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  4. Always have been a big fan of Geico commercials.
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  6. This was one of the freakiest ads I ever saw growing up...and it still is even today.
  7. There are those advertisements that will always stick with us, so...what are your favorite commercials? I'll start:
  8. mandatory attendance at centres of indoctrination is designed to instil dependency and servility
  9. interestingly enough, there was a michelle jones in the comics, and they did have a small fling (thanks to chameleon) but as peter put it several times, "Michelle is a terror and a drill Sargent rolled into one" she literally chained and pad locked the fridge in their apartment.
  10. yeah i was kinda worried about mysterio being a hero at first, but i gotta say i loved how he had his big plan. and the elemental were a great touch. lets not forget, he once tried to convince spidey he was an alien, and then a ghost. and who knows what all else. so i loved mysterio, but more than that, i absolutely loved how competent he actually was!! what i didnt like was how far peter was still up tonys butt... and people wanting him to be the next iron man.... and michelle... i just wont call her MJ.
  11. I felt a little let down by the movie. Mysterio is a series villain, really. He needs time to build up his scheme.
  12. Still keeping watch...I just gotta see how it all ends.
  13. I really enjoyed the movie, personally. As for the Sony and Disney thing...I'm holding to a "wait and see" on that one.
  14. well, thoughts on those that seen this movie? as well as thoughts on the whole sony and disney negotiations?
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  16. been so long waiting , still looking now and again for the hope of some news but can only hope......
  17. Arrived in April 2016. Though the issue number for Shonen Ace was June 2016.
  18. So...what was the date of the last chapter? Honestly, I kinda lost track somewhere...
  19. we thirst for knowledge to improve our understanding of reality
  20. Comparing Iron Man to Doctor Doom is a common trope, especially lately. It used to be Reed Richards, like how basically the only thing that saved him from being like Doctor Doom was his family. But since Civil War, it's sort of a given that he really likes to control people. And that he has problems with opening up to other people.
  21. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. I don't know ironman or doctor doom, but, I think it would be cool if somebody tried to be his friend and help him not to be lonely and maybe he will change? On the other hand I know that you should never try to change a man, it's like a cardinal sin... I think life is so difficult for men sometimes because it seems so isolating to be an island all the time. oh... but tony isn't an island is he? in this strip, he has people around him... damn it.. just when I thought I understand men...
  22. Everything he suffers, he brings on himself. If he were less arrogant and selfish, why, he could be the leader - the Iron Man - of a European Avengers.
  23. Taken from Marvel Comics #1000...never thought I'd say it, but I kinda feel sad for Victor.
  24. My next champion is living proof that some things do run in the family...Rachel Anne Summers, aka Prestige! Hailing from the universe of Earth-811, the "Days of Future Past", Rachel is classified as an Omega Level mutant. She inherited enormous psionic powers from her mother and has limited control over her powerful telepathy and telekinesis. On many occasions, Rachel has shown incredibly strong empathic powers that enable her to control, manipulate and alter the feelings, sensations, and emotions of other sentient beings. Rachel is an Omega-Level telepath, similar to her mother Jean Grey, meaning she has limitless telepathic power. She can read minds and project her thoughts into the minds of other humans or animals within a vast, potentially limitless radius. She has not always had access to her telepathy due to fear of losing control. Even when her powers are inhibited, Rachel possesses potent telepathic abilities. She can use this power in a number of ways - Rachel can mask her presence from being detected by others. Her abilities can at times go undetected or be counteracted by other more powerful telepaths depending on their level of skill in using their own psi abilities. She can extend these defenses to others around her as well. In addition, Rachel possesses the ability to heal mental trauma through "psychic surgery", as well as the power to stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain. She has also demonstrated abilities such as mind control, psionic shields (which can protect herself and the minds of others), mind transferal, telepathic illusions, mental paralysis, psionic blasts, the ability to place "psychic inhibitors" in the minds of mutant adversaries to prevent them from using their powers, astral projection, telepathic tracking, mental detection, and precognition, Rachel is also an Omega Level Telekinetic, meaning she has limitless telekinetic powers. She can sense and manipulate matter and energy, even on a sub-atomic level. Rachel can use her telekinesis to affect and control molecules and particles, allowing her to fully control matter and energy for a variety of effects. She can disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, circuit boards, etc.) and, just as quickly, easily assemble complex devices. This also has enabled her to even attain awareness and control over objects as small as individual electrons in an atom. For instance, Rachel could detect if a seal was hermetic or not by checking for the presence of penetrating oxygen molecules. She can even detect and discern individual oxygen molecules, and determine the atomic weight of molecules by the amount of atoms present. She has shown the ability to alter molecular and subatomic structures and the ability to alter molecular valences, or even rewrite her own genome. Rachel has also been able to create a micro black hole. She can manipulate and transmute matter on a sub-atomic level (e.g. instantly altering her clothing, turning wood into gold, plant into crystal, and cause physical bodies to disintegrate by altering their molecular structure, etc). She has even demonstrated the ability to create destructive psionic spikes that destroy the physical objects that they come into contact with. Rachel can also create protective force shields that can deflect even the most powerful of attacks (even filter bacteria from the air, withstand Jovian atmospheric pressures, and even repel nuclear weapon attacks). The upper limits of this ability remain unknown. Rachel has also displayed such control over the fields as to shape them precisely, even to conform very closely to her body’s form. There does not appear to be any correlation between field strength and the thickness of the telekinetic fields. She can project telekinetic energies as powerful blasts beams directed from her brain that could apparently affect matter with concussive force. Rachel is capable of telekinetically enhancing her physical abilities to superhuman levels. Rachel can also manifest her telekinesis as a psionic firebird, whose claws can inflict both physical and mental damage, as well as use her TK to manipulate various types of the energy from electromagnetic spectrum. Rachel even possesses the psionic power to travel and manipulate time for a variety of effects, including: travel through time and space, stopping or greatly slowing down time in her immediate vicinity, etc.) Rachel can even send the awareness/consciousness/soul of herself or others to the past or future versions of herself, or possibly their ancestors/descendants. She can also unconsciously emanation of a fourth dimensional pulse which creates a chrono-shield protecting from changes in the timeline, and can mentally project past events into the minds of others. When this Phoenix rises...even Archanfel should be wary. Thoughts?
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