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  2. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    Well we can give it go I guess...
  3. You have to kill the Guyver....

    I was reading thru some older topics, the science thread, and I have an idea. Find some way to destroy the organs on shos back that calls the guyver. It'll be stuck in the boost dimension! You can either drug sho before hand or tranquilizer him whenever, and then cut them out. Or just hit that spot with something explosive.
  4. Yesterday
  5. New Guyver Figma's

    Also, I ordered two Guyver IIIs off eBay last week, and they arrived today. Damn good figure, love it. I aim to buy two more. Now for the inevitable male Guyver II...
  6. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    Would anyone here perform black magic to raise Guyver's status and popularity to that of the Mobile Suit Gundam series? I would...
  7. 1/6 guyver dark hero

    Very awesome dude!
  8. New Chapter status?

    I'm just going to pretend that he's preparing for something big and will surprise us! Which is why he's lowkey letting us down but keeping the updated chapters hush hush.
  9. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    To quot Sho "Guyver never dies". As many put it, it just needs a rest now and then.
  10. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    It's not dead to me I love making the figures at least
  11. 1/6 guyver dark hero

    Here is my custom Guyvers I make that's 1/6 scale I use the vinyl model kit with custom re sculpted parts that turn it into the dark hero version it has new eyes that light up too
  12. dark hero bomber jacket

    It's an awesome jacket fits me a treat
  13. dark hero bomber jacket

    I have 1 of these jackets in my collection
  14. Dragon Ball Super

  15. Last week
  16. New Guyver Figma's

    Guyver III is in stock at BigBadToyStore, just an FYI.
  17. Yui Ichikawa

    scientists' refusal to accept the implications of negative energy prevents a deeper understanding of gravity and universal equilibrium
  18. Guyver vs IT

    Ok I think we can all agree at this point.
  19. Guyver vs IT

    The problem for IT is the same problem faced by the Creators with the tool they created. It's that it can't affect the control medal when active and attached to a weaponised host (humans), it is simply that it doesn't matter if IT can send images to the C-Medal, the C-Medal will simply ignore it as it doesn't understand it and never will. The Unit G control medal is effectively programmed for it's existence. It has many aspects of it's programming which centres around control of the organism, host protection, energy management, regeneration, storage of the host mind and so on. We know this can be updated too. Guyver 3's control medal held information from interfacing with the Gigantic Armour Sho built. It still retained this information so when it linked with the Control Medals from Arizona Agito was able to trigger the Gigantic Process and grow a new Cocoon and armour from them using his body as a core and his control as the provider of the information required to the control medals of the relic. But this updating process was with systems under the control of the Uranus. But never once has a Control medal being inferred with by an outside source other than other Creator controlled technology. Now doing this vs topics you've to be fair to what is there information wise. As much as you respect that IT can inspire fear you've to respect that the Creators would not have designed a system that allowed enemy forces to take over. They'd billons of years to perfect this tech and brought it with them from another world while they sat on Earth waiting from us to grow pre a time long before the dinosaurs (when life on earth was at it's beginning stages per the lore of the story. Both IT and the Unit G are both incredibly ancient. They'd not leave that technology open for something like it to take control. Even more so when the Creators themselves AND the Central Federation (the beings they reported too and were part of that also used Unit G technology) were not capable of coming up with an idea to save the Earth project. To suggest otherwise just basically completely rewrites what Guyver is about. Hell even the name Guyver. Out of Control.
  20. Dragon Ball Super

    So did I and many others but apparently that's not the case. It may be because Cell is so far removed from Gero's other creations. While collectively called Androids or artificial humans, they are i fact very diverse. There are about 4 different types. Robots/true androids - 19, 16, 14, 15 and maybe 13 Cybrogs - Gero/20 Bioborg: humans with upgraded organic parts - 17, 18, 8 and maybe 13. Biot: biological robot - Cell.
  21. Guyver vs IT

    I'm not grasping at anything Sully, I'm speculating. Also It in its true nature is a cosmic horror that exists between realities and is a being beyond the 4 demotions we humans live in. It as the power pull a soul from earth at impossible speeds through the infinity of the universe to the place between. What I'm trying to get across here is that to you and me it would be like trying to look a. 6 sided triangle. Such a thing dose not exist in our reality and our mind could not cope with such a thing. A machine is even more vulnerable as they lack any kind of psychological defence to back them up. This is why they can fall prey to loops and logical errors like say "if I told you I always spoke the truth, then told you the last thing I said was a lie, would you believe me". When faced with its true self, they guyver would be trying to process something that dose not conform to any logical pattern or shape, what is an impossible. If such a thing crumpled the human mind, not because of fear but due to the simple fact that the human brain cannot even begin to process it, how would the guyver, a machine created by the same beings as human, begin to cope with that same impossible image? IT may not have ever encountered something like the guyver in the multiverse that surrounds it, but it is something truly beyond any life. Edit: however after reading everything and thinking on it I'll agree that Sho could beat it, but not alone. Sho as a human with the help of his friends has the will needed to fight back and they have the potential to channel the turtles power and beat it. Alone we have agreed that Sho will run have a problem with the dead lights. So it's up to the guyver alone. If they guyver cannot process The image of its true form, a sheer cindradicting impossible form beyond anything found in the universe, they guyver is at risk to. If it can somehow get passed that it is not Sho and so cannot channel anything from the turtle. That means that it's only weapon it has that could work are the black holes created by exceed. But if it dose use them to will kill many, many people which would either mentally break Sho if he recovered and if he didn't leave the universe faceing a now out of control exceed, mean while IT has lost a small part of itself which is a setbsck but it has other options and time. So it can just kick back and watch as exceed goes on rampage or a broken Sho.
  22. Dragon Ball Super

