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Still Punching.......A Fanfic Preview

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Hello all, so here is a very rough draft of a fanfic I am currently working on. Hopefully you will enjoy......

Disclaimer: This Fan Fic is based on created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. I did not create Fighter Guyver II, Dreadnought, W’Kar, The Kregen, The Grakken and many others. This fiction has been created solely for fan fiction purposes. The idea for this Fan Fiction was inspired by the creative geniuses of the writers of The Warrior Guyver fan Fiction and The Great War of The Guyver’s Fan Fiction. I thank them for all their efforts.

The Next Round

He was going to die. This wasn’t like those other moments in his life when death seemed like a possible outcome in a fight. This time he knew for a fact and without a doubt that he was about to leave this world and hopefully pass on into the pearly gates of heaven. Chaos ensued all around him as his friends, his family and even some of his old enemies battled against the amassed forces of the Creators. The ruthless dictators of most of the known universe had decided that they had become tired of the trouble the tiny blue planet had caused them and made the choice to end all life on Earth.

While the army they had brought was small in comparison to the endless forces they had at their disposal it certainly seemed like enough to achieve the goals. Hundreds of Jy-taki had attacked the forces of Earth and while they had made a valiant effort they would have been destroyed right then and there. Earth’s forces had already suffered loss as Alkanphal had given his life to stop the Creator’s Super Weapon from hitting Earth. Fortunately assistance had come from Zass the Aqua Guyver and a group known as the AAR. With an army of Guyvers they had managed to overwhelm the Jy-taki. For a heartbeat it almost seemed like they had one the battle when suddenly the Jy-taki crystals formed into Orobouras, the strongest warriors of the Creator Army. Within seconds they had tore apart the help from the AAR.

“This day just can’t get any better.” Jarrod Lucas muttered under his breath. He was thankful for the fact that he had a modified version of W’Kar’s unit at this point. He had been fighting for hours already and with the arrival of so many Orobouras it didn’t look like either him or any of the others would have a chance for a reprieve any time soon. Sheathed in the armored form of Fighter Guyver II he managed to dodge aside as an Orobouras fired a handbeam at him.

“Ok ugly,” he said to the giant monster, “let’s do this.” Fighter Guyver II extended his Bio-Swords and moved at top speed towards the beast. It extended its own blades and slashed towards his throat. Fighter Guyver ducked beneath the swipe and tore a line down the Orobouras’s side as he continued to move at high speed. Moving past the Orobouras he turned rapidly and launched a Pressure Cannon into its spine. Taken by surprise the beast flinched and grimaced in pain and Jarrod followed up the attack with a barrage of Pressure Cannons each of them with the strength of Guyver’s Megasmashers and the gravity orbs tore chunk after from the Orobouras’s body. With impressive speed the creature turned and fired a barrage of head and forearm beams as several managed to pierce his armor.

“I don’t have time for this.” Jarrod said through grit teeth and a blastfield erupted around his body and he disappeared into hyperspace. The Orobouras turned this way and that as it tried to scan for him. Suddenly it felt a blastfield behind it and turned to come face to face with Fighter Guyver II’s megasmashers. Before it could react the beam of intense power tore forward and reduced its skull and control crystal into nothing more than free floating atoms. The green colored warrior brushed imaginary dust off his hands when suddenly his headsensors twitch and draw his attention to the newest development. The Science Relic that fired the beam that killed Alkanphal seemed to recover from the its previous attempt to fire the weapon as energy begins to swirl in front of it once again. As he scans around he realizes that everyone else is to entangled with their own battles against the Orobouras to try and prevent the weapon from firing. With no other option Jarrod swallowed hard as he realized he has to stop the massive weapon, if not his planet, his race, everything he cared about in this dimension that wasn’t even his own would be destroyed. Plus The Accolade with its precious cargo had yet to make it to safety. It was all on him and he had no intention of letting all those depending on him down. His blastfield erupted again as he moved through Hyperspace and appeared directly in the path of the beam. Focusing every piece of willpower and determination in his body he raised the most powerful shield his unit had ever produced and began charging his Mega Smashers as the plates opened wide and summoned as much power as they could possibly hold. His spiked shoulders began to glow with intense power as he used his Bio-Energy Doubler to boost his power as much as possible and forced himself to become as strong as he could possibly manage. Before he knew the beam collided with his shields head on. At this moment of the utmost importance he heard his brother’s voice in his ears as his unit broadcasted what would probably be the last words he ever heard.

