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  2. That's that's very interacting and yes it would. Also thanks for pointing out I was spelling his name wrong, after this much time you'd think I'd have noticed Haha. As for the Necronomicon, it's intreasting you should mention that because that will be part of the next post.
  3. Is the person who brought the Necronomicon into the Friday the Thirteenth franchise in any way affiliated with the Evil Dead franchise? That might be interesting (and suggest a shared universe). Also, it's Voorhees. If he really has Dutch ancestry that might explain why he's so tall.
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  5. Eternal Jason Turns out Jason survived his dip in toxic waste. He eventually returned to Crystal Lake after an unspecified amount of time and got back to doing what he dose best. A lot has happened to Jason in that time. He's now wearing what looks like dusty blue overalls or a matching shirt and trousers. His tops a little ripped up and he's now ditched the gloves. However the biggest change is to his body, which has to be one of the most drastic redesigns of the character. His body is now heavenly deformed, with his skin has an almost cancer like quality. The biggest change it to his head, its now bulbous, perhaps hearkening back to the suggestion of Hydrocephalicness that Jason suffered from as a child. His more alive looking skin, which is more similar to his Original, Classic and 2.0 versions, might suggest that Jason's body has now fully healed since his return from the grave. I also theories that maybe this is a side effect of the dark magic that keeps Jason alive. Because of the large amount of regeneration needed after the toxic waste dipping, the magic kicked into overdrive to preserve him and as a result its begun to twist his body with its nature Also of note Jason finally gets some hair back, something he's not had since is Original version. His Hockey mask is the most damaged version seen, it still has its classic axe mark but now it also sports a hole above the left eye and a chunk of the mask is missing on the lower left side, mirroring the propeller damage from Unchained. Both the cheek chevrons are missing again and the mask is not only very dirty but also looks burned in places, all this suggests that Jason's been through quit a bit since his New York vacation. Due to Jason's enlarged head, the masks straps are now digging into Jason's flesh making his head look even more deformed. Since his face is not shown during the film I'll talk about it here, Due to the fact that Jason's head has out grown the mask, to the point that it looks like its a permanent part of his being, Jason's face is constantly having pressure applied to it resulting in what can only be described as grade 4 pressure ulcer. While some skin is left around his left eye, the vast majority of his face is exposed muscle and deep tissue with his right eye missing and the area around the socket reduced to bone. This applies to the areas under the straps to. Also a few of his front teeth are missing. Interestingly, the makeup department messed up on this design as, canonically since his resurrection, it has been Jason's left eye that was missing or deformed. For the upcoming game (out tomorrow) they swapped the eyes round. Anyway one day Jason is cough in a trap by the FBI, turns out that if you kill people lone enough and loud enough the government will be forced to except your existence. They try to gun him down but in the end they resort to mortar fire to finally defeat him. blowing Jason to bits. The parts of Jason are taken back to their HQ were an on sight coroner begins to examine them. While examining Jason's heart, which the coroner notes is is much larger then that of a normal person's and filled with a dark fluid that dose not seem like blood, the disembodied organ begins to beat. The coroner seems hypnotized by this action and then proceeds to eat Jason's heart....allowing the killer to take possession of his body. Jason then makes his way back home leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. During the events around Jason's death, a bounty hunter named Creighton Duke followed the event and publicly stated that Jason was not dead. While not shown in the film itself, it was stated in the script, Duke had encountered Jason some years before and escaped with his life....although a women he loved was not so fortunate. This lead Duke to obsessively search for a way to kill Jason and when he heard the news of the killing he new it was Jason and what he wanted. Jason was hunting for remnants of his family because only through the body of a Vorhees women could he be restored to life fully as his host bodes would slowly decay over time, I personally think this was another facet of the spell Pamela used to try and resurrect Jason. However were was Jason going to find a women of his bloodline when all his family were long dead? Well turns out Jason's dad, dear old Elias, who had on top of being a wife beater and a scumbag was also unfaithful. He's sired a daughter, named Diana Voorhees Kimble, who had a a daughter of her own named Jessica Kimble and a granddaughter, Stephanie Kimble. Jason hunted down Diana but during a struggle accidentally killed her. With his body weakening and the police on the way, Jason was forced to retreat and find a new host. Jason would then begin to hunt for Jessica and Stephanie, even going so far as to possess her then fiance Robert Campbell. Eventually Jessica is lead to the old Vorhees home by Duke, who insists he can help her kill Jason. A point of note, it is a one point inside the Voorhees home were the Necronomicon is seen. Its this that gives credence to the idea Pamela resurrected Jason and how Duke likely learned his weakness. Turns out that Jason can be sent to hell by the hand of a fellow Vorhees, this was probably one of those get out clauses most magic spells seem to come with. Duke hands Jessica a knife which turns into a demonic looking dagger she can use to beat Jason. Jason then attacks the house and