- The temple's rather secluded inhabitants had been intensely taught by their instructors how to listen with their hearts and their minds to what Mother Nature had to say every day, and to those who had learned how to use that intuitive sense at will, they were the ones who knew full well that this day was meant to be a very pivotal occasion in the growing history books of humankind, and in the long historical events of the planet Earth.

Only a short running distance from the grand foyer where Maestro Gemma was teaching his class, the two young students whom the wise master had been observing continued to train like driven animals. On that very dais, the two men slowly circled each other in a sparring circle, reserved for only training at the utmost level. One of them, a tow-headed young man of twenty-three, dressed in a brown training uniform with a green belt, calmly moved his arms and legs around himself as he circled his opponent, the one who was nearly at the end of his own severe training there at the temple. That young man in question wore only tan training pants and a black belt as his outfit, as well as a dark blindfold over his eyes. However, it did not seem to faze the young man in the least that his sight was temporarily impaired. The young man’s body and head moved accordingly to follow his opponent's every motion, ever ready for any incoming attack on his person, and from any angle.

- The sparse, yet focused students and teachers who resided within the protective confines of the Temple lived their lives and trained everyday in peace, enjoying their freedom from cramped and crowded city life, but still respectful that they were less than twenty miles from the coastal city of Catania. Otherwise, being quite some distance from any other cities and towns that sported the unmistakable looks of modern civilization, the inhabitants of the temple enjoyed their simple living and solitude. In addition, since they had all been spending their time intensely training and learning how to sharpen their minds and bodies to the greatest potential that lay within them, they all had yet to fully perceive the pressure of a great weight that had begun to bear down upon all the people around the world. That weight was the great conflict raging around the entire world between two unimaginable powers, each of them in turn struggling to gain a solid measure of supremacy over the other, thus insuring their complete victory over their rival once and for all, and then, allowing them to move forward, . . . . . . And control the very planet.

- These twin superpowers had taken their true shapes over the last few years, and only now as the new millennium grew more prominent on the horizon, had the two forces finally made their presence known the world over to every man, woman, and child on Earth. The first powerful force in the rising conflict on the planet was known to most of the people of Earth as the Chronos Corporation. On the outside, Chronos had seemed to be the average multinational corporation, with strong influence on various world events and ties to various political bodies around the globe. However, to a select and well-secluded number of hidden groups of individuals at the time, the corporate disguise of Chronos was no longer able to conceal the true nature and objectives of those secretive individuals who wielded power within the shadowy halls of Chronos.

- These people had learned how to perceive the veil of lies around Chronos, and to even see through that veil as well, which allowed them to see for themselves the true goals that fueled the ones who governed Chronos and for those people who served Chronos like willing puppets. Chronos was, in reality, the focal aspect of a group of beings so ancient in name and power that it hearkened back to the days when the Earth was still being formed into the life-sustaining planet that it would be in the future. These mysterious beings of immense power and ancient knowledge, known now as the Twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos, sought to take over the world and prepare it for a coming war they sought to wage against their former masters, an ancient and vast race of alien bio-engineers, scientists, and world conquerors that were simply known as the Creators. The ancient predecessors of the Twelve Supreme Zoalords had been created to obey the Creators without question, and to serve the Creators in their pursuit of universal supremacy, following their masters as their sentinels, soldiers, and guardians. Led by the most awesome and powerful of all beings in the Creators’ ranks, a Master Zoalord, he who had been named Alkanphel by the Creators, all of the other creatures and lower Zoalords were fanatically loyal to the Creators and their goals, seeing their masters as immortal gods. Unfortunately for the Creators, such roles of servitude, however strong they had been made, have always been known throughout time to be temporary, and that fact soon brought about the revolt of some of the Creators’ other subjects, as they sought their own redemption against their former masters: a salvation called freedom.

- The other various reasons that caused the eventual exodus of the Creators from Earth, leaving many of their Zoalords and other creations behind, remained a large area of mystery and suspicion even to the Zoalords, but they did know one thing: that departure had a great deal to do with one of the Creators' greatest achievements, the conception of ideals that led to the emergence of humankind itself, and its eventual role to be played as the front-line soldiers for the Creators in the wars that they had yet to begin in their own quest to become the supreme species in the universe, and beyond. Some of those humans had even been granted the privilege to be remade, given new, more powerful forms and the new title of Zoanoids, bio-engineered humans who were able to use metamorphosis to change into monsters of terrible power, yet having nothing in their arsenal rivaling that of the ones who had already been chosen to act as their commanders and field generals in the war, the magnificent and godlike Zoalords who served the “omnipotent” Creators.

- However, at the end of that past age, the successful advent of humankind's rise as a warrior race, and the beginnings of the Zoanoid castes, did not stand out as the only elements that caused the Creators' downfall. Another facet of life that helped bring about the departure of the Creators from Earth came to life in the form of one of their own miraculous tools, and what would soon become the second opposing force in the conflict being fought in the present day. That great miracle revealed itself to be the Unit-G, a mysterious and powerful device whose primary purpose was to grant the Creators much greater strength and durability with which to handle their various experiments and ventures into the universe. The Creators didn't realize what was to come upon them until it was too late. When they allowed one of their new human warriors to step forth and gain the power of the bio-boosting organic armor contained within the Unit-G's living design, the Creators had created their own worst enemy, one that they could not control.

Thin beads of perspiration drew their lines on the two young combatants, but neither one allowed the other to know that any signs of fatigue were present. Suddenly, both of the young men stopped in their places, assumed composed fighting stances toward each other, and focused their resolve for combat into their very minds and souls. Nearby, an older man, wrapped comfortably in the robes of yet another fighting master and armed with colored scarves on his belt, flashed his hand down, signaling for the two young warriors to begin their fight anew.

Only the briefest of moments had passed between the two young men before the black-belted student smiled at his opponent, beckoning him on with an open hand. The green-belted student moved seconds later, making his attack upon his opponent in earnest. Leaping into the air with a focused battle cry, the junior student lashed out with a leaping side kick at his opponent, only to see the senior student simply duck a shoulder down to dodge safely away from the attack! The second that the junior martial artist landed on his feet, though, he lifted himself into another leap! Only this time, he revolved in place as he swung his muscled legs into a full spinning roundhouse kick! The senior student again dodged the incoming attack, his legs sliding out to the sides in a full split maneuver that landed him safely on the stone floor just in front of his opponent's legs!

