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  3. this movie... (deep breath) its... better than the 1st two of the trilogy, but there is still many things with it that makes it hard to watch. my biggest problem was what they did to Luke in the Last Jedi. That can't been forgiven, lol.
  4. the word of Yuinyan puts into context the indoctrination that pupils are subjected to within school walls
  5. Looks good to me. Looking forward to it!
  6. Everything happens for a reason...
  7. Hi! Long time, no posts, lol. If any of you have kept up with my blog, then you'll know I've been making some charms made from resin cast in silicon molds. Most of my mold shapes are more "retro" and "nerdy" stuff like a Nintendo Gameboy, Switch, Switch Joycons, My Hero Academia characters, Hamtaro (yes I found someone that made a cute little Ham Ham), and Legend of Zelda symbols. I haven't made my own casting molds because 1) it's just as expensive to make as casting resin, 2) we have a little German Shepherd pup that sheds like crazy and her fur gets EVERYWHERE, and 3) I didn't have a solid way of making blanks for mold making until a few months ago. My boyfriend and one of our roommates went in together to buy a 3D printer to start making their costume props faster and sturdier (to an extent), and they've both seen my mold stash and wondered if I'd want to start making my own molds. So now we come to this post. I want to make some Guyver related stuff, and I don't know where to start. Should I go for the inactive Guyver Unit? Or something else that can translate well into a 3D print? This isn't laser cutting (I'm not gonna get some super fine details that could make a chibi Ramotith tag), but I can get a lot of texture with the printer I've got access to along with the software to build the model before it's printed. I'm open to suggestions! Instagram: anna.smith.545 (for all of my resin related pictures)
  8. Like many classic villains, the Taskmaster these days is usually just comic relief. But he used to be extremely badass. He was a supervillain, but he rarely involved himself in super-crime... instead he trained henchmen for supervillains. He excels at this, since he has almost literally every skill there is. In a recent mini-series it was revealed who he truly is, or rather once was, and the awful price he pays for his abilities: every time he learns something new, he forgets something else. So while he has the fighting skills of practically all Marvel's best fighters, he no longer knows who he really is. So now, who he really is... is just the Taskmaster.
  9. All those bats... and at the end, Adrian Toomes pops up... and it's Michael Keaton... poetry. Oh, I will be watching this.
  10. Yup, the links from warriorguyver.com point to were the new links will be (and are not there yet). At the moment, TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com are not certified sites. First I'm fixing up WarriorGuyver.com (which became a secure / certified site for the first time today) and then the other 2 sites, once done everything will work nicely, until then there will be some broken linkage like the above.
  11. I visited the guyver.net site and this happened
  12. Hello all, The warriorguvyer.com website will be getting a major change done which will break links. This will be happening soon and the new url will be https://www.warriorguyver.com (we're going secure!). This will be the first of the 3 domains I run to get it and will trigger a massive project of having to update all links contained within the website to no longer use http:// . This though is the perfect time to do this as we're mid updating templates and would have had to update all html pages within that to match up... Lots of work ahead but when this is all done it will be the start of a great new decade for these websites and what we do.
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  14. I don't really have much to say on the above, but as somebody who has lived here in Japan for 20 years now, I can say that Jess' comments about how Japanese people conduct themselves is pretty accurate. A lot of people know what's really going on, but they aren't spilling the beans because to do so would be inappropriate. I know many creators in the industry and could probably get a scoop but like Jess has said, I wouldn't dream of asking as it would be mighty impolite. We will find out when the time is right, and Takaya alone gets to choose the timing and method in how he reaches out. That's just the way things go. Anyway, as Sully says, LOOK AT THEM PANTIES!!
  15. Looks like it's finally happening...
  16. for once I know what series that is (Kemono Michi) as its just finished its anime run and is written by the creator of konosuba. Alas poor princess Altena or as everyone calls her after said wrestling move princess buttocks
  17. I surely never attempt to be impolite here or regarding Takaya. I think the majority of us are huge fans anxious for the return of our favorite manga. It's good to be passionate about it, but never to a degree that takes it to a literal negative place. Does it suck it has been years since any news has come of the manga? Oh yeah. But regardless, we're all still fans. Just gotta be patient and hopefully it will come back... and even if it doesn't, we can read the many, many chapters of great story and art over and over again. I am on my 8th read through of the chapters now. Still damned awesome. Plus, this property has some of the swankiest merch and figures out there. Kind of a huge plus.
  18. The current Ace cover.... yes that's some idiot in one of the pictures trying to do some strangely stupid wrestling move to show some girls nickers..... Next month looks like the big boobed cat lady again.
  19. On other news, after working on the new Template for http://theguyver.net I discovered it worked much better on mobile than the old WarriorGuyver.com Template. This has now being changes on http://www.WarriorGuyver.com and I'll be updating its pages to work better on the new template.
  20. Mod time.... Hello Guys / Gals / Guyvers / Zoanoids and others, Please remember we're not all from the same place in the world and what you might find is acceptable or the way to do things doesn't quite work that way in another part of the world. It's made all the more complex here were while it's a technically small Guyver community but its global. Yep it's bloody annoying that Takaya is taking his sweet time but in the end if you're a Guyver fan (especially one since the 90s) you know there are periods of timeout with zero explanation. Simply put we're all Guyver fans and we've all tried to push for info as to the why we're in our current lack of new content (as the why, it doesn't really matter other than the general word back is at some point Guyver will be continuing and Takaya isn't dead). The main rule of this forum is to be respectable to each other, there is no need for upset here and no need to be telling other fans what to do. Keep this in mind as this thread continues.
  21. Wow... I never expected that... Look, I honestly don't know if anyone still knows who I am among the Guyver fan community, I don't know if my history holds any weight or any special privilege.... but I have made a couple of contacts and I feel I am immensely fortunate to have these contacts. I count myself as very lucky to be in the position to ask any questions at all and get a response from Takaya-sensei himself, even if it is a second hand response. In Japanese culture, it is rude to ask personal questions. There is a lot of subtlety. You have to read between the lines and when you get a reply from a Japanese person, it is very carefully considered. I do not have any right to be rude to my contact, or ask my contact to be rude to Takaya-Sensei. I'm sorry if my respect for other human beings is inconvenient to you.
  22. Hey! That's not any way to talk to people who take care and effort to cultivate a relationship with somebody of a different culture. Is that how you make friends? By being impolite? They have clearly gone out of their way and tried their best to negotiate a very tricky culture, all for our benefit and then you say that?
  23. This concern with being "impolite" towards Takaya is strange. We are all passionate fans of his work and have purchased it across several forms of media. He hasn't published anything for years and has said nothing publicly about why. It's fully appropriate for long-term fans to contact Takaya, find out what he is doing, and establish if/when the manga will be published again (if ever). If you have connections to Takaya then please get over yourself and use them already, and report back with any information you gather.
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