during the struggle he is defeated.....however a demonic, half-slug, baby creature pulls its way out of Jason's corpse. Seems like Jason is still alive, this "thing" is him but small and vulnerable. While trying to kill it, the demon baby slips into the cellier. Here we find out some rather bad news, turns out Jessic's future husband was also an asshole reporter for some cheap murder themed tv show and to help boost his rating he stole Diana's corpse from the morgue and placed it in the house so he could come across it while filming. We also find out some worse news from Duke, turns out that while Jason needs a Vorhees women to be resurrected......them being alive is optional. So then the demon baby disappears up the Diana's corpse's birth canal (I wish I was making that up) and before you can say "He's Back", Jason now fully restored cloths, hockey mask and all, comes bursting through the cellar floor. After another battle for survival, Jessica is able to stab Jason in the heart with the knife, allowing the forces of hell to drag the immortal killer to their realm leaving only his hockey mask. It all finally seems to be over and Jason is gone for good..... Over all Jason's characterization is kept intact here although their are some odd out of character moments. Theses include, but are not limited to, Jason shaving one of his future hosts and even talking to try and trick Jessica (something he has not done since childhood). Some of these off character moments could be attributed to the Jason being aware of his vulnerability and the dark magic thats sustaining him possible also driving him to act out of character as it works to make him whole again although this is all speculation on my part and dose not fix all the issues. Eternal Jason also had one other, although whether you want it to be cannon or not is your call. This story was..... Jason vs Leatherface In this three part story Jason is once again trapped under Crystal Lake until a drainage company accidentally free him and ship him and the wast water off. Jason escapes the tank and finds himself in Texas. While wondering through the woods Jason bumps into the Sawyer family, specifically the Hitchhicker and Leatherface, doing a spot of hunting. Jason kills the poor soul who runs to him for help then confronts Leatherface. The two have a short clash, during which Jason is able to knock Leatherface's chainsaw away. However rather then pressing the attack Jason stops....something about Leatherface resonates with him and he hands the fellow masked killer his weapon back. Impressed with Jason, the Hitchhicker invites Jason to come home with them much to Leatherface's unhappiness. Once they get home, Jason is introduced to the Cook and Grandpa and likewise introduces righting his name on the wall in blood. While making himself at home, Hitchhicker and Cook take the time to talk to Jason as well as praise his killing Leatherface's expense. As hinted at before Leatheface is not happy about Jason being here and runs of to his room. When suppers ready the Cook asks Jason to go get Leatherface. Jason finds his counterpart lying on his bed, mask off and crying his heart out. Its then that that strange resonance comes over Jason again and we learn that Jason see's himself in Leatherface, particularly his child self. Jason feels empathy..... Upon seeing Jason in his room, Leatherface is not happy but when Jason politely indicates for them to go to supper together Leatherface softens up to him. I should point out that Jason dose not eat the supper, he dose not need food these days and even then cannibalism is not really his thing. During his short stay Jason and Leatherface grow closer, forming a Big Brother, Little Brother relationship, with Jason even going so far as to protect Leatherface from the bullying Hitchhicker. However eventually Hitchhicker pushs his luck to far and stabs Jason....with the expected result. Jason tried to kill him but the Cook, unaware of how the fight started, tries to save his brother and puts himself right in Jason's cross-hires. Its then that Leatherface jumps in to protect his brothers in-spite of his love for Jason. Its clear that the poor guy is really under his families thumb. Leatherface puts up a better fight then any other mortal man would but Jason is just to strong and mad as hell at being betrayed. However one of the brothers gets a lucky shot and knock Jason out cold. Hitchhicker wants to eat him but Leatherface, having learned some bravery from his adopted brother, makes it clear that ain't happening and the Cook agrees. They instead give Jason a water burial at a nearby river with Leatherface placing a rose in Jason's hand. Jason recovers some time later down stream and finds he still has the rose in his hand...and keeps it. While some debate were this takes place, given Jason's look in the comic and the fact that Eternal Jason has clearly been active for some time, I like to think of this as one of the outing Jason had between part 8 and 9. While the story dose have a number of continuity errors the overall story is so odd and good and the characterization of Jason and Leatherface so amazing that I cannot help but include it as part of the overall story.
  6. I released my Arma 3 template: Download: Bohemia Interactive forum topic: Release on Armaholic: I tried to make it as true to reality as possible, but considering that I'm using only existing assets, it's a hard task. Objects count: 22789 Area: 0.5 km^2 Screenshots: Comparison with real life photos: Short video:
  7. So, I had a draft completed for Preparations (Part II), but I didn't like some of how I wrote it, so I fixed some issues there and am going to submit it post-haste -- I like it more now than I did most of three months ago. Part III is now underway (actually, it's been underway for a very long time), but I'm revamping the beginning and otherwise starting from scratch to get out of the writer's block that plagued me halfway through Part III to begin with. Sully: Which is better to send you my completed Part II for Preparations? Email or PM through here?