The junior student then took a step back before throwing a compact, yet swift left handed punch down at his opponent, only to just miss his target as the senior student rolled clear and back up to his feet. The junior student quickly followed up his last attack with a full spinning side kick, but the senior student blocked it away with a muscled forearm, still smiling at how well their training had come thus far. Then, without missing a single beat, the blindfolded student threw his entire body upward into an amazing side wise rolling flip, dodging above his opponent's leg sweeping maneuver, and moving him out of immediate combat range with the tow-headed young man. Then, right as he landed on the stone floor once more, the blindfolded student cried out his own battle cry, and instantly leaped back into the fray, fighting back in earnest. In the same instant the senior student bellowed his battle cry, the junior student sensed a rushing sound in the open air around him, and then saw a strange blur before him, right before being struck with a solid elbow strike to the ribcage from the senior student! The breath escaped from the lungs of the junior student as he staggered back a few steps from the blow, only to hear the same rushing sound of air. The eyes of the junior student then saw his opponent's frame appear for only a brief second before he seemed to completely vanish from sight, only to reappear a moment later to deliver a wicked roundhouse kick to the junior student's ribs again, and an abrupt leg sweep maneuver that took his legs out from underneath him! The junior student quickly rolled with the blow, though, somersaulting his body along his shoulders and planting his feet on the ground once more, ready to continue the fight.

The senior student rushed forward with a quick flurry of kick attacks, going from high to low on the junior student in a matter of seconds, but the junior student kept up with the senior student's attacks, blocking each attack with just enough time to deflect away the following kick. Abruptly, the senior student knocked the junior student's guarding arms away with a spinning crescent kick, and then landed two quick punches to his midsection! As the junior student staggered back once more, he saw his opponent again seem to vanish right before his eyes, only to have him reappear with an open hand extended into a palm heel strike, and aimed at the chest of the junior student! No physical contact occurred between the two combatants at that moment, but it definitely seemed like that had happened as the junior student was instantly thrown backwards by a very powerful, yet invisible force! Quickly sliding backwards for a few feet, the junior student quickly regained his footing, then dodged out of the way from another series of kicks from the senior student by using an incredible back-flip, lifting himself up off one of the pillars holding up the roof, and then kicking himself off that same pillar into a tight sideways spin roll that landed him well clear of his opponent's melee range. The two students remained staring at each other, even as their bodies showed their exertion from their sparring match.

- Now completely immune to the telepathic control of the Creators due to the bonding aspect of the Unit, and with the force and power of an army far greater than theirs at his disposal, the bio-boosted human turned on its makers with a ferocity unseen in eons amongst the Creators. No mercy was shown toward any of them, be they Creator or Zoanoid. Of all the deadly biological weapons of the Creators, only the Zoalords could match the fearsome power of the human Unit-G wielder, now called "Guyver" by the Creators, meaning "out of control."

- The actions of that first Guyver, along with the appearance of a Zoalord bonded with a Guyver unit much later, a being of such unfathomable power and arrogance that seemed to be absolutely unstoppable eventually was the final nail in the coffin that forced the Creators to leave the Earth and their various experiments behind at last. Even as the mysterious appearance of a single, extremely unique Guyver known as the Warrior Guyver came to pass, including his miraculous victory in defeating the mad Guyver Zoalord, the Creators unanimously agreed that the human experiment was much too dangerous for them to continue on any longer, and they all left the young planet, quickly departing from their failed experiment as quickly as possible to keep themselves safe from harm.

- Time passed on, and eventually, as it happens with all things that are linked in unending circles, the long-forgotten Creators finally returned to the site of their "failed" experiment, only to discover what had transpired on the Earth since they had made their departure so long ago. After so many millennia of evolutionary cycles on Earth, humankind had become strong indeed, the planet's most dominant species in fact, and now numbered well over six billion in their numbers around the world and its continents. However, the Creators' own Master Zoalord, Alkanphel, who had prevented the Creators from totally destroying Earth with a rogue planetoid during their exodus from the past, still remained alive and in hiding, contrary to what the Creators believed, had occurred so long ago.

- Alkanphel had spent his time on Earth away from his former masters quite well, keeping his presence well hidden from the rest of humanity as it had evolved, but still watching over them all, and biding his time for retribution against the ones who had betrayed him and his fellow creations when they left Earth so long ago. Keeping in the shadows had not been very easy for Alkanphel, whose body had been severely injured by his former masters, and drained of much of his power by stopping the rogue moon that the Creators had hurled at Earth, preventing the death of the young planet. More importantly, thanks to his discovery of an ancient relic ship left by the Creators in their hasty, yet strategic retreat from Earth, Alkanphel had quickly made great progress in his new objective: to avenge himself upon his former masters. Using the Relic ship, and his sound knowledge and understanding of his genetic nature, Alkanphel was later able to bring into his fold twelve new beings, twelve Supreme Zoalords to aid him. Further still, he had been able to create various ranks of Zoanoid soldiers to follow him and his new council of commanders. Much more powerful than their ancient counterparts had been, the Twelve and their armies would soon stand ready to follow their progenitor all the way to face off against their former "gods", to one day storm “the gates of heaven” and confront his former masters for what they had done to him and the planet they had once controlled. With his Zoanoid armies well hidden and measured at nearly unstoppable proportions to the non-altered ranks of humankind around the planet, Alkanphel remained patient and calm in his course of action for the future: to place the Earth under his complete control.

- Alkanphel and his Twelve Supreme Zoalords, masters of the organization now known to the world as Chronos, were in a position to rule the world without any form of resistance, and then go after the ones who had abandoned their master so long ago. However, once again, the long-forgotten bane of the Creators had returned to thwart their Zoalords' efforts. The Guyver had once more emerged as a threat to the Zoalords' bid to control the planet and to take revenge upon the Creators, but this time, the clash between the two opposing forces has already led to all-out war around the globe. The ones in hiding would not be able to remain hidden for very much longer. Sooner or later, they would emerge, and it was only a matter of time before they chose to join Chronos, or decided to fight them to the very end.

. . . . . At the temple . . . . . .

Quickly facing off again against his training partner, the junior student spoke in clear, distinct tones, spelling out his intentions with a fierce determination.

"Gee, pal o' mine, I think it's getting hot out here." (The blindfolded student nods, then responds)

"I agree. The weather seems to have taken a sudden, turn, for the worse. Smells like . . . a thunder storm."

