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It Begins: The Dark Chronicles of Terra Futura

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Chapter Genus, Anno XXXX in the First Era of Via Veritas Vita:

(The Way, the Truth, The Life)

Reaffirmation of Power

"I have done much in my time here on this beautiful world. I can only hope that when the time finally comes for me to move on to the next existence, I may still be able to view this cherished planet from where I shall travel to, so that I may remember how long it has been since peace was found, and just how wonderful it is to truly have it, where once all there was on this world and among its people and creatures of nature and life, was war, and death."

- The Avatar Ascendant, quoted from one of his early speeches to the people of Earth after the War of Darqueness ended.


- Some time in the not-too distant future, on the blue-green world known as Earth -

As it has done for so many ages past, the majestic celestial body known to the inhabitants of Earth as Sol once again began to shower the blue-green gem of the Milky Way Galaxy with its life-sustaining solar energies. As the Sun again embarked upon its long trek from night to daylight, the people of the planet also began to rise from their slumber to start their daily lives. They also rose up to give thanks for the great era of peace that had been established for them, thanks to the efforts of a few select beings. Those unique individuals, who through their efforts calmed the raging wars of the Earth and finally halted the madness of carnage that power-hungry beings crave and desire, had unknowingly been exalted as guardians of the planet at the time of their victories, yet still held themselves no higher than the people whom they had chosen to serve and protect, and their own comrades and family.

Slowly, as the rays of the morning sun filtered through a hermetically-sealed window of one building in particular, a man of purpose and poise awoke from his deep slumber and raised himself to his feet. Gently removing himself from the warm embrace of his beloved wife, the man then wrapped himself within a morning robe of fine silk, quietly exited his personal chambers, then slowly began to walk to the front room of the expansive building. As the man strode down the open hallway, people began to appear from other rooms and hallways nearby, greeting him with words like, "Good morning, My Lord", and "How does this morning find you, Lord Minister?" The man nodded in kind and calmly responded to those greetings with, "Well, and you?", or "Fair morning to you as well." Presently, as the man approached a large foyer, three men within that foyer, dressed in humble garments, bowed to the man, and welcomed him to the formal dressing chambers. With swift movements, the men assisted their "Lord" in choosing the day's attire, suggesting some garments of fine artistry here, along with some cloths of more humble bearing. Finally, with his attire chosen and his feet shod in boots of regal bearing, the man thanked his three tailors, and departed from the dressing chambers.

The man of purpose walked farther down the hallway he had come from, then turned to one side and stepped down a set of winding stairs into a large welcoming area. Once there, more people greeted him with bows and clasped arms of friendship. Returning the various greetings he received, the man briefly checked with a scheduling attendant nearby about his morning briefings, then paused to inform his guests that after his necessary ritual of meditation, as always was the case, he would be prepared to meet with each one of them and discuss their mutual business at length. The assembled guests thanked him for his time, then went about their formalities as they prepared themselves for their individual meetings with the highly-regarded man. Presently, the calm scheduling attendant tapped his calm benefactor on the shoulder, waited for an acknowledgement, then whispered in his ear, "All is in readiness for your meditation, my Lord." Nodding in kind, the man waved once more to his guests, then followed the attendant through a nearby gate.

Once within the following open-air garden, the attendant waved his hand forward, once more showing his Lord the sacred chamber where the repetitive meditations of the man had been conducted for so long now. Nodding once more, the man descended a few steps into the chamber, which was then locked behind him, as was the custom for one about to tap into the realm of great power. The man reached a formal resting room, then seated himself into a meditative position. Folding his hands into a focusing position, the man breathed in and out a few times, then spoke a phrase that he had been announcing in that very room for many years.


As silent as the onset of death, a murky, pitch-black darkness began to fill the meditation room like water. Slowly creeping along the floor, and "climbing" up the walls around the lone figure in the room, the seething black essence had soon filled the entire space of the room with its ominous darkness. At the moment the pitch black "mist" reached the door, however, twin beams of brilliant light emitted from the man's now open eyes! Those beams of light, in turn, caused shimmering panels of prism-filled mirrors to appear from the walls, forcing the darkness back onto itself, until it had taken up a near-mirror image of the man before it! Shimmering orbs of malevolent purple energy came to life moments later in the head of the "dark" being, and then, the dark creature seated itself before the man with the eyes of pure light. Amazingly, the "dark" being then actually spoke!

"Ah, my old friend, how good it is to see you once again, and in our favorite meeting place, no less. How well you do remember the old tradition we started so long ago."

"Too bad for you that I do not share your morose sense of humor, darkling."

"Come now, my friend, is that any way to treat one who has been with you for so long?"

"You have been with me only because I chose to shackle you, darkling, and to remove your foul grip from humankind. That is why you and I always have these little chats, to remind you again who is the one in control, and who now serves as a conduit for the will of the fates."

