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  2. I've no idea what you're saying...?
  3. New Chapter status?

    It would be easier to go to Japan, track him down and ask him yourself at this point
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  5. Guyver Fan Acrhive change and Guyver 2 Playground

    Hello yoshikithis ericchan shut down big sean and daisy powers andweaponsdown andguyverletsbe freindsheric274@ yahoo.com
  6. Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    But that would be like dressing in a newspaper suit while it's raining...
  7. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Ok so the film is out but we're going to have to wait till next year to see. Also the poster for its squeal is already out and the film will be out in May. Godzilla: Mobile Battle City I have found a small synopsis of Monster Planet's plot for those who don't mind being spoiled.
  8. Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    You're all missing out on one thing. Yep Doomsday might be able to kill a Guyver by destroying it's control medal. But in the end the Guyver amour itself in an uncontrolled state would try and merge with him. Ultimately given Doomsday regenerative powers and ability to form powers to take on new enemies Doomsday could effectively become his own control medal to control the Guyver organism.
  9. New Chapter status?

    I doubt it, Guyver is still listed as a Shonen Ace product. So while we're not seeing anything new, they are at least expecting him to return.
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  11. New Chapter status?

    I had another thought (could be wrong, but I figured I should put it out there anyway)...could it be that Takaya has switched magazines or something?
  12. Yui Ichikawa

    devoted followers approach, bearing gifts for the divine Goddess
  13. RAMPAGE?!

    I was never very good with the game, though I remember it as a staple in arcades back in the day. The trailer looks pretty good, though. Hopefully it'll be a good video game-based movie -- not really many of those, sadly.
  14. RAMPAGE?!

    I loved that game, looking forward to the movie.
  15. RAMPAGE?!

    You guys are not going to believe this!
  16. New Chapter status?

    When it will finished. I can't wait . I want to read the ending
  17. Volume 30 Tankoubon - finished

    Please see the FAQs regarding volumes 30, 31, 32 and the archive.
  18. Volume 30 Tankoubon - finished

    Please send me volume 30
  19. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Ok a lot of stuff for the movie and it tie in novel Monster Apocalypse! Artwork Images of other Kaiju. Orga Dogora Dagahra The novel is something of a chronical, detail the appearances of other kaiju over the years before the humans are force to leave earth. I'll give some of the basic info on each here as the novel is not set for an English release as of yet. Kamacuras: The first Kamacuras was killed by bunker buster bombs after attacking New York in 1999. By the 2030's numerous Kamacuras inhabited the U.S., along with Kumonga. Dogora: Killed by spider venom being released from chemical plants in the UK and Europe in 2002 after it attacked London. Kamoebas: At least four individuals appeared. The fourth Kamoebas washed ashore dead on Odo Island in 2030, and was the first evidence of the existence of Godzilla. Rodan: The first Rodan attacked Beijing with the first Anguirus in 2005, but they were both killed by Hedorah. However, sometime later flocks of Rodan were present in Siberia and preyed upon refugees fleeing Europe. Anguirus: The first Anguirus was killed by Hedorah along with Rodan in 2005. A second Anguirus attacked South Africa a year later, but its fate is unknown. A fourth Anguirus was killed by Godzilla in Los Angeles in 2030, along with Varan II and Baragon II. Hedorah: Hedorah was a bioweapon created by the Chinese, but went out of control after it killed Rodan and Anguirus. It destroyed Beijing and Tianjin, then vanished after it consumed all pollutants in the area. It's safe to say Hedorah's fate is unknown. Gabara: Was injured in an explosion and fell into a river and was eaten alive by crocodiles and piranhas. Gabara was only about 10 meters tall, so he was smaller than many of the other kaiju. Dagahra: Dagahra attacked Australia in 2017, and was eventually fatally wounded by the Australian military and flew out to sea and died. However upon death he released a ton of Barems into Australian waters, which arguably caused more devastation than him. Orga: Orga attacked Turkey in 2022. No details are given about his defeat, but it gives the impression that he was stopped. Megalon: Megalon appeared in 2012 and destroyed several countries along the west coast of Africa. He returned in 2022 and completely destroyed South Africa. No details on his fate. Griffon: Appeared in Cairo in 2021. They were seemingly defeated before they could reproduce and spread. Gezora: Terrorized the Mediterranean in the late 2010's, hindering refugee movement out of Europe. Fate unknown. Giant Octopus: Lived in the Pacific Ocean, and sank several fishing boats and transport vessels every year. Fate unknown. Ganimes: Attacked American crab fishing boats in the Bering Sea. Fate unknown. Manda: First appeared in the Atlantic in 2022 and terrorized it for years. He was finally destroyed by the Gotengo in the Strait of Dover 2039 as part of "Operation: Eternal Light," a mission to regain control of the Atlantic Ocean from the kaiju. Varan: Multiple individuals appeared, but the second Varan was killed by Godzilla in Los Angeles in 2030. Baragon: Same case as Varan. Multiple individuals appeared, but Baragon II was killed by Godzilla in LA in 2030. Maguma: Destroyed North Korea in 2024 then moved into South Korea. Once Maguma approached Seoul, the U.S. launched a tactical nuke and killed him. Kumonga: Lived alongside Kamacuras in the U.S. in the 2030's. No details on its fate or how many there were. Megaguirus: No details yet. Biollante: Appeared off the coast of Normandy in 2039 as "Operation: Eternal Light" was underway and took G-Force by surprise. She was defeated by Moguera when it burrowed into her roots and destroyed her "heart." Gorosaurus: Appeared in Paris after Godzilla destroyed it. Gorosaurus was killed by the combined efforts of G-Force and the Bilsards in 2039. Zilla: When the first Zilla was killed it was misidentified by the French as Godzilla because it also was a bipedal creature with back fins and a long tail. Unfortunately Zilla was capable of asexual reproduction and quickly overran France, and frequently preyed upon refugees fleeing from Godzilla himself. Zilla was eventually wiped out by G-Force, but at great cost and difficulty. Godzilla: Is hit with 150 nuclear bombs and survives. He destroyed Los Angeles with a few blasts from his atomic breath. His power is so destructive that the POTUS kills himself. And know for some of the latest poster and tv spots.
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  21. Yui Ichikawa