At almost the same time, both men changed their battle stances into standing meditative forms, and began to channel the full spectrum of their awakened and honed combat abilities to the front. The junior student made three quick arm movements as he crouched into a very low stance, and then, spoke three distinct Japanese words in a tightly reined voice, almost aiming them directly at his opponent like throwing knives.

“SHIEN . . . . NO . . . . KAMAE!”

(Translation: Stance of Flame Motion)

In response to his words, the dust on the ground seemed to blow away from his feet, and a moment later, the very air around him burst into rising waves of flame all around him! The student remained unharmed by the flames, and actually seemed to be gaining a greater measure of strength from the burning energies around him. However, not to be outdone, the black belted student quickly answered his opponent's focused words and trained gestures with some of his own.

“IZUNA . . . . NO . . . . KAMAE!”

(Translation: Stance of Lightning Motion)

In gladly answering his opponent's open display of unfettered inner power, the black belted student suddenly replied by locking his arms down at his sides, and shocking the paved ground all around himself with a huge display of hissing lightning bolts! The loud crackling and hissing of two of Mother Nature’s most prominent forces being amazingly wielded by two mere human beings would've seemed all too fantastic to behold, even to the supervising martial arts teacher nearby, the calm and spry Sensei Jin Shin Tan. Still, he remained to referee the upcoming sparring match with a firm spirit.

It had always been Sensei Tan's sincerest pleasure to oversee and aid the unique elemental training aspect of the temple's martial arts classes. A special training class taught by Maestro Gemma and Sensei Tan themselves, this particular training level allowed a person to look deep in their hearts, minds, and souls, and unlock the element that best defined who they were, as outlined by long-held Far Eastern beliefs and unique styles of describing the vast world around them, and the wondrous world within them as well. The most renowned elements brought to light and associated within this particular training class were, in order, fire, earth, wind, metal (also associated with lightning and the power of thunder,) and water. For various reasons, if the person believed in one of those elements of life strongly enough, their harsh training with the two masters would allow them to then discover incredible physical and mental abilities derived from those very elements, skills and powers that they never dreamed could be possessed by mere mortal men and women. The two masters also made sure that their students were taught how to properly handle and control the incredible gifts that they had found, and to the utmost of their abilities.

Obviously, like many young students at the temple who were able to master the element training, the junior martial artist had found his calling in the burning power of the fire element, whereas the senior martial arts adept had chosen the more difficult avenue controlled by the element of metal, and had fully embraced the properties of its relationship with thunder, and lightning. Both men still remained about ten feet apart from each other, surrounded by their own elemental energy auras, and channeling that intense power into their very bodies and spirits. Seeing the two students reaching a crescendo with their respective elements, Sensei Tan gave them the go-ahead to continue their sparring match.

"READY?" (Both students nod behind their respective walls of energy)


As if the blowing wind had suddenly stopped, the two men intensified their auras of power, focused upon one another once again, and then made their presence felt to each other. The junior student made his move first, again shouting out words to focus his attacks as he dashed forward to engage his opponent. The senior student followed suit.


(Translation: Violent Fire Grand Fist)


(Translation: Thousand Tearing Sky Flash)

Suddenly, the frames of the two men hurtled toward the other with amazing speed! The junior student seemed to fly across the dais, leaving behind a burning trail of flame on the stone floor, while the senior student's movements were followed by crackling lightning bolts that leapt up from the ground as he passed by! Seconds later, the two students collided at the center of the dais, rocking the area with a miniature sonic boom, and then, began delivering viciously crisp and astoundingly quick attacks at each other! Wisps of fire licked off the junior student's body as he assaulted his opponent, while bolts of lightning crackled off the senior student's body as he defended himself and returned the attacks on his person just as fast.

The blows between the two students were moving like quicksilver, and neither one seemed to be giving up, making the renewed fight appear to finally be evenly matched between the two young and determined warriors. The sparring match continued on for a few more intense moments, up until the senior student made his move to end the fight with a flourish. As the junior student went for a lunging side kick, the senior student ducked down into a crouch, then sprang upward and yelled out his battle cry once more!


(Translation: Thunder Lightning Flash)

A burst of blue-tinted lightning flashed as the senior student's knee connected with the junior student's chest, knocking him sprawling backwards and upwards as the senior student completed a full back flip! As the junior student's body flipped up into the air, he, too, curled himself into a sideways flip, then pulled back one of his hands to his waist and clenched that hand into a tight fist moments later! Instantly, a burst of flame enveloped his fist, growing stronger and burning brighter with each second that he was in the air above the ground! Just as the junior student's feet landed, bracing him as he came to a skidding halt on the other side of the stone dais, the lingering trails of dust from his feet blew away from him as his flaming aura intensified threefold! The junior student was blatantly cursing himself in his mind for not having seen his opponent's move coming at him; now he wanted to return the favor to the senior student in spades, and the combat move he had decided to use was now focused and ready.

"Nice one, buddy! Here! Try this one on for size!"


(Translation: Raging Flame Cascade)

Without hesitation, the junior student threw his now-open fist forward, hurling a huge torrent of raging fire right at the senior student before him! Not to be outdone, the moment the senior student had landed from his attack move, he also had been charging up an attack move of his own to keep pace with the battle. Now, with his opponent's own attack swirling right at him, the senior student answered him in earnest!

"Right back at ya!"


(Translation: Random Lightning Flash)

With those words, the senior student sent out torrents of lightning bolts from his body, shocking the ground all around him with the ferocity of a hurricane, and in the same motion, hurled a swirling sphere of shimmering energy at his opponent, one that was crackling both within and outside of itself with intense lightning bolts! The twirling gout of flame and the pulsating lightning-energy sphere ferociously smashed into one another, detonating in mid-air, and buffeting the entire stone dais with its ensuing shock wave!

Unprepared for the shock wave, the junior student was shoved backwards and landed on his side, but as he made his bid to get back up, that's when he realized that he was in very serious trouble; he couldn't see his opponent anywhere on the dais at all! That's when it was too late for the junior student to make any more actions. Not more than a second after the junior student had begun his move to get up, the senior student's frame appeared directly above him, and his right hand was stopped dead in its arc, a path that had left the appendage hovering a mere inch above the bridge of the junior student's nose. The hand was tightly clenched into the palm heel form once more, and at this range, it was a killing blow that ended most battles with complete certainty. Sensei Tan's right hand shot up, its length wrapped in a blue silk scarf, signaling that the blindfolded student was the winner. Upon seeing the fighting master signal that the battle was over, the younger student then slapped the ground on both sides of himself with his fists. “Damn!” Frustrated, but knowing he had lost the match fair and square, the younger student acknowledged his teacher’s gesture with a nod. The younger student then looked up at his opponent, and frowned up at him. “Well?” He spoke a moment later to his sparring partner.