"And, just how long do you truly believe that you can hold me, old friend?"

Once again, the man of purpose summoned forth his shimmering eyes filled with light, and at his command, glowing shackles of pure light erupted from the ground, seizing the darkling's wrists and ankles, and pinned him to the ground! As the darkling shrieked in pain and rage, the man of purpose then spread his feet apart, and shouted out at the top of his lungs!


In response to the words issuing forth from the man's vocal burst, an energized sphere of pure life energy exploded into being around the man! The sphere of energy surrounded the man, then lifted him off the ground just enough to allow a second stream of powerful energy to begin encircling him, which moments later began to congeal itself into a powerful suit of cobalt-black, organic-lined form of armor! The man's now-armored feet soon touched the ground, and the shackled darkling stared upward to once more look upon the intimidating form of the stern and powerful being who had brought him into the servitude he now knew as his existence.

The new being who stood before the darkling now possessed no features of the man who had summoned forth this powerful form, save one: his demeanor of calm and purpose. As the being's powerful armored shoulders flexed upward, organic battle spikes of a deadly nature quickly ejected from their matching ports, even as the subtle, shimmering glow of the being's eyes matched the humming sound of the majestic crystalline structure embedded in his armored forehead. Long organic crests now framed his cranium, and diagonal vents shunted out blasts of an air mixture from his facial armor as he stared down at his bound prisoner. The darkling's screeches were soon drowned out by the booming voice of the armored being before him.

"I will hold you here, darkling, for as long as the fates have deemed me worthy of doing so, as they were confident enough in my existence to follow my actions in defeating your evil and ending your dark reign upon the human race. You will remain as you are now, until the universe decides that your accursed time is finally at an end, and then, so deems it satisfactory that either I, or the Ascended One, shall appear here once more and obliterate you from all the known planes of existence."

"Curse you, feeble fleshling! I am the Darkness Forever! I am chaos and evil personified! I shall wrest myself free from this prison, and then, I shall plunge everything you hold dear into darkness forever! You will beg for mercy at my feet! Your entire race will be nothing, and my existence shall blanket the universe for all time!"

As if in stern resentment of the darkling's words, the man's armored eyes glowed brightly, sending a powerful surge of golden energy into the darkling! The creature screeched once more as the power wielded by the armored being scalded and burned his ethereal form, while his physical nature was scarred by the pure light it was being subjected to. Falling prone to the floor, the darkling could only turn its head slightly as the armored being spoke once more.

"Foul darkling. You will do no such thing. You have been shackled here by my hand, and by the will of the universe, to allow humankind the chance to finally live in peace, and without the dark urges you inspire in them to wage war, to commit unspeakable crimes, and to destroy anything in their path as they search for power over others. You, who have caused irreparable harm, brought forth terrible destruction, and have brought so many of my race to their ends, are now no more than a bad dream, a tiny remnant of the past. While you remain shackled here, remember well this lesson, dark creature."

With a sweep of his hand, the armored warrior summoned forth an organic cloak from the very air around him, made up of the same dense living material as his own armor, but created in the shape of twin foreboding wings, very much the same as the legendary immortal bird of legend whose name he had spoken of when first summoning his true battle form. As the warrior's new wings appeared, his entire body began to glow with a ember-shaded light that began to sound out its power like the sounding of a great whale's song. Pointing at the creature with one hand, as his other fist glowed with an internal energy bordering on the brightness of the sun itself, the man spoke once more.

"The light shines even here in this dark chamber, creature of evil, and for you, it will only grow brighter as time passes. I have been chosen as the guardian of the conduit of power that you once called yours, and I now shape its destiny into a power that is used to defend and protect the people of this world. Such is my vow, and such is your penance, now and forever. As I vowed before, so many times, so now I vow again: I, Nicholas Dravenn, he who was once known as Raven's Edge in the time of wars past, and now as the Grand Minister of the Abyss, the Daemon Phoenix, again swear upon the fabric of reality, this solemn pledge: you will remain here, shackled and broken, until all is done, and you, and your evil, is finally ended for all time."

Turning to leave the chamber, the armored Daemon Phoenix strode to the locked door and raised his hand to lift the heavy door charm. Just before he allowed it to fall, the armored warrior once more heard faint words coming from the mouth of the darkling.

"Tell me, old friend! Tell me how you resist me! On that fateful day, so long ago, . . . when we first met in our great struggle . . . you should have crumpled to your knees before me! Yet, in the very face of the danger and death that stood before you, your mind did not shudder, . . . it did not waver in the slightest! The strength of your mind . . . the very fiber of your spirit . . . I could not even make it quiver in my presence! It felt none of the fear so many before had succumbed to in my quest for supremacy! Tell me! How are you able . . . to accomplish this feat!? How are you able . . . to resist that which . . . is as ancient as time itself! How can you defy the Darkness Forever!?"