    ...I thought Cell was 'Android 21'.
  23. Guyver vs IT

    The Control Medal isn't life as IT knows it. It's closer to a machine an is referred to as uncaring an unemotional numerous times (like when it butchers Fumio Fukamachi). You're grasping at straws if you think it will be effected by anything it is capable of.
  24. Guyver vs IT

    Thinking about it the control metal is in just as much danger from the dead lights a Sho. If it is capable of recognising IT in its true from then it could shut down as it, like the human mind, breaks down because it is trying to register a thing it simple cannot comprehend. What boils down to is that alone Sho is fighting a loosening battle. No beam, blade or mega smasher is going to make a lasting impression without both willpower but also the belief needed to channel the turtles power. Even then one human is not enough. He'd need his friends to help him. Then as long as they can all do at least some level of the same thing they have a chance of really beating IT.
  25. Guyver vs IT

    Here were we get complicated. In a mixed universe the turtle would back Sho, but Sho is at on disadvantage he's an adult and presumably alone. The children channeled the power of the turtle so effectively because they are children and have been run down by the harshness of life. The ritual of chud is an anti demon ritual Bill read about, it involves biting the demons touge and telling jokes till one of you laughs. It would never have worked unless Bill, or more importantly all the losers beloved it would. The fact they are together plays a part as the 7 of them, littaraly the magic number combined their power agents it. This is also why an inhaler can burn it and silver can to. As adults and with only 5 of them the losers almost lost to IT despite the fact It was still weakened from their last battle. Sho's willalone is not enough, he would need everyone's help and they must believe. also is is not all illusions, it uses them but when it shapeshifts IT is very much real. It could take the form of his father, aptom or a zoalord and it will be as physical as the real thing. For example the blood in Beverlys bathroom is real, it just uses its power to make it the adults cannot see it. even it's maddening true self is real, a physical horror that the unit will also consider an real. And again the madness was only undone because Ben believed it would and the other children's wills and power helped. Alone he would have done nothing. Also the turtle is in the film, or rather its presence. As in the book characters see or interact with turtle images and such. The turtle is part of the movie the creator just kept it subtle.
  26. Guyver vs IT

    Even if IT can trick a Guyver the issue is the Guyver isn't killable to IT easily. Outside the panic that is set in a Guyver is pretty hard to kill and a lot of it's defences happen automatically and are pushed to the host by the control medal to fit the situation. So for example, IT tries to fool the Guyver and it can transmit images fooling the human host. IT's problem is then the Guyver Unit itself. The Control medal will not be fooled and it will not fear. So while the human eyes are seeing something crazy in front of it, the head sensors will be telling the host something different. If IT goes in to try and eat the Guyver I do not see the host sitting back and not striking back. IT taking the host's SOUL will not stop a Guyver. It didn't stop the losers getting the red headed girl back either who awoke with a kiss in the movie.
  27. Guyver vs IT

    I don't think it'll be a one sided fight like that, but I'm leaning on the side of a Guyver host winning. Maybe not killing an entity, but definitely defeating its avatar extention. Sho alone has the strength of will now and the self confidence to resist any illusion or spiritual attack, (the soul thing). Bill did it, so I'm confident that sho could. I'm not sure about just any guyver host, the soul attack would have to depend on the individual character. And since we are merging universes, the turtle should back sho, like he did bill. I believe that's what you said, godzilla? The turtle backed bill? As sho is a hero character, like bill, he should be given the same backing. Let's focus a bit on the Guyver portion a bit. We had a ton of IT info now lol! So, would the Guyvers protection of mental control help a host in this sense? And when? All times or when the unit is equipped? I mentioned before it's my opinion it blocks the control part but not the telepathy itself?
  28. Side Effects( Arkanfel's Zoacrystal)

    It is not safe to say "Prototype". Either you don't understand what the word really means or you never done prototyping. If Alkanphel was a prototype then there has to be other prototypes (full bodied beings) out there. There is too much of a technical leap between a zoanoid and Alkanphel for him to just come out of the blue and then say "Oh we're finished, you're the leader of all the world and the zoanoid army we command" so most likely if their were other prototypes they are dead and Alkanphel is the embodiment of their work / sacrifice. To imply that Alkanphel was the prototype and the next 11 planned zoalords of the Uranus were the finished model makes no sense as Alkanphel was their planned leader. He is no prototype, he is the finished final model and the Uranus called him the leader of their army. If there was anything else before him, the only surviving prototype is Waferdanos (we know he's compatible as when given a Zoalord crystal made from Alkanphel he took humanoid form and developed zoalord powers). But Waferdanos was probably such an old prototype that he'd have not being classed as a zoalord for experimentation and simply left alone on his island. Alkanphel's Illness is quite simple in the end, he was ordered to shut down. He resisted that order and has being resisting it ever since but is finding it harder and hard to do so and his sleeps are getting longer and longer and more unpredictable. So much so that he's made a guard (Imakarum). His order to Imakarum to find the Guyver units most likely isn't to repair him, but to effectively become out of control overriding finally the command he was given eons ago. IT also has the scary affect of making him into a being far beyond a demigod that he calls himself..... It is possible that Alkanphel burnt himself out using his powers to the extent he did, but there is nothing to suggest that from what we've learnt from zoalords since that would lead to long term damage. The most other zoalords have needed when damaged or after using their powers to a large extent has being time in a bio-chamber.
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