"Gotcha.", however, was all that came from the smiling lips of twenty-seven year-old Fuuma Reiganzse, a highly accomplished martial artist in the deadly Tiger Claw class of the ancient Kung Fu fighting arts, toward his sparring partner, Hayato Shinji-Davidson, a highly-skilled and disciplined adept in Kenpo. The only grandson of Maestro Gemma, Fuuma was chuckling comfortably as he pulled off his blindfold, then smiled and helped his sparring partner and best friend back up to his feet. Both fighters then calmly dispelled their elemental auras of power, exhaling with satisfaction at their exertion and advanced level of training for the day.

"Nice power strike there, Hayato. Just remember how much energy to charge into it." (Hayato frowns as he dusts off his training tunic, then replies to his best friend)

"Ah, you just got lucky again, Fuuma. One of these days, I swear, I'm going to land a good one right on that smug nose of yours. Then, we'll see who's going to be laughing the last laugh, and who's going to be running home, crying all the way for momm . . . . ." (Hayato catches himself just as the word is about to escape his lips, and Fuuma stiffens for a moment before taking a deep breath and sighing to himself in memory of a beloved relative) "AW, MAN. Dammit! I. . . I'm sorry, Fuuma; I just got carried away, man. Really, I'm sorry, Fuuma."

"It's . . . all right, Hayato. I know you didn't mean it the way it came out." (Hayato speaks again, trying to keep his best friend and training partner remembering good memories, and places his hand on his friend's shoulder)

"I feel like I miss my own mother, Fuuma, every time I even think about yours. Man, I really do miss those times when your mother cooked salmon and made those breaded fillets for us back at the harbor. Those were really great times for you and me, my man. Mrs. Reiganzse and her boys. Good times, Fuuma; yeah, good times, man." (Fuuma sighs in response)

"It's been over twenty years, Hayato, come Saturday. I just wish I could've seen her again before she and my dad left me here with my grandfather and headed off to Japan to continue with her anthropology research, and then, after we found out that she’d been . . . . ." (The words stop coming from Fuuma's mouth again as he thinks of his deceased parent)

"Yeah, me too, Fuuma. Me, too." (The instructor interrupts the two students as they converse)

"Are we digressing here, Fuuma-san, Hayato-san? Hmmmmm?"

The slightly-annoyed voice of their patient referee, Sensei Tan, suddenly interrupted Fuuma and Hayato's brief conversation. The two students quickly turned, awkwardly smiled to their teacher as they bowed in respect to the wise master, then asked to be excused from the circle, now that the sparring lesson was finished for today. Sensei Tan smiled, acknowledged them both, and sent them on their way. Hayato ran off to get in some training laps before lunch, while Fuuma slowly walked his way toward his favorite meditation spot, a tall bonsai tree near the large river that flowed alongside the temple proper.

"Meditation already, Fuuma-san?"

"Huh?" (Fuuma looks behind himself to see his grandfather coming up the stairs to see how he had done in his training for the day, and greets him)

"Oh, good afternoon, Grandfather."

"Good afternoon, Fuuma. How well did we do today?"

"Very well, Grandfather. Hayato's skills have become much sharper since we sparred last."

"I know, Fuuma. He earns his brown belt tonight at the first chime." (Fuuma is surprised by his grandfather's words)

"Really? Then . . . why didn't he tell me?" (Fuuma remains surprised)

"You're the one I picked to present the belt to him tonight, Fuuma. Hayato knows this because he asked me to pick you. Do you think he wanted it to be known so quickly, over the entire compound, just how much he truly respects you and values you as a friend, Fuuma? How he thinks of you like a true brother?" (Fuuma bows his head)

"Huh, I guess not. I'm really happy for him, Grandfather. Having come all this way to Italy, to this shrine, even, is quite an accomplishment for him. He's endured a lot in coming here."

"You mean, being born a gaijin, growing up in a military family, especially in America, and then returning to mother Japan to claim the birthright left to him by his mother and father, and then, coming here to prove his own worth?"

"Yes, Grandfather. Ever since we met, I've been glad that he chose me to be his friend."

"Indeed; I believe the feeling is mutual with him, Fuuma. Well then, Fuuma, get going and start your meditation exercises, my boy. I've still got some classes to teach before dinner time, so I'll see you then. Good day, Fuuma."

"Good day, Grandfather."

As the Maestro of the temple descended down some nearby stairs to continue his ongoing headmaster duties, Fuuma quickly returned to his own objective: his meditation tree. Quite secluded and very large, the tree had been planted the year after the shrine's construction had been completed, some forty years ago.

Fuuma loved its soothing, encompassing shade and the peace of mind he was able to achieve so quickly under its branches. It was a short jog to the tree, but Fuuma always ran it hard and fast, savoring the brief exertion before getting into his meditation state of mind. Once he was there, Fuuma tugged his training uniform straight, and then settled into a meditative lotus position as soon as he was on the grassy meadow. Within moments of his arrival at the tree, Fuuma had cleared his mind, relaxed his body, and focused his thoughts inward.

As the young martial artist remarked about his training sessions and the various arts that he had learned and melded into his everyday life, making them all an integral part of his mind and body over the years, Fuuma also looked within himself for the shimmering light that lay dormant within him, the inner strength that existed deep within all living beings and that all martial artists sought to reveal, training themselves to be able to unleash upon command that inner light to heighten their own skills during times of great need. Fuuma seemed to be the most adept at this incredible inner technique out of all the current students in the temple. Only Hayato had been able to come close enough to matching Fuuma at any given time, mostly because their training together at the temple had begun quite some time ago, and the tow-headed young man refused to back down from any challenge set before him. Presently, as Fuuma continued to meditate, his breathing slow and controlled, his body totally at rest, he sensed another familiar feeling as well.

It was as if there was a high-voltage cable connected to the base of his spine, and Fuuma had somehow activated it when he had begun to clear his mind. Fuuma could actually feel the energy within him seem to flow like a mountain stream to that point, slowly climbing up the entire length of his spinal column to his head. The energy flowing into him at that moment gave Fuuma a feeling of pure, absolute clarity, as if there were no more boundaries that he could not cross with his own innate power and spirit. At the same time that Fuuma was feeling this state of psychic euphoria, the entire environment around him seemed to react to his presence. Three large rocks nearby Fuuma shook involuntarily, then slowly floated up into the air, hovering there as if held by an invisible ghost in the wind! The grass swayed and moved as if the wind were playing its usual games with it, but in the grassy meadow, there was no wind blowing at all! Even the branches of the great tree above him seemed to bend its lowest branches toward Fuuma as the energy flowed through him. The long arches of the tree were soon encircling Fuuma's personal space, and a shimmering white glow had begun to flow all around his physique.