  8. Item is stil for sale. Pm me if you are interested. I am sure we can work out a fair price.
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  10. Slime Jason Jason would again be freed by the hands of unknowing teens, this time when a couple accidentally dragged a damaged power cable over to Jason's body. Electricity once again enabled Jason to return to life. After killing the teens responsible for his resurrection, Jason stowed aboard a a cruise ship, fittingly named the S.S. Lazarus, which was bound for New York city. Jason now sports pure black shirt, geans, and gloves, all of which are a little ripped up and soaked right through. While a bit drab, this all black and wet look dose have its own air of menace to it. Since his mask had been destroyed by Tina, Jason appropriated a souvenir replica which sported the signature axe damage but had smaller, inverted cheek chevrons. This mask heavily implies there are some really messed up people in the Crystal Lake tourism business. Jason's skin this time around is a sickly, greenish color with a slimy looking texture. His over all appearance is that of a bloated, melted, water logged corpse. While Jason dose a pretty good job killing with weapons here, smashing a girls head in with her guitar, stabbing someone with a shard of glass and planting a fire axe in someones back, Jason dose his best kills when he gets more hands on. This includes shoving a sauna rock into someones stomach, drowning someone in a barrel of sewage (that had a dead rat in it!) and...well just watch... Interestingly Jason's aim seems to have gotten worse as he missed someone while shooting a harpoon gun at them from only a short distance away. But he dose make up for this error by stabbing someone in the gut with the empty gun and then someone else with the harpoon. We don't get to see under the mask until quit late in the film. While chasing the last survivors into the sewers of New York, one of them finds a bucket of toxic wast (as you would) and throws it into Jason's face. While we cannot be shore if this is what his face always looked like.....this is universally considered to be the single WORST Jason face. Looking like a cheap, slimy, melted latex mask with the only shocking thing about it being just how bad it is. The dopey eyes, melted lips and big goofy teeth only add to its outlandishness. The one real upside is that they kept the mouth wound consistent, even going so far as to have what flesh was there be melted off. Also the flesh around his left eye had finally healed. Jason is eventually defeated when the sewer he is in floods with more toxic wast.....which apparently happens dead on midnight, every night. No wonder they have a C.H.U.D problem. We do get a few good character moments in this outing. The one big one being Jason's clear dislike for punk music, displayed by him punting a local gangs boombox. He also, in a familier out of character moment, shows his face to said gang when they try to pick a fight with him....and like any rational person, they run away from that sight of pure fail. This is also the first time Jason displays any sign of pain since his return as a revenant, reacting to having the toxic wast thrown in his face and even roaring in actual pain. Interestingly, while never explained in the film itself, one of the characters keeps seeing Jason as a child due to latent emphatic abilities. Despite my trashing of the face, I do have a soft spot for this Jason as he was the one who came out the year I was born and has some of my favorite kills under his belt. The upcoming game dose improves upon the face design as best they could and I think it works.
  11. Unchained Jason Some time later a girl named Tina Shepard moved back to Crystal Lake with he mother and psychiatrist. The psychiatrist had suggested to move to try and help Tina overcome her mental trauma of seeing her father dye and the blame she placed on herself. A blame that partly was justified, Tina was psychic. As a child her father would become violent when drunk and hit her mother, one night it become to much for Tina and she ran out to the nearby dock. when her father came after her, trying to bring her home and saying he was sorry, Tina become furious and her power manifested, causing the dock to collapse and drown him. However her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews, was not interested in helping Tina overcome her trauma. Crews was more interested in her abilities and quickly realized that they were linked to her emotional state. After trying to study Tina under controlled conditions with little success, Crews decided to take her back to Crystal Lake were he hoped she could be more easily emotionally provoked. During one of their sessions, Tina become upset and ran off to the dock were she had killed her father. While there Tina sensed a presents in the lake, a trapped presents. Upset and confused, Tina focused her power on this person mistaking it for her father. But in truth Tina had freed Jason! Time in the lake had not been kind to Jason, superficially. His cloths had degenerated to rags and much of his skin had further decayed revealing bones, ribs and even his spine. Around his neck was the remains of the chain Tommy had used to trap him and mask had been damaged by the boat propeller leaving a large chunk missing from the left side. Jason's strength and thirst for death had not diminished however and he added a few new means of dishing out murder to his repertoire. This included killing with a sickle, ramming a party horn into someones eye, slamming a women trapped in a sleeping bag into a tree and disemboweling Crews with a Tree Trimming Saw. Eventually Jason confronted Tina in a battle of wills as well as strength against mind. Tina's abilities at this time were predominately the telekinetic