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  2. Guyver is apocalyptic (literally) in its nature. Any 'normal' story it would be introduced in would be severely disrupted. Frankly I feel the psychological impact of the fact all humans are just raw base material to create terrible biological weapons, made for the mysterious ends of unfathomable alien intelligences who rejected us as failures to boot is generally not treated very well in 'Guyver'. What did we get? A few moments of intense stress for Mizuki, which were only really used to set up the confrontation between Aptom and Sho.
  3. "It's all your fault, Guyver... It's YOU who are responsible for this! And now I'm here to destroy you, as you have destroyed ME! Guyver, meet your death! FOR I AM... ENZYME!" Perfect delivery from Bob Sessions in the Manga UK dub.
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  5. I've been watching and researching various other TV shows and films and such, and I've become interested in how certain crossovers would be like. In the past, I've mentioned Guyver and Twilight. However, how would characters from Guyver get on at Hollywood Arts? Or deal with computer hackers like in Eye Candy? Granted, Victorious and Eye Candy both star the chick who's in my avatar. And yes, I know that Victorious is a kid friendly teen/family sitcom and Eye Candy doesn't exactly deal with monstrous creatures. But how would such a crossover work in you guys' minds and what's your opinions on such things?
  6. Spoilers ahead! This months chapter didn't dissapoint! Eren has started acquired control of the founding titan and seemingly started the rumbling to attack the outside world. is he truly on paradise islands side? I can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Thoughts anyone?
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  8. It is very likely to do with his late work partner. It turns out he had a partner for a long time, there is some indication of him having a partner back when the first guyver movie was made. Alas there was a death a couple of years ago, of his most recent partner, probably the same person. If that is the case, then it makes sense, as that partner would have possibly owned a portion of the rights of guyver. Those rights may have passed to the family. of course in Japanese culture, that might be a very difficult situation to deal with. This is not confirmed, it is speculation.
  9. I'm not exactly up-to-date with the manga but I have kept my eye on the situation for a while. It seems strange that it would be legal/licensing issues as last I checked he owned the rights to Guyver still -- just had an agreement with Kadokawa to publish in Shounen Ace. I never heard of anything changing in regards to that. Unless the legal issue is Kadokawa not wanting to continue and he's locked into a situation where they hold the rights to publication. Might have to do some digging.
  10. To put it simply, he doesn't quite care about most series plot shenanigans and just likes entertaining movies/shows. So if has some entertaining stuff, but piss poor plot? He'll still enjoy it. He's not that picky like a lot of us. I wish I could be like that sometimes, but that is just not me =P
  11. the denial of Natural law leads to disorder and extinction
  12. I honestly don't know what you are expecting, Sully.
  13. Reminder to those who spoil the movie for me without hidden text.... I'll not spoil it by telling you the result.
  14. Already got my triple bill ticket to see it @ 12:01 am after seeing the other 2 movies in the Cinema! Going to be a great night for me. Fuck those that say otherwise
  15. I hadn't seen or heard any advertising for this until last week. I would like to see it, but im well behind on movies. Perhaps when it comes out on sky cinema!
  16. Or maybe it's the thing we already found out, that there are legal/licensing issues.
  17. Maybe he has really bad writers block and gave up.
  18. Probably the least-anticipated blockbuster of all time. It should have been the greatest movie ever made, of course, being the final film in the most beloved franchise ever, but... well... Mistakes Were Made. I have a spoiler, though, which might be interesting, from a guy who apparently saw a pre-screening:
  19. One of us needs to win the lottery, buy up all the licences that are causing problems, and just give them back to Takaya in a neatly wrapped up care-basket so he can do whatever he wants to do with the series again with no hassle.
  20. It's still unclear what side he's on, if any, i think he's doing his best for all sides and ending the titan power, but i think its all been predetermined and he's merely following what he's seen through the paths that all the titanshifters see/coordinate. I think there will be continuous large dumps of information in every remaining chapter from now on as it all unravels. The end rapidly approaches!
  21. I've been following the manga for a very long time and I'm still confused with what is happening. I always get the Eldians and Marleyans mixed up. Everything started to get confusing after the time jump. Whose side is Eren on anyway? It was obvious on the later chapters, but it's still confusing.
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