The most prominent aspect of this amazing spectacle of meditation and total focus was that Fuuma's body had changed somehow! His calm forehead seemed to slightly bend apart in the middle of his brow, and a shimmering crimson, diamond-like crystal formed right out of his skull, continuing to glow as Fuuma kept meditating! Even Fuuma's jet-black hair began to stand on end, waving in unison with the grass around him as shimmering waves of energy began to wash over Fuuma's body like the evening surf on the beaches of the island. It looked like Fuuma was sitting in the very heart of a star, and loving every moment of it. Then, abruptly, only moments after achieving his full meditative trance, Fuuma unlocked something hidden deep within himself, a store of memories silently repressed into his subconscious long ago, memories that concerned his family's legacy from their ancestors before them, the past actions of beings once beyond his understanding, and how they had passed onto him a great and terrible heritage from the past, from hundreds of thousands of years from long ago.

. . . . . . Eons ago, on the primitive Earth . . . . . .

The cataclysmic battle between the vile, godlike Guyver Zoalord, and the determined Warrior Guyver, had viciously progressed into round two. The two armored beings continued to trade off devastating attacks and defensive skills, with huge hand energy beams and deadly Gravity Bullets blazing forth from the hands of the Guyver Zoalord, while vicious pressure cannon shots and fully-charged Mega-Smasher particle beams were the answers that the Warrior Guyver gave back to his devilish opponent in kind. Between the two of them, lightning-quick vibration blade attacks sent out monstrous sonic booms over the horizon and through the valleys of the region. Chaos ensued all around the two warriors. Nearby, newly-created Guyvers, Zoanoids, and even the Creators' own Zoalord armies could do very little but annoy the Guyver Zoalord with their attacks, but they pressed on. However, with an ingenious idea from the Warrior Guyver, and the waiting aid of the Creators' forces, they were willing to add their collective power together to aid the Warrior Guyver in bringing the infernal beast down once and for all. The other sentient beings around them who knew that their own involvement would accomplish nothing in the battle of the two titans did their best to flee from the battle field before it was too late for them to survive. Some of them, however, were bound and determined to make the Guyver Zoalord pay for his vicious inhumanity toward not only humankind, but to the Creators, the Guyvers, and to his own species as well.

<< Translated from an ancient language >>

"Please, Excelion, do not fight him! I’m begging you! He's far too strong for you! Let's escape while we can!" (The female continues to plead with her mate, even as he sets himself ready for battle)

"No, Ilea, I will not run. For as much as I detest the Creators with all my being for making us all into their pack mules and expendable soldiers, I cannot leave them and this Warrior Guyver to face that damned Guyver Zoalord alone. Such is the act of a coward, not a Zoalord of my order. No, I must stay, beloved."

"Please, Excelion, think of our unborn child! If you do not survive this day, who shall raise our child in your stead? Who shall be the ones to teach this young life yet to be of their powers, and of the legacy that has been left behind by the Creators from it!?" (Excelion bows his head to his chest before he replies to his mate)

"Ilea, I am thinking of our child, and of the future lying before that unborn life which you carry. You know that I love you with all my heart, Ilea. That is why I must go now. I must aid our fellow brethren in this final endeavor, if only to delay that monster and to give you the time to escape. If we do not, he may very well destroy the entire planet. Now, Ilea. Before my heart wills me to hold you to me, forever more, please . . . . Go."

"NO! I will not leave you here to battle that creature alone!"


"NO! I WILL NOT!" (Ilea turns and walks a few steps away from her mate)

Shaking his head in acceptance, the Zoalord Excelion walked over to his mate and took her by her shoulders, forcing her to face him as he spoke to her.

"Ilea, you know that I am right. You are the one who will raise our child. You are the one who taught me what love was, how to share and spread that love, and how to live again, despite the heritage given to us by the Creators. You, of all people, Ilea, know all too well, that fate has bound me to the destiny that lies before us now. Please, do as I say, my love. Go."

Ilea looked up at Excelion's face, her eyes now full of tears, and saw that his eyes also streamed freely with tears. Ilea then realized that Excelion did not want to die and leave her alone on this world, but if he did not give his aid to his brethren now in this conflict, there would be no safe haven for her and her unborn child, not from the intentions of the Guyver Zoalord's insane rampage. As much as she hated it, Excelion was right. Ilea then embraced her beloved mate as tightly as she could, wanting to make the moment last as long as possible before leaving his side for the last time.

"I love you, Excelion. I've always loved you."

"I know, my love. I have known it since the day I met you, that your spirit and mine have been one since the beginning of time itself. I love you, Ilea, and my love will live on within you, and within our offspring. Now, go. Stay close to the ground, and away from the tall mountains to avoid being hit by debris. Stay in contact with the others whom I have told you of, especially my clansmen, the chosen adepts of the first circle. They all will help you, as they have helped me. Now, my beloved, my Ilea, before it is too late." (Pause) "Go."

Tearing herself painfully away from the face of her mate, Ilea’s genetic nature shifted her into her Zoalord form and flew away into the sky, keeping her flight path close to the landscape so that it would indeed hide her escape. Watching her fly off, Excelion wiped away his tears, and then clenched his hands tightly before himself. Instantly, he transformed into his own Zoalord battle form, and he roared out his great rage at being stripped of the virtue of happiness for all time. The cavern that he and Ilea had used so many times to rest and to be together in, away from the Creators' ideals and their own brethren, was utterly destroyed by the rampant psionic energies that radiated outward from the sorrowful cries of the emotion-racked Zoalord as he cursed his fate. Finally settling his troubled thoughts back to the matter at hand, though, Excelion wasted no more time before moving on. Taking flight himself, Excelion soared into the skies at top speed and headed into battle, his thoughts of his mate, of his child that he would never get to know, and of the ultimate sacrifice that awaited him racing through his mind. His own enhanced vision located his target, and the shining golden Zoacrystal within his forehead burned with fervor as he approached the battlefield, growing even hotter as he prepared to join the Warrior Guyver and his Zoalord brethren in engaging the vile Guyver Zoalord in deadly combat. A huge, billowing charge of bio-energy enveloped Excelion's hand as he made his presence known to the monster below him on the battlefield.

