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  2. It's one thing to play around with tracing when designing fan-art / non commercial stuff.... Then there's this:
  3. Playing around with the nav system for TheGuyver.Net website. At the mo the big buttons at the bottom are for the mobile version of the site. The menu at the top is for PC people.
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  5. I would really hope not. I never truly knew what the Guyver series was until I started watching the anime. And in watching the 26 episode series I understood just how interesting this franchise was, not only was it cool to watch but also had a very gripping yet engrossing plot. It was a little disappointing to find that the anime series had only lasted until episode 26, but then I realized the manga was still ongoing, so I slowly begun to read that. Naturally I just picked up where I left off, which was straight after Neo-Zektole's defeat and the Zoalords reshaping the world. Now I am eagerly awaiting the events to come, following volumes 31-32. I never did watch or follow the series from the beginning like many of you, but it's certainly worth mentioning that I do encourage friends of mine often to check it out. It is definitely an intriguing series. To be honest I still have not even seen two live-action films lol. I also found out that the anime I watched (2005) was just a remake of the original, consisting of only 12 episodes. Nonetheless I plan on doing all that while the series is *fingers crossed* simply on hiatus. I have also been interested to collect its merchandise. Already bought the Guyver 3 K-Soul (Korea Designed Toy) light. Still in the package.
  6. please can you explain this article ?アバドン in my guyver books it says - アポルオン
  7. The Alpha version of TheGuyver.Net is going online at the moment. This is basically a menu test to check that things are working. All going to plan this will then be filled in over the next few weeks with Guyver info an stuff!
  8. I would like to think that from his name alone, we can figure out who he is. Although it isn't likely that we'll find out anytime soon. I would have to agree with Matt and outOfcontrol3. To me, he seems to be using two different personalities. On one hand his armor itself is made from the same material as the Guyver's Control Medal, which is something none of the Zoalords even have access to. And he speaks of returning everything to nothingness, while singlehandedly fighting off Sho in his Guyver Gigantic mode. He's even strong enough to fight any of the other Zoalords. Which tells me he is on a completely different level compared to them! The part that has me convinced he is Imakarum is also very evident. Why would any of the Creators (let alone a messenger) want to take the other Zoalord crystals? Simply because they have no use for the Zoalords. How would Apollyon even know where each Zoalord was specifically unless he himself was at least part Zoalord. Not to mention the whole "watching over Alkanfel" thing which is sort of bizarre and still unclear to me. And if Alkanfel is truly awake, then wouldn't Imakarum be at his side. There are just too many question and not enough answers. There is something going on however, since Alkanfel doesn't seem to care that his fellow Zoalords are being killed off. I realize he isn't at full power yet but why would he want to kill off his own members. Unless he gave them all Zoacrystals and said one day he will take them back (if necessary). Now Imakarum (in disguise) has taken the role of retrieving these crystals without the others knowing that it's being done by another Zoalord.
  9. there is no sword outside the mind
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  11. Here's hoping we can at least get the male Guyver II to round things out, after Guyver III.
  12. Yeah "Apollon" was a mistranslation. The correct translation of his name is Apollyon since that is what the original Japanese says. There aren't any deeper mixes of cultures or whatever it's simply the same name as the god he is named after; Abaddon, or "Apollyon" in Greek which is where the Japanese translation comes from.
  13. upon reading more this picture here makes me think it has to do with the creators even more. And also there's a point where he sees aptom and is confused by what he is. Wouldn't kami know what aptom is though? So why would kami want to return everything to nothing? That seems more like something the creators would want. also i feel a lot of the names mean something this may sound a bit wacky but if you just take kami out of murakami's name it means god or deity. So wouldn't the creators pretty much be god to everyone on earth since they created them?
  14. what if murukami is a secret advent agent this whole time? I mean it's far fetched but it would really be a plot twist.
  15. Some interesting ideas in this thread. Whatever way it turns out, interesting times lay ahead when the manga resumes.
  16. It's plodded along for 30+ years so far, I can't see it stopping now. I think it will carry on slowly until it finishes. I hope so anyway! If we were just to hear any sort of announcement for Takaya, it would put manyfans worries at ease, even if it was to stay on hiatus for a little while longer.
  17. Guyver III confirmed for a July 26th release date: I can't wait! Although it almost feels like the end of an more upcoming Figmas, no new chapters announced and no anime........... I'm worried it'll slowly be forgotten if it doesn't make a comeback in some form of media or another!
  18. Yeah i agree with you but it's still weird that he's looking up into space as if waiting on the creators to arrive.
  19. Most of the evidence points to it being Imakarum in the armor, but it's hard to say what his actual goal is at this point. All we know is that he has some kind of timeline ( could be related to Archanphel's health); that he is collecting the Zoalord Crystals of all Zoalords he can (not just of the 3 rogues); and that he is trying to keep Archanphel alive. Oh and that he wants "something" from Guyot...
  20. haha yeah i'm hoping it's apollyon because the destroyer or angel of death seems way cooler lol.
  21. I remember someone showing quite convincingly that the Japanese spelling of the name is like a mix between apollo and apollyon. So he's like influenced by both of them. or like how the greek names turned into the italian names or something. like he was apollo but then he got repatriated into a christian figure. iono.