manipulation of objects and she threw everything she could at the undead killer. She trapped him with tree roots, electrocuted him, hurled lamps, tied to hang him with lamp cables, shot nails at him (even bulls eyeing him right between the eyes), set him on fire, dropped sections of the house on him and finally blew the place up with Jason inside. But Jason weathered everything Tina brought to bear, slowed down and impeded but never stopped. This battle is easily one of the best depictions of Just how tough Jason is.At one point in their battle Tina tried hurt Jason by tightening the straps of his mask, eventually the mask broke away under Tina's assault and Jason's face was reveled . His flesh was now bloated and waterlogged, yet while rotting Jason appeared to have also healed somewhat as well. The flesh around his mouth, once decayed, had reformed somewhat although his malformed teeth were still visible. The flesh around his left eye was still rotted away, leaving exposed bone with a new long scar ring across the side of his head from the eye socket (likely from the boat propeller). Also from the propeller, a large chunk of flesh from the left side of Jason's mouth had been sliced away revealing his back molars. This mixed state of regeneration and decay gave Jason a very zombie like appearance and what could be said to be one of the best faces under the mask. Jason was sent flying into Crystal Lake when the house exploded but this did not stop him. He persuade Tina to that fateful dock were she had killed her father and freed him. Scared and beyond desperation, Tina was at Jason's mercy when she witnessed the impossible! Her father burst up from under the dock, wielding the very chain Tommy had used to bind Jason before. Caught by surprise, Jason was dragged back into the lake while Tina could only watch in amazement, unshore if what had just happens was real. On a side not, this was when Kane Hodder, the man who would play Jason the most, first took on the role.
  12. Thank you and will do.
  13. Undead Jason After the incident with Roy, Tommy himself went a bit nuts himself. While at the hospital after the incident Tommy almost murdered a visitor while wearing a hockey mask. Due to this mental breakdown, Tommy was recommitted and would not be released back into society for a number of years. When he was, Tommy and his friend Allen Hawes made their way back to Crystal Lake. Tommy was convinced that if he could destroy Jason's body for good then maybe it would cure him of his mental health problems. They made their was to the Crystal Lake cemetery and dug up the grave of Jason with the intent of cremating his remains. However Tommy became overly emotional at the sight of Jason's corpse and in a fit of rage, stabbed the body multiple times with a metal fence post. But this action had unforeseen, lethal consequences. There was a terrible storm brewing that night and in a twisted quirk of fate, lightning struck the metal post logged in Jason's chest! As electricity flowed through the corpse, Jason's eyes opened.....Jason Lived Again! Exactly how this occurred is the subject of much debate among fans and as I've said before I do not prescribe to the two main theories, at least not as a whole. My personal theory is that Pamela did try to resurrect Jason with the necronomicon (how she came by it is anyone's guess) but the spell didn't work as Jason was still alive. As to why it didn't effect him sooner, well its because he was given a proper burial on hallowed ground were the evil magic could not touch him until Tommy desecrated his grave. I also will point out Jason is not a deadite (well not yet but we'll get to that much later) but a revenant. Jason has got a pretty cool new wardrobe to match his new lease on unlife, now sporting a green shirt, beige trousers, yellow gloves and a utility belt. His mask is pretty much the same as before, all be it a bit grubbier and with the cheek chevrons missing. Jason's main weapon for this outing is the very metal fence post he was impaled with but picks up his classic machete while making his rounds. He also kills someone with a throwing dart to the forhead. However the biggest changes for Jason are internal. He's now far stronger then he was before, now being strong enough to literally punch holes through peoples bodies, smash a girls face into the side of a camper van with such force that it leaves a huge dent and bend a guy in half! Jason's durability and regeneration have also been enhanced by his resurrection as well, as he's injured and even shot yet displayed not even the slightest bit of pain to wounds that would have incapacitated him previously. This is also about the point Jason stops running and begins "teleporting". This is not something that is ever address in the franchise, he just power walks after his victims then now and again just pops up out of nowhere. This teleporting could be another aspect of his unlife. We never see Jason's face clearly on this outing, the one good shot we do get is covered in dirt and maggots, but production stills show his skin looking very dried out and grayish, with his flesh rotting away from a round his left eye, nose and mouth. On the whole the face looks cool. On a side not, its clear that Jason didn't want to be out done by Roy and bumps his kill count up to 19 for this killing spree. At the end of the this outing Tommy is able to chain Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake (smashing a bot propeller into the side of his head for good measure) trapping the immortal killer for a time.
  14. Wow this is great!! I LOVE these movies! Keep it coming man!!
  15. apparent insights are not susceptible to verification or falsification
  16. I thought Max Pharmaceuticals wasn't referenced in the live movie adaptations. Everyone was calling Chronos "Kronos".