"Merciless beast! This day shall be your last! SO, SWEARS, EXCELION!!!”

(A huge flash of energy is seen, and then, a great explosion fills the skies)

. . . . . . Back to the Present . . . . . .

Fuuma abruptly snapped out of his trance, which had been brought on by his meditation down by the river, right as his newly-revealed memories were filled with the titanic flash of light that appeared in his mind as the Zoalord named Excelion had made his attack upon the psychotic Guyver Zoalord! Instantly, his now-open eyes focused upon the three stones right floating before his eyes, just before they all shattered into powder before him! Fuuma covered his face to protect himself, and his lowered eyes saw the grass below him moving around him as if a gusting wind were passing by. Yet, there was no wind around him at all, not even a small breeze! 'No wind!? Then, how did the grass move!? . . . .‘ Fuuma’s thoughts were as jumbled as the crumbling rocks on the ground before him. Quickly gathering himself and rising to his feet, the shaken Fuuma ran to the river's edge to splash some water on him to cool his skin and calm his nerves. Once there, though, just as he cupped the running water into his unnerved hands, Fuuma saw something in the water's reflection that he could not believe.

Fuuma’s face had changed in color! It was now an ash-gray shade, accentuated by crimson skin layers and dark raised lines, elongated bony crests atop the rim of his head, and a shimmering blood-red crystal of some kind that was embedded into his forehead! Backing away from the water's edge, his hands still wet from dipping into the water only a moment before, Fuuma could not comprehend what he had seen, and his once-focused mental state shattered like a wine glass.

“WHAT’S GOING ON!!!? . . . . . WHAT IS THIS!!!? . . . . . WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME!!!? "

(Glass shatters in the distance)


The unfocused outburst of shock and confusion from Fuuma's mind radiated outward like a bomb that had been set off underneath him. The ground all around Fuuma, for a distance of over twenty feet in diameter, was blasted backwards and downwards at the same time by an unseen, invisible, yet incredibly powerful force, creating a sizable crater right below his feet in less than two seconds! As the crater below him began to fill with water from the river, Fuuma seemed to float in the air for a short period of time as his mind's strength crested out of him, while a strange, shimmering form seemed to envelop him at the same time! Like a ghost in the night, the wispy form seemed to mimic the movements of Fuuma as he floated in mid-air above the large crater somehow created by his own actions. Then, without any warning, the wispy form vanished from sight as Fuuma's now-relaxed form gently touched down on the ground on the edge of the new crater, his mind and body forced into unconsciousness due to the shock and strain of his unknown, innate power being fully manifested before his eyes. Seconds later, though, the appearance of Fuuma's face had reverted back to normal!

A few minutes passed before a single man, cloaked in a ceremonial hooded temple robe, came upon the unconscious Fuuma. The man examined the area, and then stooped down to inspect Fuuma. The young man was out cold, but still breathing steadily. The wind abruptly blew back the hood of the cloak that the man wore, revealing him to be yet another mysterious, bony skull crested being, but whose demeanor and movements left no doubt as to whom he was: Maestro Gemma Reiganzse himself. Although no longer completely human in his new appearance, having somehow transformed into the mysterious being now tending to his only grandson, Gamma’s concern and care for his grandson were still apparent for the environment to see. Seeing his grandson was indeed fine, but needing further aid, Gemma wasted no time in getting himself and his grandson home. Gently, Gemma picked up his unconscious grandson, and then slowly floated away back to the shrine, disappearing from sight as he gained speed in flight. Gemma somehow knew full well what had just happened, and now, the wise teacher made his decision to prepare his descendant for the consequences yet to come upon them.

Two hundred miles away from the shrine, a small group of men were busy digging at a large forensic dig, looking for any remnants of something ancient, hidden deep in the ground long ago, when one of the men abruptly stood up. His eyes seemed to shine with inner light as he instinctively felt the titanic tremor of mental thought-waves streaming across the psychic plane of existence. He paused in his task, and then motioned to a person standing nearby to give him a radio. Opening a secure channel, the man called his superiors to inform them that the Chronos Italian exploration team was about to change their present course of action.

"Are you sure that it was the presence of a Zoalord? We have no others in the area at this time."

"Yes, sir. Not one of the Twelve, either, but definitely a Zoalord in nature, sir. I felt his psychic scream all the way over here, and I know the others here did as well. We're lucky that it wasn't truly focused on us, because if it had been, I'm certain that the brains of all the other Zoanoids here would be jelly by now."

"Well done, Bio-Titan No. 1. Report back to base to gather your men and your supplies for the journey. Do you know the approximate coordinates?"

"Yes, sir. There's a small mountain range that crests to the northeast, around two hundred or so miles from our current site. I'll have men ready to guard this site when we travel to the new site to investigate this incident."

"Excellent. I shall inform Imakarum and Kron, and then, Alkanphel. Valcus, out."

Continued in Post Two


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For those who waited, here is the end of part one. Enjoy, R&R.

. . . . . . Back at the Temple . . . . . .

Hayato had just come out of the dining hall of the temple, his stomach full, and was headed back to the training domes when suddenly the young adept felt all of his nerve endings light up. The massive discharge of life energy that had come from down by the river, where Fuuma had gone before Hayato had left for the track to run his laps, had just been sensed by Hayato's own honed instincts. Those very instincts, trained and focused to sense the abundant energy of living things all around him, left Hayato now feeling like he had just been struck by lightning, not once, but twice.

// Fuuma was down by the river, meditating. Whatever that was just now, I sure hope he's okay. Sheesh, what a rush that feeling was just now! Freaky! //

A few minutes later found Hayato headed for his room to get ready for evening meditation and some well-deserved sleep. After sensing that huge burst of life energy some time ago, Hayato now felt that he would be better served by turning in early for the day. Suddenly, Hayato noticed that Maestro Gemma had returned to the shrine from his daily walk via the side entrance, but he was carrying an unconscious person in his arms! It was Fuuma!

"Maestro Gemma! Fuuma! Are you all right?!"

Seeing the concerned young student despite his hooded cloak, Maestro Gemma motioned for Hayato to follow him, and Hayato did just that. Maestro Gemma, his robe pulled tight around himself, led Hayato to one of the sacred statues of the shrine, one dedicated to an ancient master of yoga, and pointed at its raised left arm in a descending motion. Hayato, though still confused, followed his instructor’s motion, reached up and pulled down on the bent arm of the statue. Amazingly, the stone limb moved just like a lever! As the hidden lever locked down into position, a large stone before the trio moved, revealing a long, winding staircase at their feet, descending into the dark earth below.

