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Kamen Rider(or Masked Rider), Super Sentai(Super Squadron) and Guyver all have something in common.
The protagonist/s all transform, or 'henshin' into an armoured form in order to defeat the bad guys, normally in the shape of hideous monsters.
Guyver has its zoanoids, Kamen rider has grongi, undead, imagin, worm, fangire and much more.
Super Sentai has it's iconic monster of the week and it's vehicles that transform and combine, or 'gattai'.
some people who are not familiar with these things may have heard of mutronics and power rangers.
these are different names of derivative versions of the shows and manga that we celebrate on this site.
Many people celebrate these as tributes to their respective show/manga/anime.

Mostly these days, we are the home to the Guyver fan community and we produce the guyver advocacy monthly english scanlations of the Guyver Manga. If you want to read Guyver in English, this is the place for you.

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