  17. Coming back to this, again, necro posting... forgive me. When it comes to removing the boost dimension, this idea mainly comes from the American films, which had a slightly higher impact on me growing up, versus the animes. In the movies, while not explicitly stated, to me, had the Guyver armor stored inside Sean Barker's body. After his transformation, with the thugs in the alley, the armor breaks off, and the tendrils all shoot back into the neck bumps (receivers). In Dark Hero, if you look closely, when Sean transforms, the armor is seen shooting out where the receivers are, and the tendrils are connecting the pieces to the receivers. So that is why I implemented this idea. Personally i somewhat prefer it over the anime/manga, but that's me. I use this idea to also further cement the idea of the Guyver armor, while being a terrifying weapon, also being a living parasitic organism, it lives in the host. So that's my justification for that. Just wanted to share it. As for the Gigantic Guyver being an "adult" stage, I have been rethinking that. I'm more comfortable with the Gigantic being like it's treated in the manga, a super upgrade add on of sorts. But I'm considering changing the origins somewhat. I'm liking the idea of the Gigantic being a type of over drive mode, already installed on the Guyver unit, but locked away. Will keep playing with ideas. As for Chronos and Max Pharmaceuticals, that was just a huge error on my part. I had forgot about Max Pharmaceuticals, so it will be changed.
  18. Sorry for cutting this short last night, had an emergency. Classic Jason This is pretty much the version of Jason that jumps to mind when ever his name pops up. This is when Jason first dawned his most iconic piece of equipment, his hockey mask. For this version the mask is brand new with no damage and actually clean! Dress wise Jason now sports a dull green shirt, a white vest and some genes. This version of Jason is were many of his physical traits start to be shown in full. Gone is fear he once displayed, now he goes strait foe his target and wont let anything get in his way however he has not lost any of his stealthiness. This is also when he begins display physical strength beyond that of a normal crushing a guys skull with his bare hands with such force that an eye pops out! Tool wise Jason dose make some changes, while he still has his trusty machete he also makes use of a meat clear, pitchfork, fireplace poker and a fusion box. This is also one of the fuse times Jason makes use of a ranged weapon in the form of a spear gun. On the down side this versions face is not quit as scary as the last or later ones, its ok but to me it seems to have lost some of its realness. Durability wise this Jason takes a licking and keeps on kick despite being hanged and receiving his most iconic battle scar, a woodcutter axe to left side of his forehead. While he dose survive all this, we also get an idea of his limitations since these wounds were enough to at least knock him out for a short time. In the up coming game its a bit ironic that Jason's weapon will be the axe that injured him. Character wise their are some inconsistencies with his character, for one this Jason revels his face to someone of his own accord and actually smiles. Second we are told Jason attacked a girl in the woods many years ago and may or may-not have sexually assaulted her. Jason 2.0 Calling this one 2.0 is rather fitting as there is little changed. Apart from dawning some darker cloths, the mask getting a bit grubbier and sporting his iconic axe wound, this Jason is roughly unchanged. Even the tools he uses to kill are almost identical bare him adding a scalpel and a gardening claw to his tool shed. The big change for Jason this time was not in himself but in someone he would meet. Tommy Jarvis was a young boy living near crystal lake and who has something of an obsession with horror films and the legend of Jason. When Jason invaded his home Tommy tried to save his family by making himself look like Jason as a child. This actually caught Jason's attention at got him to lower his guard long enough for Tommy to attack him. Tommy succeeded in knocking of his mask, slicing his hand in half and impaling him in the face. Everything seemed over, but Tommy noticed Jason move slightly he attacked the killers body in a frenzy, scream "DIE....DIE!" Tommy succeed in killing Jason but the event took its tole on the boy sanity, this would lead to him being committed in the future. As for Jason's face this time around.....not bad, but worse then the last one and looks to rubbery. Copycat Jason Although dead Jason's influence survived beyond the grave. Six years after killing Jason, Tommy , who had been in and out of institutions since his encounter with Jason, was sent to the Pinehurst Halfway House. Shortly after Tommy's arrival, residents of the area started being killed off at an alarming rate after one of the unstable teens murdered a boy named Joey Burns. In time Tommy came face to face with the killer....Jason...but how? The true was reveled when Tommy succeeded in killing the murderer. When the mask came off it was reveled to be Roy Burns, a local paramedic and the illegitimate father of the murdered Joey. Seeing his son dead body drove ol Roy off the deep end and he he set out to get revenge against the teens of Pinehurst Halfway House. Its unknown as to why Roy chose to copycat Jason, it might have been due to Tommy. For what is in reality just a normal person in a mask, Roy dose a pretty good at the murder game, in fact he may be the best copycat in history since if we go by a film by film bases Roy actually out kills Jason, with Jason's highest score on an outing at this point only being 14 kills while Roy got 17! Wardrobe wise. Roy really goes out of his way to look the part. Sporting a blue boiler suit, latex rubber skin over his head and a new hockey mask sporting 2 blue chevrons. The big problem with Roy as the killer is that there are a number of moments in the film were he displays physical abilities beyond that of a normal person, such a full-body bursting through a door at walking speed, but this could be explained away to a degree-by my theory that Roy was juiced up on some powerful drugs that removed his sense of pain, granting him increase durability and strength. Tomorrow we'll be getting back to Jason.