"Come, young Adept Hayato. We have much to prepare for on this night. Both for you, and my grandson."

"What's wrong, Maestro? What happened to Fuuma?"

"I shall explain everything to you once we are below. Now, follow me, young one."

"All right, Maestro." (Puzzled, Hayato still follows his teacher into the passageway)

Maestro Gemma led the way down the staircase, carrying Fuuma, with Hayato close behind as the stone wall closed behind him by itself. Torches appeared before them, lit and burning brightly as they descended into an expansive series of catacombs that had lain below the temple for quite some time. Moments later, they arrived at a smaller shrine, one located directly beneath the main one! Maestro Gemma laid Fuuma down on a mat to allow him to rest from his mental flare-up, and then headed for the shrine. He beckoned Hayato to follow him.

"Come, Hayato. It is now time to reveal to you why I have chosen you to join forces with my only grandson, and for what purpose you two shall fight for." (Gemma keeps his back to Hayato as he speaks)

"Join forces?! Excuse me, Maestro Gemma, but just what the hell is going on?"

"There is a computer, just around the other side of this hidden shrine, young adept Hayato. Your computer skills are quite impressive, my student, and I know quite well of your fondness for electronics. Read its data, Hayato. The user name is Reiganzse, and the password is Irena. It will tell you all that you need to know. In the meantime, I need to attend to Fuuma and make sure he is fine. When you are done, Hayato, come and speak with me."

"But, Maestro . . ."

"GO, Hayato. Go, and understand why I am now doing what I must do to protect my grandson from harm."

"All right, I will, Maestro Gemma." (Gemma's eyes glow under his hood as Hayato walks away)

“All in time, my boy. All in its right time, and you will see.”

Hayato found the computer, powered it up, keyed in the user name and password as Gemma had told him, then began to read the contents of the files held within its extensive database. What he saw shocked Hayato down to the core of his very being. The history of the world as Hayato knew it, as told by a survivor of the Creators' experiments, unfurled before him on the computer screen. He could not take his eyes off the screen. The files spoke of the unstoppable power that was the ancient Zoalords; the bio-morphed soldiers called the Zoanoids; the true reason and fervent goals behind the Chronos Corporation's existence and their shadowy masters, the ones known as the Twelve; their lord and master, Alkanphel himself; the awesome abilities of the Unit-G, and the all-out battle that had been unleashed upon the planet Earth as X-Day, with Chronos taking over most of the planet with their well-hidden Zoanoid infiltrators, and the upheaval that had come to be over the last few months between Chronos and the remaining free people of the world. Hayato could not believe it. What he was reading now, seemed to come right out of a science fiction novel, and yet, he found himself daring to believe in it. Something within him, an unknown aspect of himself that had been brought to light by his harsh, yet rewarding training in the temple over the past few years, told him right down to his soul, that it was all true. The last few paragraphs of the computer's information had been entered by Maestro Gemma not too long ago, as the passage he had left in the computer ended with a recent date.

"Final Entry, November 20th =

“It will not be long now.”

“As I make this data entry here, it is very clear to me and my brethren that Fuuma's innate abilities have begun to manifest themselves, both of their own accord and when he has unconsciously willed them to the front during his meditation periods, and his training sessions. Soon, he will learn about all of them from the ingrained knowledge left to him by his mother, and by her ancestors from long ago. I must act quickly, though. I can now sense that the Twelve Zoalords of Chronos have truly begun to exert their power over the world. Their so-called “X-Day” invasion indeed succeeded, and I fear that very soon, even this hidden shrine will not remain unnoticed by them forever.

I have come to the decision that Hayato Shinji-Davidson, Fuuma's sparring partner, shall indeed be the one that I grant the second Unit in my possession to. His fighting skills and raw determination mirror Fuuma's own abilities so well, it is almost like they are brothers in blood than in just mere words. They will complement each other well - the fire tempering the metal ever more, and the metal forcing the fire to become stronger and brighter to further control their growing power - and who better than sparring partners and sporting rivals to fight together in the war against the Twelve and their armies?

This may very well be my final entry here, as I am sure that the forces who still serve Lord Alkanphel have finally ascertained my general location. Only if I am able to complete the process of the transference somehow soon, I will be able to remain by Fuuma's side. Enough idle chatter; I must complete what I promised to my daughter that I would finish for her, before she left this world. Her son shall be a new light to shine for the world we live in, and his brother-in-arms shall be his ally for his foreseeable future. May the fates forgive us all for our destructive natures, for in the end; we are just fulfilling our roles in the grand scheme of destiny, are we not?"

End Entry, November 20th . . . . . . Zoalord Maestro Adept Gemma

"Do you now see what it is that I stand and fight against, Adept Hayato?"

Hayato turned to see Maestro Gemma standing a few feet behind him, moments before he tossed aside his robes, fully revealing his Zoalord Master Adept battle form right in front of Hayato. Surprised, Hayato nonetheless retained a measure of self-control, and stood up to look at Gemma.

"Yes, Maestro, I understand. But, why'd you pick me to join forces with Fuuma?"

"You are his friend, yes? You two have been sparring partners for several years, yes?"

"Yes, Maestro. We have, but . . . ."

"Fuuma has had no other siblings in his life to call family beside you, Hayato. He knows no other relative in his family now, save me, thanks to their actions in destroying my daughter and her husband. You are indeed his brother, perhaps not in blood, but in spirit nonetheless. I do not wish for my grandson to wage a war against these evil ones alone. Besides, he would do the same for you, Hayato."

"But, won't you be here to help him, Maestro?"

"I do not know for sure, Hayato.”(Gemma looks skyward before he speaks again)

“The Zoalords and their Zoanoids will come looking for me, and they will destroy me without any hesitation if given the opportunity, despite any efforts that anyone could make against them all. That is their objective, plain and quite simple."