    the calculation of power output relative to body mass applies only to carbon-based lifeforms
  22. Final Stock Clearance Sale 1/6 Guyver Gigantic

    Too bad about the chrome nipples, but then they couldn't light up...
  23. ECC Guyver Zoanoid 1:1 Bust

    Looks amazing but I don't have the money to preorder. Maybe get one later and have to pay more Still waiting for Prime 1 to release pre order for Omega Blast Aptom.
  24. Sol Tekkaman Project

    You are still quite the artist Matt! I remember the first days and the drawings for the site. How you have developed and matured in your techniques,it is a sight to be hold.
  25. New Chapter status?

    It does leave a lot of time of creativity...let us hope when he finally does put pen to paper, it is worth the read. I would like to think it will be.
  26. Final Stock Clearance Sale 1/6 Guyver Gigantic

    This is how my 1/6 Dark Gigantic look. It is not perfect but at least it doesnt look like a pervy trying to grab something in the air.
  27. Final Stock Clearance Sale 1/6 Guyver Gigantic

    Hi guys, To cut the story short, I have managed to commission a guy to recast a set of fist for the 1/6 Dark Gigantic. The guy managed to recast not one but two sets. Since i wont be needing the extra pair of fist so im giving it to who ever needs it. The fist is cast using a type of epoxy putty which is usually used in scale-modelling so it is easy to work with. The quality of the cast is somewhere around 90% of the original part. Since i have only a set to give away so this is going to be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Just drop me a private message and we will work out the detail of the shipping from there. Cheers.
  28. Yui Ichikawa

    our limited senses detect restricted information which our brains attempt to analyse
  29. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    Getter Emperor A gigantic being described as the final evolution of the Getter. Wielding godlike power, it continually absorbs matter on a universal scale. It is depicted as neither a malevolent or benevolent force. Getter Emperor has currently only been seen in the form of 'Getter Emperor 1' which follows the traditional Getter 1 design, and expands upon it. Other forms are speculated to follow the same pattern as the Shin Getter Robo manga shows two other components. Getter Emperor is an ever-expanding mech typically depicted at a galactic scale. Its components are composed of three large starships with the heads of the Getter 1-3 formations that are able to combine. Each Getter Machine is armed with a Getter Beam capable of destroying an entire planet, with the complete machine's Getter Beam capable of traveling over 400 million light-years. This in turn helped jump start numerous evolutionary paths. It is also surrounded by a Getter Energy barrier that makes it impervious to all other weapons. The machine's own size likely gives it a powerful gravitational field and the corrosive nature of concentrated Getter Rays cause incompatible matter, energy, and space to be consumed. Its entire energy pool equates the output to the Big Bang and just its combination into Getter Emperor One caused galaxies to quake. The Getter can also manipulate space enough to destroy a subspace. Its ties to the Getter Rays gives it limited omniscience and allows it to stay steps ahead of an opponent. The more Emperor consumes the more powerful it becomes, with no limits to its evolution. It is also supported by smaller Getter Machine star ships. Some of the ships are equipped with weapons not as powerful as Emperor and have equipment that contain data and memories of beings tied to the Getter Rays like Musashi Tomoe to create clones. It is heavily implicated that Emperor is just a highly evolved form of the Getter Robo G, after it had been buried by Benkei and gone into a cocoon state for many years, although it can also be stated to be the final evolution of any Getter Robo. It could also have been the result of Shin Getter Robo absorbing the planet Mars after landing on it.Getter Emperor is a massive, ever-expanding Getter robot existing in the far future. It signifies the unstoppable force of Getter Rays, and poses a threat to all life in the universe as a result of its sheer size and power. In all appearances of Shin Getter Robo, the Emperor has been alluded to; usually either the Emperor itself or the appearance of the Emperor's equivalent of the Eagle Machine.Getter Emperor's first official appearance was in the manga Shin Getter Robo. Here, it is depicted in the distant future terrorizing an alien armada called the Andromeda Country. This prompts one of its smaller vessels to travel back to the era of the creation of the Emperor's possible larval form: Shin Getter Robo. After a grueling struggle, the enormous vessel is pulled - along with Ryoma Nagare and Hayato Jin in Shin Getter Robo - back to its native era where it is destroyed by Getter Emperor. After Ryoma and Hayato ponder the meaning of this enormous Getter, they are sent back to their own time.Emperor appeared again somewhere in the future where a fleet of humans used it to fight against the Andromeda Country. Humanity had been fighting a long war with the Andromeda Country and was on the brink of losing until Emperor appeared from a forgotten solar system. With this new power, humanity spread across space and conquered countless worlds. The humans saw Getter as their salvation, enemies saw Emperor as an all-consuming force that needed to be prevented from coming into existence.
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