The man paused, inclining his cranium to one side, then spoke once more in the same booming voice that the darkling had first heard when the two beings faced each other so long ago.

"Love, darkling. Love, and hope. Love, in the form of the friendship and support of my allies, my comrades, and the people whom I serve, and the love that the universe has given me in the form of my beloved wife. Their combined hope for a better future for all of humankind has granted me the strength to defy even the greatest darkness, for their love knows no bounds, and its power is truly eternal. Those who retain those virtues within them, mind, body, and soul, shall not fear the darkness, nor shall they ever be alone in their battle against it. Until our next meeting, darkling; until then, enjoy your prison."

The armored being then let the heavy door charm fall, calling for his attendant to open the chamber doors, and to allow the rays of Sol itself to bathe the room once more. As the man's armor once more returned to its hidden place of rest, so did the darkling's form follow suit, the brightness of day burning away its essence once more. Nodding in continued acceptance of his duties and role in the life of his homeworld, Nicholas Dravenn walked back to the great house, where he welcomed his guests again, and once more took up his role as benefactor and servant of the people with the same continuing fervor as he held when facing down even the face of darkness itself, so long ago.


P.S. Next Part to come soon!

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I had meant for this post to come a lot sooner, but life as we all know simply has its own mind. I have written more about the characters here, but not enough for another chapter. Hopefully, we shall see what becomes of it in time. Until then, everyone take care and have fun out there. 8)

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Mad props. This was a very interesting tid bit and I throughly enjoyed it. Care to explain the armor a little more. It sounds like its heavily based on the Guyver.

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To answer jedi-guyver, yes, the armor that this character wears is based on the guyver. It was created in the same fashion as one of the Creator servants in WG, but came into the possession of a human being. Over time, with training, perseverance, and believing that he had what was needed to keep peace in his neck of the words, he became so in tune with the armor and its essence that he evolved it to a point in the future where he was able to stand toe to toe with the personification of evil itself, and won. :shock: Now, he acts as the guardian and vigilant watch dog over the darkness he conquered, to keep his people and his allies safe from it. :evil: Just a reminder, though: his ally, as mentioned in my sig, is named the Avatar Ascendant. So, if this character of mine is powerful for you, how strong do you think the Ascendant is, hmmm? 8)


Anyone looking for more stories or info here can find some by kindly leaving comments here and on my other stories. There is much to come.

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WOW....Thats one way to make an impression :o

Is Daemon Phoenix a Guyver Zoalord? The description given of him is very reminiscent of both, yet there appears to be some magic or supernatural forces involved as well if the Darkling is the literal personification of evil, like the devil or something...Unless he's just a really, Really, REALLY dangerous Zoalord with the mental ability to encourage evil impulses in human beings?

Sorry if I'm having trouble grasping this intro to the story, its written very well though and I'm curious to know what exactly is going on :lol:

BTW, do ya have more stories here as well?

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Thanks for the props, Zoaknight. Okay, here's the simple version: ;)

Daemon Phoenix is not the Avatar Ascendant, and he is not a Guyver Zoalord. He was a human scientist who bonded with an enhanced Unit from WG2's universe, one that also channeled the essence of one of that alternate dimension's Creators. With that vast knowledge, his own skills, and over time being bonded with that Unit, his awareness of all things and the power he could wield evolved him into a being capable of bending and manipulating the very laws of nature. Many years down the road after his "birth", he encountered the personification of evil on earth, the very presence that causes humans to act on their most vile intentions. So, in short, they fought (a god being fought by an angel, let's say), and Daemon Phoenix won. :shock: In doing that, he shackled the dark entity, and can now channel its vast energies to do things no one can fathom as its new guardian and keeper, but this means he has chosen to be this keeper for as long as he exists, to keep humankind free from the darkling's influence. It borders on the realms of the metaphysical and existential planes, but then again, humankind will have come far in his time line. :roll:

Now, the Avatar Ascendant I have mentioned before in the topic "A Character Posting". A brief description of him is there, and what is to come with him. Remember, an Avatar is a literal "piece" of a higher being, sent down among us to do the bidding of that higher being. In this case, though, that is the best title the character has for himself, as he has indeed transcended beyond most things of the physical plane, save one: his humanity. He holds onto it as his strength, his purpose, and his guiding light. There is no higher being in his case controlling him; he is his own master. But, when you think about what I said before, that the Avatar Ascendant and the Daemon Phoenix are not the same person but ones who can do similar things, and that the Avatar Ascendant is the more powerful of the two, does bending, reshaping, manipulating, and protecting the fabric of reality sound awe-inspiring to you? It does to me, and I made this one up. :):mrgreen:

Yes, Zoaknight, there are many more stories to come. I'm waiting for just a bit more comments on mine, and then, more will be posted. Keep your :shock: open.

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