"Because, Hayato, I do not stand with them. I am a Zoalord, and they believe that I should be at their side in this accursed war that they plan to wage against the Creators. I choose not to, because of a promise I made to Fuuma's mother. I promised her that I would see her son free of Chronos' control, and that he would be strong enough to fight them when he needed to. My daughter, Irena, may the fates keep her spirit safe and at peace, wanted that freedom for her son more than anything, and that is why she and her husband both gave their lives to grant me the time needed to escape from their clutches with Fuuma over twenty years ago. Those . . . . . . . . Arrogant Zoalords and their accursed Zoanoids killed her for that, and now, they want him to serve them.” (Gemma pauses before his voice returns, its tone foreboding) “I will not allow that to happen to Fuuma, young Adept Hayato . . . not to the last of my family." (Hayato bows his head in response, then speaks to Gemma)

"Maestro, what would you have me do for Fuuma? What would you have me become?"

"Follow me, Hayato. Let me show you what your parents left for you."

"They . . . . . left something, for me?!? W-Wait, Maestro! How do you know about something like that?"

Hayato followed Gemma as he walked back to the front of the small shrine again, this time kneeling in front of the steps before it. Hayato kneeled next to him as Gemma spoke.

"Your parents worked for Chronos until they discovered what they truly were, Hayato. In learning this dark secret, they also learned of my daughter and my existence as well. As their last acts of kindness, your parents helped me retrieve a pair of the latest Unit-Gs that had been found by their forces, but kept well hidden by one of the last renegade scientists within the bowels of Chronos, a trusted friend of theirs who unfortunately is no longer with us. I've known of the existence of these two Units for quite some time, for a relative of mine once guarded them a long time ago for a particular Creator scientist, one whom I believe is also no longer with us. I had hidden them here until the time had come, when the right time for them to be activated had come upon us, and by the right people."

"What happened to them, Maestro? Where are my parents now? Please, tell me!" (Gemma speaks in low tones)

"Know this fact well, young Hayato: a Zoalord possesses the psychic ability to mentally control any Zoanoid within their range of influence. Utterly, and with no compromise. Both of your parents, having been re-engineered into Zoanoids without their prior knowledge, were quickly commanded to kill each other for their betrayal of the ideals of Chronos. They could not resist this, for it was ordered by Alkanphel himself, to be carried out by his Zoalord lieutenants, and then by their Zoanoid minions if they resisted in any way."

"No . . . . . . . . . .”

"I'm sorry, Hayato. Although I knew of their plight, had I intervened, Fuuma would be their pawn by now, and you probably would've been transformed into a Zoanoid. The only solace that I can offer is that your parents both died at the same time, in each others' arms."

Hayato bowed his head once again, burying his face in his hands. Still, behind his subtle tears and sobs, Gemma could sense what he had always known about Hayato, the very same thing that he had always known to be true about his grandson, Fuuma. Beneath their gentle faces and good hearts, the soul and spirit of a warrior waited to be born, and longed to smash the face of evil over and over again. As Gemma watched Hayato wipe away the last of his tears, the young man rose up to his feet, assumed his stance of readiness, and focused his eyes forward.

"I'm ready to join forces with Fuuma, Maestro Gemma." (Tears drip once more from his eyes)

"So, let it be done, Adept Hayato. Let it be known that on this day, you shall become a force that Chronos will reckon with."

Gemma then revealed a small orb-shaped device to Hayato, gently holding it up in the air with his Zoalord telekinetic abilities. He also levitated a second item, which appeared to be some sort of closed instrument. The devices floated just above Gemma's bio-altered hands as he lifted them up from their hidden place and placed them on the ground at Hayato's feet.

"Do you accept this life, Hayato, with no regrets and no misconceptions about what must be done to free this world from the grip of Chronos?"

"Yes, Maestro Gemma, I do."

“Do you accept the brotherhood and family I now give you, in allying you with my only grandson?”

"Yes, Maestro Gemma, I do." (Gemma nods to Hayato)

"Very well, then, Hayato. Take this Unit-G, and this upgrade module, and go to the room on the left. There, once you are ready, touch the central control medal. That will activate the unit and its merging process. From then on, simply keep your focus, despite the pain and disbelief that you shall feel. It will soon pass.” (Gemma pauses before continuing on) “Then, once you are in full control of your senses, return here, and read all of the contents of this stone tablet that I have kept here in this shrine for so long. Fuuma will be waiting for you. Tell him to do the same. Any other details that he will need to know, he will recall on his own in time, after he reads the tablet."

"Yes, Maestro. I understand."

Hayato picked up the Unit and the module carefully, and then walked off to the mentioned room. With one last look back at Gemma and Fuuma, Hayato entered the room, then locked the stout door behind him with a strong turn of the inner dead bolt. Looking at the young man as he walked away, Gemma nodded his head in relief, then rose to his feet carrying the second of the two Unit-G’s with his telekinetic powers. Gemma knew that he was not the one to be joined to this Unit, despite the fact that it had been specifically designed to bond with a Zoalord-class being, and indeed bonded to a being with that level of genetic advancement; his resulting powers would be immense. This Unit was meant to bond with his grandson, and Gemma was going to be sure that it did.

Gemma walked over to where Fuuma lay sleeping, his frame now much more relaxed after a small dose of Gemma's best sleeping herbs had been administered while Hayato had been going through the computer's data. With calm focus, Gemma telekinetically laid the Unit-G on the mat next to Fuuma's body, even as the pyramid-shaped control medal in its center began to hum in acknowledgment of its host to be. Gemma then used his power to place one of Fuuma's hands atop the shimmering central orb, and then turned to leave. He made it to the stairs before he paused, then looked back at his grandson.

"I have fulfilled my promise, Irena. Your son has been chosen to receive the power that he will need, and his ally is ready to aid him in all his endeavors. May the light guide them both. Good fortune to you, Hayato, and to you as well, young Fuuma, blood of my blood. I love you, my grandson."

Above ground, Gemma could sense the arrival of the Zoanoid strike forces. He then reached out with his mind, and alerted the only other Zoalords who had lived in the shrine with him for so long, Sensei Jin Shin Tan and Sensei Rai Oyabun, better known, respectively, as the Zoalord Adepts Tan-Khal and Kraken.

// Ah, my friends, the enemy is finally here. Let us welcome them all . . . to their graves. //

// It will be our pleasure, Maestro Gemma. We shall not let you down. //

End of Chapter One


Okay, there's the ground work for ya! Pls comment! Thx! 8):mrgreen:


60 views....Still waiting for some comments.....Chapter two is ready n waiting.....love the view #s, but comments too, pls! :roll:


OK, no comments? No problem. If it's okay w/ the mods, then this thread will be my place for the stories. I've left out the yrs, but the time line about when they happened is mentioned, k? Enjoy them when they post. :mrgreen:

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