  19. An ending, huh? Well, who are the parties at this time? - Sho, Tetsuro, Mizuki and their friends. Presumably, they want the world to return as much as possible to what it was. I don't think this is realistically possible - the secret is out, the world knows now that people have the potential to be turned into living war machines. And now that it's known, there will always be people wanting to seek a method to trigger the effect, and eventually they'll figure it out - only without a Zoalord to control them towards a unified purpose. - Agito, Shizu and Zeus' Thunderbolt. While at least nominally an ally of Sho, I think Agito still believes he should rule the world, and perhaps he is correct. The world might be best off with Agito in charge and Sho there to pull on his sleeve when he starts acting dictatorial. - Chronos / Archanfel. Chronos wants to rule the world, but to what purpose is unclear. They have always served the ends of Archanfel, but he seems to be a bit... off track at the moment. Also, what will Chronos do once the Ark has left? Is that their entire goal - loading up the Ark with as many high-power Zoanoids as possible and then leave the world behind? The Ark can''t hold an infinite number of people, certainly not all of humanity... perhaps they should just openly state what they're going to do and ask for volunteers. I bet they could get enough of them - people who are that belligerent or adventurous. That way, everybody gets what they want. - The rebel Zoalords. I suppose they simply wanted to rule the world, and we don't know what kind of rulers they would have been; Kurumegnik appears as an ascetic and Jabir is a scientist. Perhaps it would not have been so bad. But it doesn't matter anyway, because those guys don't have a lot of time left. - Guyot. I am gonna assume he still wants to rule the world, so he'll probably want to use the Remover - because I bet he still has it stashed somewhere - to strip Agito of his armor and use it on himself. It remains to be seen whether a bio-boosted Proto-Zoalord is a match for Archanfel even now. You have to wonder what kind of ruler he would be. Most tyrants want to conquer the world, but he would start out already having done that. He would not have to worry about consolidating power because, if he managed to defeat Archanfel, nobody could touch him ever again. So what then? What does he want? What could he take from the world - what riches, what spoils - that would satisfy him? - Apollyon. He is of course the most problematic one, since, although we don't actually know who he is, it seems most likely that he is an agent of an alien force. Perhaps the Ouranos, perhaps their still-unknown enemies. We still don't know what he wants; his actions seem erratic - depowering Zoalords on one hand, keeping Archanfel safe on the other. He seems concerned that 'they' will soon come to Earth, but of course 'soon' might mean quite a long time for a representative of a culture which was prepared to spend hundreds of millions of years on a single experiment. It appears to me that Chronos, the Guyvers and Guyot have to unite their efforts against Apollyon, first and foremost. Their interests all concern the continued existence of the Earth and its people, something that cannot be said of Apollyon at this time. Meanwhile, they do have to keep an eye on Guyot, who, being the underdog, would seek any opportunity to strike to meet his ends; if he could secure the bio-booster armor, his problems would be over. The only thing that might give him pause is concern about just how powerful Apollyon really is. What if he possesses something like a Remover himself? Come to think of it, what is stopping him from Removing the armor of Guyver II-F? Has he already noticed the armor is imperfect and unstable?
