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First attmept at a datafile - please rate but be kind

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I have had a go a creating a guyver unit on my own and I would like peoples feedback, please no rude or offensive comments however would like genuine feedback.

Subject : Prototype Unit G


Host Name : Adam Stone

Sex : Male / Hair : Brown / Eyes : Brown

Age : 27 years old.

Height in human form : 170 cm (~5.6 Feet)

Height Armored : 360 cm (~12.0 Feet)

Weight in human form : 99 kg (~218 Pounds)

Weight Armored : 600 kg (~1320 Pounds)

Present Status : Declared enemy of Chronos and active member of the EDF

Description :- Subject was the recipient of a new type of experimental Unit -G was created to see if it was possible to create a more powerful warrior by assimilation of new abilitires from othre beings making subject virtually unbeatable however subject could only copy one ability from a single being rather than all their abilities, still this does make subject a very powerful ally in the war against Chronos.

Physical Strength

Originally - 100 men with standard guyver stamina

Currently - 1000 men obtained from Prometheus with a double HSL obtained from Zeus which gives subject unlimited stamina.


Originally - Durability was originally equal to that of a standard unit.

Currently - Durability is now equal to that of a warrior guyver obtained from WG2 meaning Subject's bio-armor is twice as durable as a standard Guyver's, with the ability to adapt to attacks such as Enzyme acid, and is enhanced by a body shaped shield aura, an extra secondary shield protects subject's Comtrol Medal, that allows subject to survive anything short of mega smash level attack and reinforce subject's physical integrity when necessary.. Subject has also copied the shield ability from Gigantic Guyver, however due to subjects higher power level the shields strength is tripled coupled with subjects pressure cannon allows subject to withstand anything up to 10x a Gigantic Guyver Hypersmash. Rate of regeneration is equal to a warrior guyver.


Originally - Running - 250MPH / Flying - 300MPH and a reaction time 5 - 40 times normal.

Currently - Running=0- 2,250 MPH / Flying=0-12,000 MPH. Reflex speed is 120 - 600 times normal obtianed from Valkyrie.


Subject has the standard ability to perform hyper space jumps that both the Warrior and Gigantic class Guyvers possess. This ability was obtained from Warrior Guyver 4.

Gravity Control Orb

Originally - Equal to a standard guyver.

Currently - Ontained from Crimson subjects gravitational powers are twice as powerful as a Gigantic Guyver, along with subjects Pressure cannon. Subject has shown the ability to use Zoalord weapons equal to the Elite Zoalord class.

VIbrational Blades

Originally - Standard elbow vibrational blades

Currently - Ontained from Gilgamesh, subject has vibrational swords infused with Plasma energy. This allows them to easily cut through any vibrational sword equal to or lower than a Gigantic Guyvers.

Hyper Sensors

Originally - Equal to that of a standard guyver with a range of 100 m (-328ft)

Currently -Subjects hypersensors were coped from the Edustol Guyver meaning subjects Hyper Sensors are incredibly enhanced with a greater range than the old Warrior Guyver. The subject can sense motion even through obstacles and with a range approximately equal to 1000 meters (~3280 feet).

Head Beam

Same as a standard Unit's but subject's high power level allows for it to have an energy output ten times that of a normal Guyver.

Mega Smashers

Originally - Equal to that of a standard guyver

Currently - Subject now has hypersmashers and shoulder cells taken from Ultimus which means Subject can generate a blast equivalent to three times a normal Gigantic Guyvers but can also fire in half the time and maintain beam for a full ten seconds per blast. This can be combined with the shoulder cannons, with power 50% greater than the main Hyper Smashers, to produce a combined blast that is nearly eight times more powerful than a Gigantics full double hyper smash.

Sonic Emtters

Sonic emitters are similar to standard Guyvers at double Gigantic power level. due to subjects high power level.


Sujbect has the unique ability to copy any single ability from any guyver or guyver like being that he may encounter, the only limitation is that he can only copy an ability from a guyver once meaning once he has encountered that guyver it is immune from his assimilation ability,

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First off, welcome to the Board :)

Secondly not a bad go at making your own Data File.

And lastly this is the first mod thing I've done in 2 years... geez I'm getting old. Not going to be has strict as my old self but has a general rule of thumb we keep the Fan-fiction stuff (data files, art, fictions - Guyver Slap stick dogin bloke etc) out of the Guyver area and leave it for offical works. You're more than welcome though to continue on the discussion here thought :D

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Nice. Like a Guyver Borg.

Though, if this Guyver assimilates/mimics any ability of a Guyver he encounters, you have to keep in mind that abilities are not as simple as a slap on ability. Certain abilities as affect other abilities, such as speed durability etc.

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How, exactly, does your character copy and gain these abilities? Does he need to make physical contact? Does his hyper senses detect and perceive what abilities can be gained, then selects which one is best? Can it be blocked? How can another character avoid being copied? Hmmm, food for thought... :mrgreen:

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