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The Basement


  1. Blog Area

    you make your blog by simply starting a topic. each new post is a new blog entry.
    people can reply in your blog but if they get out of hand you can request a moderator to delete posts.
    you own your own blog so you have the right to ask people to stop.

  2. Tinned Meat

    For those who don't know, Tinned Meat is SPAM!
    Basically, this is an area for nonsense topics which don't really have any point and which some light users might find a little annoying while trying to find the 'steak' of the site.

  3. Website Discussion

    To talk about the ongoing development of the website, what pages you like, what pages need improving, what information you would like access to etc.

  4. TheGuyver.Net - Site Editing

    This is the area to discuss editing this website.

    You can apply to become an editor in here.
    You can discuss how the website currently is and what it should be.

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