  20. Episode 91 Summery. At the Omni-Kings’ palace, the two Omi-Kings are playing a strange version of rock-paper-scissors where they hit each other with hammers, but they soon grow tired of this. To entertain them, the Great Priest gives them an update on how the various universes are preparing for the tournament. They are happy to hear that in Universe 7 Goku has successfully assembled a team of ten fighters.At that moment, Goku and most of his team members are holding a strategy meeting with Beerus and the rest of the U7 top gods, while Vegeta has flown off to Dende’s temple to use the Room of Spirit and Time. Popo kindly asks him not to break the room again (as he did last time), but Vegeta is noncommittal. Stepping inside, he vows to defeat Goku and be the last one standing at the tournament.At the meeting, Elder Kaioshin suggests using his ability to draw out Goku’s potential (as he did with Gohan before), but sadly that ritual takes over 24 hours, so they no longer have enough time. Instead, Goku decides to train with Whis until the tournament. Seeing Goku makes the Omni-Kings want to hold the tournament right away, but the Great Priest insists they stick to the predetermined time. After all, the Great Priest explains, not all the universes’ team-gathering efforts are going so well. For instance, U9 is having a tough time: word has gotten out about their universe’s potential destruction, causing hoodlums to run wild and attempt to flee to other universes. Sidra (U9’s God of Destruction) destroys these hoodlums and decides to look for contestants on some other planet. So far they still haven’t managed to gather anyone besides Trio de Dangers…In U6, Hit tracks down Frost, who’s on the run from the law and slumped over in an alley somewhere. Assuming Hit has come to kill him, Frost at first seems to accept his fate, but this is a bluff to catch Hit off-guard. While Hit blocks the attack, he can tell Frost has improved; being on the run seems to have toughened him up. Hit explains that U6’s God of Destruction has sent him to recruit Frost, and tells Frost about the upcoming tournament. If Frost refuses to enter, Hit vows to kill him on the spot. Frost is happy to enter, but is annoyed to hear he won’t be allowed to use his poison needles. If he cheats and gets caught, he’ll be annihilated!On Earth, Yamcha watches TV at home, bored and waiting for the tournament invitation he’s sure is coming. Muten Roshi and Oolong stop by, but they have business with Puar rather than Yamcha. To prepare for the tournament, Roshi is determined to conquer his one weakness: his dirty-mindedness. To that end, he wants Puar to turn into a hot babe so he can learn to control himself.Yamcha thinks this plan is hopeless, but gets Puar to cooperate (Oolong himself has already refused, having been traumatized when Roshi puff-puff’d him way back in the day). While Roshi chases the transformed Puar around, Yamcha asks Oolong if he’s ever going to get invited to the tournament. Oolong reassures Yamcha that he will…probably.While Goku and Whis train in the gravity chamber, in Universe 11 Toppo and Dyspo wait at a fancy restaurant for their comrade Khaseral to arrive. They call him, but he’s preoccupied saving a cat for some kids. Back at the palace, the Great Priest explains to the Omni-Kings how Toppo and his friends are not merely strong, but all good people as well. Still, the Great Priest continues, while U11 has a good chance of winning the tournament, its counterpart U2 is interesting as well... Right then, a martial arts tournament is being held in U2 to select the U2 “idol warrior”. A slim, green-haired girl lines up for the tournament, and some other ladies in line harass her: did she think this was merely an idol audition? But the girl, Briandchateau, quickly transforms into a pink, chubby warrior known as Ribrian, who proceeds to blow her opponents up with her “Pretty Cannon” attack.In U10, Kuru (the U10 angel) has their ten warriors dance together in order to improve their team bonds. Off on the side, Gowasu tapes the event, which he’s sure will get plenty of views (presumably on GodTube). The U10 warriors’ dance has the Omni-Kings excited, but the Great Priest notes that there’s trouble brewing in U7…Back on Earth, Goku cools off after his training while Gohan and Shin consider strategy. Gohan thinks they should stick to the center of the arena to avoid ring-outs, but Shin figures everyone else will try the same thing, turning the center into a fierce battlefield. Suddenly Bulma comes in with news from Mr. Satan: it seems that Buu has fallen asleep, and won’t wake up again for two months!Shocked, Goku decides to go try and wake Buu up. Beerus insists on coming along too, to give Buu a good pounding. Beerus is plenty ticked off at Buu, first for failing the written test during Champa’s tournament, and now this (not to mention the infamous “pudding incident”). But while Beerus stews, Goku has already left…Only four hours and ten minutes remain until the Tournament of Power!
  22. My problem is, I see it as side tracking the creator... Especially when we haven't had a chapter in over a year. If his releases were more frequent I would have no problem... But as someone who has been reading and watching since about 1997 (geez, 20 years), and it's still not done? Yeah. There is only one thing I need. An ENDING.