  22. There's two parts that have me conflicted on who it is. There is a part where after balcus comes to see alk, imakurum says " then the next step is.." like he's about to go back out to collect more zoacrystals. Then there is a scene where apollon looks to the sky and there's this weird looking spiral in space and he says " time is running out.. the schedule time is getting nearer." which sound like the creators gave him a certain amount of time to clean up things on earth or maybe they want all the zoalords taken care of before they come back to confront alk.o
  23. At this point in the story, I can't see it being a character to open up the story, so for me, I doubt it's a creator. Maybe it's Archenfel's battle suit that Imakarum is borrowing to reap in the zoacrystals. I think that he created the zoalords to build humanity/technology to a point where he could leave the earth to attack the creators he's so angry at. Now he has the ark and a zoanoid army, he can take back his zoacrystals and fulfill his plans.
  24. No worries, I gotcha And yeah, a popular theory at the moment is that Apollon is a Creator or one of their messengers. If I remember right his armour is made from the same stuff as a Guyver's control medal which is also a pretty big hint. The meaning of his name certainly implies that he's come to clean up the mess the Creator's made all those years ago, though it is unclear as to why he seems to be just watching over Alky
  25. I was rereading guyver and i was thinking about apollon's name. Which i'm not sure if its the greek god apollo or Abaddon which is apollyon in greek meaning " The Destroyer ". So there is a chance he's sent there from the creators to destroy the remaining zoalords .I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the meaning of his name and how it could apply to his character. And if he is sent from the creators i don't see why he hasn't killed Alk.
  26. the Way of Nature creates the state of necessity through which the universe came into being, and which underlies all reality
  27. Episode 99. The warriors are shocked into silence by the destruction of Universe 9. Goku notes that this is now the second time he and Vegeta have seen the Omni-King wipe out a universe (the first time being Future Trunks’ world). Goku reiterates that winning this tournament is the only way to ensure the survival of their own universe, and Vegeta vows that he will be the last man standing and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. The U9 angel Mohito regrets that his universe was the first to go, but thinks it was only natural, while the U1 Kaioshin Anato explains that thanks to Goku’s suggestion to have this tournament, the low-ranking universes that would have been erased anyway now have this chance to win their survival. Yet the losing universes will still have to be destroyed as a necessary sacrifice to keep the universes’ levels balanced.Vados teases Champa that they must soon say farewell, making him irritated that Vados doesn’t have to worry about getting erased. Kuririn tries to calm himself down, and Gohan makes sure the other team members are OK after this big shock. Off on his own, Freeza notes the disparity between the Omni-Kings’ cute looks and their universe-destroying antics, and vows to one day be top dog over both of them. No.17 tells No.18 that their infinite energy means they will never tire out, which gives them the advantage in a fight like this.The battle starts up again, and Vegeta picks out Hit as his next opponent. He’s got a score to settle! But as Vegeta rushes in to attack, Botamo suddenly blocks him. Botamo and Champa both taunt Vegeta that his attacks will have no effect, and even trying to throw Botamo won’t work this time, but Vegeta calmly ties Botamo’s rubbery body up in knots. As Vegeta goes to throw Botamo out of the arena, Magetta steps in and saves Botamo. Meanwhile, Kuririn, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi are attacked by the U10 bird warrior Jium. Gohan’s strategy is for their group to avoid fighting unnecessarily, but they will still beat anyone who comes after them. They quickly take Jium out with three Kienzans from Kuririn and a Kamehameha from Roshi.Vegeta tries to weaken Magetta with insults like he did at the last tournament, but this time U6 is prepared: Botamo sits on Magetta’s shoulders and covers his ears, thereby creating the mighty “Bota-Magetta”. As Vegeta struggles against this tricky opponent, 18 easily beats up on the U4 wolfman Shosa. She seemingly goes too far though, apparently killing her opponent. However, Shosa is simply playing possum, and catches 18 off-guard with an attack that sends her flying. Before 18 goes out of the arena, Kuririn jumps in and grabs her, then fires a ki blast to propel them back onto solid ground.18 vows revenge against Shosa, but Shosa advises her to give up now before he spoils her good looks. Kuririn and 18 decide to team up and use the technique they practiced, a ki ball they pass between them that gets faster and bigger over time. When it finally hits, it knocks Shosa out of bounds. Beerus applauds the couple on their teamwork, but before they can celebrate too much, Kuririn is attacked by another U4 warrior, the vulpine Majora. 18 knocks Majora back, and Kuririn gives her sunglasses (which he stole from Roshi) before launching his Taiyo-Ken x100 technique.However, Majora is completely unaffected by this light, and kicks both Kuririn and 18. It turns out that he is already blind, and relies on his sense of smell to track his opponents. Though 18 is nervous, now that Kuririn knows Majora’s secret he is confident he can win. He’s got a strategy! Kuririn and Majora start to fight one-on-one, and Kuririn takes off his shoe and hits Majora in the face with it. The shoe’s stench blocks Majora’s sense of smell, distracting him long enough for Kuririn to knock him out of bounds with a Kamehameha. That makes three warriors down for U4! 18 isn’t happy about this method of winning, and promises to wash Kuririn’s shoes when they get home. Kuririn is in high spirits, but while he’s rejoicing over his victory, Frost steps in and quickly knocks him out of bounds, then runs away before 18 can counterattack. As Kuririn is teleported into the benches with the U7 gods, Beerus berates him for getting carried away, while Shin says he did his best (though his eyes tell a different story). Now all Kuririn can do is cheer on his teammates.43 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
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