“YOU ****ING IDIOT! EVEN ALKANPHAL COULDN’T STOP IT, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN?!?!?!” Jarrod managed to let a grin spread across his face even as he gritted his teeth against the tremendous force that slammed into his shields. Despite the immense power he had put into them in his boosted form it felt like using a wall of toilet paper to try and stop a hurricane.

“Eh, who knows?” The final words he said back to his brother. If he had the chance he would have told Greg to have a little faith and laughed at the enraged response he would’ve received for making a comment like that at a time like this. However he didn’t have the luxury of using extra words at the moment. The beam tore through his shields and in that moment he fired his Mega Smashers. White hot power slammed into the beam of intense power. For a moment Fighter Guyver II actually thought he might have a chance at stopping the Creator’s Attack when he senses another power surge and the beam pushes forward and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Beneath his armor Jarrod shut his eyelids and felt the beam strike his armor as his word erupted into pure agony. Nothing else existed but the searing agony as it consumed his body. While the process felt like it was tearing him apart molecule by molecule, piece by piece over the course of hours he knew that it took less than a second. As quickly as he had been consumed by the agony did the intense pain cease.

The first thing Fighter Guyver II realized is that he didn’t feel any different. He had always assumed when someone died a feeling of weightlessness would come over them and they would just “float” up to heaven. Apparently that wasn’t true at all as he still felt like the same bag of meat that had woken up that very morning and flew off to save his race. The next thing he realized was that his eyes where still closed and he couldn’t see anything. Strange that even in death his eyelids would block his vision. Curious as to what the afterlife looked like Jarrod slowly opened his eyes and certainly wasn’t prepared for what he was about to witness.

Chaos, pure in its simplicity it seemed as if all reality had just torn itself apart and reformed in whatever shape it felt comfortable with for a few milliseconds before it ripped apart again. It felt like he was in space but the background of the landscape changed color every moment so quickly that he didn’t even have a chance to realize what color it currently was. As he turned his head he saw a myriad of orbs floating and swirling in every direction conceivable. Connecting this orbs in an interlocking web so complicated it made his head spin and a wave of vertigo forced bile into his throat as he tried to figure out how they where all connected. One thing was for certain with a landscape like this, he hadn’t died and gone to heaven. No it was painfully obvious that he was trapped in Hell. The entire scene was so overwhelming he felt his sanity start to tear apart and his hands clasped the side of his head in frustration as he screamed in agony. As he screamed he realized that he was still wearing his unit! Focusing the sensation of his armored hands as they clasped his head he felt his own mind slowly settle as it diverted all attention onto that one singular sensation. Jarrod tried to force all his attention on this sensation like the calm in the storm and wasn’t prepared for what happened next. He heard someone speak.

“Greetings Jarrod Lucas.” His hands moved away from his head as he felt the words reach his ears.

“What the hell? Is there actually someone here?” he said as his hand moved back and forth as his headsensors desperately tried to determine the source of the words.

“Indeed there is brother of The W’Kar. We are here as we have always been.”

“And where might that be?”

“Described in terms that you can actually comprehend we are currently at the ‘center’ of the Multiverse. The crossroads of all existence where every reality, every dimension, every possibility, everywhere and every when meets in the tangled web that is existence itself. It is here that we exist, it is here that we have brought you.”

“Exciting,” he said sarcastically even though he knew he really should try and be more respectful and serious about the situation, “and who the hell are you?” he asked the strange voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.

“We are,” the voice replied, “The Kregen.”

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Just an update I'm still working on the fic and it is coming along nicely in my opinion. Glad to see that there is some interest for this. Hopefully I should have part 1 on my fanfic finished in a few weeks.

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