  23. Ok so with the Friday the 13th game coming out next week I'd like to talk a little bit the worlds most recognizable slasher Jason Voorhees. I'll be looking at each of his movies designs as well as giving my own interpretation of his history. I should note that I will be skimming over some of the actual movie plots as a whole since this is more of a look at Jason's character, his designs and filling in some of the continuity gapes...were possible. As most of you know Jason Voorhees is a seemingly immortal murderer who haunts the area around Crystal Lake. Jason was born on June 13, 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees. At birth Jason was heavily deformed and mentally stunted, howver his mother clearly loved him deeply. Nothing official is know about Elias Vorhees, however most comic adaptions have depicted the man as being wicked and abusive to both Pamela and Jason. These adaptions also often dictate Elias meeting his end at the hands of Pamela for hurting Jason. What Jason was like as a child is not fully known. According to Pamela, Jason was a sweet and innocent boy and many of the movies and extra marital seem to support this idea. A few comics depict Jason as being very disturbed and show him killing animals however these acts seem very out of character because as an adult, Jason seems to have a very warped moral code and dose not kill animals unless forced or children under the age of 10. Interestingly enough some of comics and novels do suggest that Jason did have some form of healing factor, "He healed fast" as Pamela would put it. In the summer of 1957, Pamela, unable to get a babysitter for Jason, resorted to bringing him to Camp Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook. Unfortunately Jason's deformities and mental state made him a very easy target for bullying by other children. While being bullied by the other campers, Jason attempted to escape from his tormentors, but the cruel children caught up to him on the dock and threw Jason into the lake where he drowned. The counselors were supposed to be watching the children, but instead were talking and having sex in the woods. Though Jason's body was never found, the camp closed as a result, but reopened the next summer. This event drove Pamela insane with sorrow and rage. As far as we know Pamela only ever returned to crystal lake three times after her sons "death". On the first two occasions in 1958 and 1962, Pamela's visits were short and secret, committing one double homicide, poisoning the camp water supply and setting some of the cabins on fire. One her third and final visit in 1979, Pamela when on a killing spree murdering most of the camp counselors until she was decapitated by the sole survive, Alice Hardy. There a lot of speculations as to what happend to Jason during this time. Many thing that he resurrected as an undead revenant from the get go and other believe that he was resurrected by Pamela using the Necronomicon, the book of the dead from the Evil Dead franchise. However I do not superscribe to ether theory myself, or at least no in full, but we will cover this latter. My theory is that Jason did survive his drowning but not unharmed. That even would likely have caused a large amount of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. For a normal person they would have died or bin left with permanent brain damage but Jason, thanks to his healing factor survived. However it likely took some time for his brain to heal and so for a time he was either dormant and /or lived in the woods for a while like an animal with fractured memories of his passed. He would have kept away from other people because he feared them. When is brain did fully heal its possible that Jason chose to stay at crystal lake and wait for his mother to find him, she would have been the one to take him home after summer camp and Jason, being a good boy waited for her. As time passed he would learn to live of the land and build a ramshackle home for himself. However even then he kept away from others out of fear. In 1979 Jason would have been 33 years of age. But everything changed when Jason finally found his mother and saw her death. Original Jason Jason original look was very different from his more well known one. The thing most notice right away is the fact that in place of his classic hocky mask, Jason is sporting a dirty, burlap sack with an eye hole cut out and held in place by a not of rope. This combined with his rather fetching blue overalls makes Jason looks very much like a stereotypical, killer hillbilly found in many, many slasher and horror films. This is not the only thing different about him, this Jason is a far more stealthy killer and displays some genuine fear when being attacked (lets be fair if someone was charging at you with a chainsaw, killer or not I think you'd be at least a bit worried) making his a far cry from the unstoppable juggernaut of legend. There are some hints of modern Jason under it all though. First and foremost, he's completely silent with his only real signs of emotion come from his body language. He's also almost supernaturally stealthy and pretty strong....although not super, knock your head off in one punch, strong. But the biggest similarity to his future self is his almost artistic ability to murder people with literally anything lying around. Machete, Pick Axe, Ice Pick, Barbed Wire, Knife or a Spear, Jason aint fussed as they all get the job done. Underneath the sack is probably the most realistic (and one of the more scary) interpretations of his face. What makes it work is that its not to over the top, it's very realistic and you can honestly believe there is some poor soul out their with a face like this. The Sack is in someways better then the hockey mask, while not as iconic (and clearly a ripoff of the Phantom Killer from The Town That Dreaded Sundown) it hides much more of his faces and gives him a far more creepy look. Jason is defeated at the end of Part 2 by being sliced deep into his shoulder with his own Machete. However this is also when Jason first displays his healing factor on screen as he not only survived the wound but also fully recovers from it.
  24. A good friend of mine named StellarStateLogic offered to shade up at least 1 character for me
  25. I don't think you're in the minority. The majority of us want the manga finished. Any other merchandise is a bonus/consolation, depending on how you see it.
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  27. This is very true, it's the real problem all prequales must get passed. Can they make us care about a story despite the fact we know the protagonists will fail? As always we will see. In the Dark Crystals defence, it has a good shot. Despite being just one film, there is a ton of history to it. Most of which is barely hinted at. The story of the film feels like the last chapter to a tale we barely know. There has already been a prequel comic series as well as a manga one. From what I can't tell this series will not interfere with their narratives. Also I found out that the scripted for the cancelled Dark Crystal 2 film will be turned into a comic later this year. so if they do a good job it will feel more like just looking into a part of the story we had not seen yet rather then a pointless narrative.
  28. ...That looks wonderful, but it seems a little pointless to have a prequel to a movie which concluded the franchise. Whatever the Gelflings intend to do, we know they will not dethrone the Skeksis, and we also know there's just two Gelflings left in the world by the time of the movie. And they weren't raised by their own kind. I dunno, man.
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