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Ultimate W'kar

Say hello to my... oh my broken MA5B!

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Hi, guys i'm been kind of busy and yet...... oh all well. My site hasn't been updated for a while due to the change of web template that tripod.com is using and it took me a long time to ..... well some what get use to it. unfoncunately alot of the stuff on my web site could not be converted over so I am forced to reproduce my stuff. The good new is i finaly have a laptop, but the Microsoft office 2007 it had only had a thing to make it a trial version and that has been up for about three months. I did download Microsoft office 2010 but its a trial too. ..... yah I gues i'm just not as computer smart as my dear brother Temperal {sign}. Back to the point, due to my having to reproduce my stuff onto my website The sites New URl is http://warriorwizard.tripod.com/wbv/. But don't worry my original site is still there it just unable to be upgraded (to visit the original site you can go to http://warriorwizard.tripod.com). Just to worn you the new sites datafile, and art page is all but nonexsisting. If you guys feel like giving computer tip, help, ect its problemly a good ideal, infact it real, real, real needed.

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